Denver has traded All-Star guard Allen Iverson to Detroit in exchange for Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess.

What does that mean for Lakers fans? The Western Conference might have just got a little bit tougher.

Chauncey Billups brings a defensive midset to Denver, one that has been greatly needed — while Detriot gets one of the top offensive players of his era.

Do you see this shaking up the West? How much better did Denver get, if they got better at all. Does this make the Lakers road to the Finals even more difficult?


  • Beef

    They got a bit better,but we shouldn’t worry about them,we would still beat them 9 times out of 10

  • Dave

    I don’t see the trade as a net gain, but more of a wash. I mean AI was MVP and has averaged over 30 ppg for several years, even though he’s down lately.

    Even if Denver gets better, I’m extremely happy to see the Lakers have just been rated the #1 defensive team in the league, so the #8 seeds Denver should be the least of our worries. Here’s the stats from the NBA power rankings:

    Off Power ranking: 112.5 (#5)
    Def Power ranking: 89.5 (#1)
    It looks like the talk about focusing on defense wasn’t just lip service, and Saturday’s win in Denver of an example of how defense can get you a win when you aren’t shooting well. Out-rebounding your opponent 15-3 on the offensive boards helps too.


  • Diehardfan

    I dont care how many defensive minded players any team gets, if the coaching staff does not implement a defensive attitude into the team it wont make a difference. Let me remind everyone that Denver also had the Defensive Player of the year, last season. With that in mind, can someone please remind me why they got swept by the Lakers if they had Marcus Camby? The Nuggets might improve defensively but G. Karl is a horrible coach and will get swept again if they play the Lakers or Spurs or any other high caliber team.

  • e

    F*CK…we have a hard schedule coming up too…detroit on the 14th and two games later we play nuggets again

  • andrewho

    Yes, the Nuggets improved. Billups and McDyess balances the team out tremendously, and now they actually have a chance at making the playoffs in the still-loaded West.

    That said, the West is still loaded, and the Nuggets are not a power nor a real threat.

    On any given night, most teams in the West has the potential to upset another team in the West, and Denver is no different; but in a best of 7 series, they dont have the depth or the coach to beat an upper echelon team


    It was a stupid trade to me,Billups is not a runner,he fits Detroit system waaaaay better and A.I. is a runner and fits Denver better,I mean he made Georgetown a running team when he was there and Phil. but this trade makes no sense…well,it’s not The Lakers so… $%#@ it!

  • Michael_23

    Isn’t AI a pure shooting guard? What’s gonna happen to Rip Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince? I still think Denver got nowhere with this trade. Denver always had the pieces the last 2 years, they just never put it together. Detroit too. And I think they made their teams worse.

  • Joey

    I think this makes both teams better. I think if Billups adapts well into the Nuggets system they could get maybe a 6 seed if they overachieve. Look for the Nuggets to struggle though as Carmelo had a rough shooting night against the Lakers and it will take a while for Billups to get used to the system.

  • Michael_23

    No more Chanucy Ba ba ba billips in Detroit.


    …HOLD UP! Who cares about either team,THIS IS LAKERNATION not BEND-ver or The PIS-stones.

    I would like the services of Mcdyess on this team…yeeees.

  • Jim Murdoc

    Meh. We still have the best team in the west.

  • xtro

    Nah. Billups is old. D-Fish can handle him.

  • mr.laker19

    Why did Detroit do this? Chauncey Billups is a true winner. He is clutch, can shoot the three, make plays, play D, and more importantly he has a championship. A.I. is one of the greatest scorer in the history of the game, but a winner… not so much. And he and Anthony havent worked out like it was supposed to. But Billups fits in pretty nice with there roster. JR Smith will probably be a starter now which will help and with antonio their bench will be deeper. Nuggets just got WAY better, and the West did too.


    Not really it just made Denver better but i did not make them a contender.

  • dub824

    denver didnt get much better. they traded a washed up superstar with an expiring contract for an old, overpaid, and overrated pg who doesnt fit in their system and has a long contract. this trade helps detroit much more because after this season AI and sheeds contract expire and detroit can grab anybody

  • dub824

    oh and mcdyess isnt even gonna report to denver, hes just in the trade to match numbers

  • Chris Manning

    Denver just made the playoffs.

