A lot has been made of Paul Pierce’s “injury” that he “suffered” during Thursday nights Game. 1 of the NBA Finals. Many believe that the injury was just a huge exaggeration by Paul; who minutes after being picked up by his teammates and put on a wheelchair, ran out on the floor with no limp as the Rocky theme music blazed through the Garden and nailed two three point shots.

Was this all just blow out of proportion by Pierce, or was it a serious injury? We want your thoughts!

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    i thought it was false, at first,
    but at todays press conference
    he said he wasnt sure if he would play on sunday
    and that maybe he returned to yesterdays game because of the adreniline… idk…:S

  • http://pigskinweekly.com Jordan

    I don’t think he faked it, I’m sure he was scared in the same way Bynum was when he heard a “pop”. We’ll see how Pierce’s knee is throughout the series because I do believe a cortizone shot and some adrenaline did allow him to get back and play again. If his knee isn’t an issue at all through the rest of the series then I’ll think he faked it.

  • RoWyN

    He’s a worse actor than Kobe. Would that count as a flop? Watching him at last night post-game conference made me wanna puke. Even KG was embarrassed by how he acted like a little girl wincing in pain about to cry.

  • Realistic Laker Fan

    You don’t fake injuries like that. He was taken off the court in a wheel chair, CRYING. Yeah, he probably overreacted but it wasn’t like he was trying to. Anytime someone hears a “pop” especially in their knee, their inclined to suspect only the worst about their injury. Think about Pierce for a second, having worked throughout the entire year and then getting his KNEE injured (one of the worst possible injuries for any bball player) in game 1 of the finals. I hate the Celtics as much as anyone else, but Paul Pierce is not the kind of guy that would “fake”something like this.

  • http://myspace.com/loosecannonn V-Money

    i think he just faked it and over exaggerated the whole thing. he was just being a little drama queen that he is, trying to fire up the boston crown and bring some emotion in his players. it worked. but it wont work again. if hes out, it might look legit, but i honestly think he just faked it.. there is no way you get carried off the court in a wheelchair, and then hop back on the court like nothing ever happend. thats just not right.

  • joe

    IM 100000000 000000000000%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% SUREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THAT HE FAKED IT……….

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #38438 Will Be Quoted Here]

    …………and all of a sudden play well?

  • goodfella

    this guy puts jack nickolson to shame. Great acting Pierce.

  • dawg09

    He was trying to be a HERO!?!?!?!

  • kb24


  • daboss1848

    Realistic got it right . . .

    And even if he faked it who cares?

    This is the bloody sock conspiracy all over again.

    Who cares? Only thing that matters is that they have 1 and we have 0 in the W column!!

  • LakerNation1

    ive seen better acting in porn movies…

    nice try “hero”. try coming back at the beginning of the 4th rather than 3mins after the fall. wouldve been more dramatic for the highlight reel.

  • Lakerfan101

    He doesnt even wanna undergo to MRI lol!!

  • 123KID

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    i agree. if you look at some of his other plays, he over exaggerated alot of other plays. when he got scratched in the neck by LO, he kept checking like as if he got stabbed. same when he got tapped on the eye by kobe, he thought his eye popped out.

    all he did was try to hype the crowd and the media to get on the boston bandwagon.

  • Shakobe22

    Doesnt matter if he faked it or not
    it worked
    which isn’t good but it’s not like we could do anything about it

  • Kobe2k9

    honestly it was the most pu$$y thing i’ve ever seen, like i thought pau was freakin soft and pu$$y but paul pierce is such a girl, i lmao when i saw his legs dangling and his b!tch a$$ crying, like wow absolutely embarrasing, and that b!tching and crying would of been a little more justifying if he had tore his acl, but he came out all hopping around if i was playing in a big game and i saw a player hurt, sorry but im going to hit where ever ur hurt because pierce couldnt of gone side to side i wouldve shook him so easy all in all he’s just a big big pu$$y and b!tch wow!

  • Karl

    I think Bynum needs to go see Pierce’s doctor and get some of what he’s getting.

  • Thuggishdeer

    who cares as long as it effects him in the next game and slows their team down we have the advantage. i could not see the injury happen at all no matter how many replays. perkins injury is more real

  • Kobe124

    Pierce had to take a crap real bad so he just faked this injury. He probably told the guys that if he moved the crap would come out so they just carried him off and once he started to far, the other players just told someone to bring a wheel chair. THIS IS THE REAL STORY BEHIND ALL THIS!!!!

  • LAKing

    It was 100% pure BS. Totally fake, you can see the smirk on his face when he’s being carried by his teammates to the wheelchair. All he wanted to do was pump up the crowd and inspire his teammates. Total BS.

  • Thuggishdeer

    cant believe everyone called him a hero! i changed the channel right after that.

  • LakersNation2k8

    All he did was pop his knee in a way we all do like we pop our fingers and stuff. He felt a little pain and his drama queen inner self came out. From his team mates carrying him off the court and the wheel chair and the treadmill, it was all so over exaggerated to bring more drama to the series and to get the bandwagon boston fans alive. If they have to pull that card to beat the Lakers than so be it, but they better know that it can only be played once and now there gunna have a pissed of Lakers bunch to deal with Sunday and the 3 away games in LA. Lakers all the way!

  • http://myspace.com/g10van1 giio128



    he faked it!!
    he just wanted glory! thats all!!!!!!





  • gugy

    He faked it for sure.

    I am only convinced otherwise if he does not play Sunday due the injury.

    Come on, the guy comes 3 minutes later and run and plays like nothing happened. Bulls h i t!

    Karma will get him. Lakers in 6 and we will win Sunday.

  • Rpoc

    The motherfraker and the Celtics team refused to get a MRI!!

    Are you KIDDING me? Fraking punk. The Celtics are the same as ever. Fraking asswipes.

  • kobe

    I doubt anyone in the world would fake an injury like this to win a championship.

  • http://lakers.com lakers654

    HE FAKE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NBAchamps2008


  • http://forum.philboxing.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=85408&st=0&sk=t&sd=a jimbraddock

    best actor pierce has won the oscar

  • lakersrock

    Freaking Pierce, crying like that and holding his knee. Then runs out of the tunnel without limping after a second laughing. How could people possibly think its real? Sasha can flop better than that!!!!!

  • vida8

    Of course he faked it i mean ..i really dont want say some thing like that to athlete but….if you needed wheelchair and 4 people to get you out of the court you dont suppose to come to the game with out limping and he didnt even sat at the bench he just came to the game like nothing happened…its Like WTF…

  • Sako

    In a way