    Congrats Denver.

  • lakerfan81

    I think they get better. Billups gives them an actual point guard who can run an offensive, get other people involved, create his own shot and defend. AI could only do run of those things. Plus with AI they had to have Carter play opposing 2’s which created big mismatches which could be exploited (Kobe for example). With Billups they can have Smith (who will probably start now) guard opposing 2’s. He is not a good defender but definitely not as big of a mismatch as having a 6’1″ PG guard 6’6-7″ SG’s. They will be better, but they are not moving up to the elite level with the Lakers, Hornets, Jazz, and possibly Rockets.

    Detroit though gets one last shot at the finals with AI, then they will have a huge amount of salary cap space in the next two years to sign two max level contracts. The crop of 2010 players is really damn good.

  • Lakers Examiner

    After seeing the Nuggets play the Clippers and the Lakers, they looked like a team with no direction. Billups may not be the Answer (so to speak), but they definitely needed to shake things up. Besides, do you really need two guys on your team averaging 25+ points?

  • Moses

    The Nuggets are nothing to us… Billups is starting to show his age now and they’re pinning their hopes on Carmelo being able to score 30 PPG this season, which he may be able to but even if he does they don’t have any other consistent scorers. JR can score, not night in and night out.

    The Lakers don’t have a problem stopping Carmelo, we struggle against smaller guards just like AI, u think Billups knocking down an occasional 3 is gonna beat us? Don’t think so man.

    I actually think Detroit got a good deal, they got the explosive scorer they lacked, granted he’s getting on, but even if he don’t work out that’s an expiring contract that takes 21m off the books, whereas Denver are getting taxed for a couple more years yet.

  • dom1020

    Well according to mcdyesse(dont know how to spell it) says he will not suit up in a nuggets unifor so they will buy out his contract.Lets take a look at the pistons line up, iverson hamilton prince wallace nd im not sure about the center but thats is pretty beast. BUT iversons numbers have been in a slump lately. bilups does play defense and is a true PG. So really its all how you look at it.

  • Pb2000

    In my humble opinion, I think this trade will benefit the Nuggets far more than it will benefit the Pistons. By adding the defensive minded ‘Mr. Big Shot’, the Nuggets really add the much needed leader that was missing with the departure of Marcus Camby. Being a point guard that creates rather than look for his own shot first, look for the team to improve as a whole on the offensive end. His basketball IQ will allow him to run Denver’s offense almost to perfection, get others involved, and most importantly improve their team defense.

    As for AI, I really don’t see how exactly he will complement Detroit’s system, both offensively and defensively. The only thing that can explain Detroit’s decision is the fact that they will have a lot of cap space due to both AI’s and Sheed’s expiring contracts. Detroit will still make the playoffs in the feeble East, but as for Denver, they have reinforced their chances in the Juggernaut conference that is the WESTERN CONFERENCE.

    All in all, this is to no avail for the Nuggets because we all know who the winner of the next three,four, or five NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL BE: THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS BABY!!! (Kobe retires with 7-8 rings, 3 regular Season MVP, and 4-5 finals MVP)…GOAT

  • Whatsa



    Detroit’s gonna kill boston.

  • fabz24lakers

    Billups= Overrated…he just got lucky when he nede up in Detroit.Larry Brown brought the best out of him.They’ll be good,but not as good as they were with AI….

  • kobeism

    billups or no billups…doesn’t stop the lake show from taking over

  • Freshh

    LoL THis is weak

  • sir charles

    according to Trevor “the postermaker” ariza leads the league in 3p%

    he makes posters and shoots 3s

  • daboss1849

    see just goes to show we have to dump these sucky ass players like mimh and Lo who hurt bynum last year. Looks like mcdyss is getting waived now that would be an awesome backup center to have…

  • carlo

    [Comment ID #53737 Will Be Quoted Here]
    that would be nice. he should consider the lakers

  • yellowpurplefever

    Denver got a Great deal. Their team is abit better, but no match for us. NO FEAR or FEAR NONE. Just focus on New Orlean and Houston for the West then we’ll OK. Keep improving on DEFENSE and play SMARTER b-ball then everything will take care on its own. JUST DONT LOSE FOCUS! GO LA!!

  • You are an IDIOT

    [Comment ID #53721 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Are you an idiot? Billups does not create first. Know your facts before you say some stupid bullsh1t cause you are embarrassing yourself. And no, he will not run Denver’s offense to perfection. Who the hell just got into a new team and already knows how to work the offense to perfection? idiot. If you are actually thinking Denver will make a difference you are an idiot. They’re not even an elite team, it’s just like another Clippers team. Ain’t sh1t. Nothing. Nada. The experts also said Detroit benefited more than Denver. Denver is trash.
    Go home kid.

  • You are an IDIOT

    [Comment ID #53701 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ummmm no, Denver got way better? HA HA. Are you really stupid? You act like Denver just got Lebron James or something. Clippers just got Baron Davis who is better than Billups. Did the Clippers get better? hmmmmm let me see…. Gosh that’s a hard one. Well of course they didn’t. Even if Denver makes it to the playoffs, its probably gonna be 8th or if they are lucky, 7th but guess what? Denver was 8th place last year. They sure did get better huh. And if you think they will be in 6th place or better then you do not know basketball you idiot. I guess the Bobcats might make it too, or Thunder. HA HA you idiot. Stop acting like you know basketball
    Go home kid

  • Billy Kupchak

    “Chauncey Billups brings a defensive mi*n*dset to Denver” :cool: fixed the typo

  • yearight

    [Comment ID #53745 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How do you know Baron Davis didn’t make the Clippers better? THEY CHANGED HALF THEIR ROSTER, THEY’RE NOT THE SAME TEAM AS LAST YEAR. And what the hell are all your guesses about “8th seed, 6th seed” You don’t know shit, you’re just spewing pure waste out of your mouth. Shut up and stop acting like a prick. This trade did make Denver better in my book, just cause Denver was in 8th place last year, doesn’t make them better or worse if they make 8th seed this year because other teams grow and get better or worse. There is no way of telling if they are better than last year. Their stats could be better or worse, but their is no factual way of telling. Why don’t you go read a book, learn some logic and then come back and state your opinion.

  • You are an IDIOT

    [Comment ID #53751 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Denver got better in your dumbass idiot book. Minnesota, Memphis and other sh1tty teams got better, I don’t see anyone saying anything about them, why? because everyone knows they suck. Is Denver that much of a threat? Did Denver just became a championship caliber team?
    Of course not. Those little changes are not gonna affect the Lakers, let alone the other elite teams.
    You act like Denver just got a “Chris Paul”
    Go home kid
    Denver can’t do jack sh1t against the Lakers.

    Your mom wants you home.


  • K0be08-09

    Denver Got Better, And Detroit Got Way better

    Denver Smart Move- Get Rid of A.I
    Detroit Now has someone who can take over a game, they never had that. Billups was not a person who takes over games, HAmmiliton cant, Rashhed Can but not by himself, And Prince is a Team PLayer.

    A.I will bring a Scorer to the team and some one who can take over the games which they lacked against Boston And Clevland last two years. A.I will do his thing, and he will play better. Watch Out for Detiroit instead. On the other hand, Denver improved, they arldy had Melo and now they got a True PG who can pass to Melo and all those scorers.

  • Crossy

    If Detroit ends up getting Lebron in the future then the trade will be well worth it. Defensively, Billups is definitely a strong addition to the Nuggets. However, Coach Karl is still average to me. It takes a strong leader to carry a team of rough necks and I’m still convinced that he is incapable of doing that…

    The Nuggets will get swept AGAIN in the playoffs…if they even make it there.

    Special Note: Allen Iverson is one year older than Billups. How much do you think either player’s age plays a role in how valuable they are?

  • kPoAbUe

    i think if tyshan prince came and jr smith went Nuggets would be considered a contender. They will make noise until second round but i don’t see them in the wcf.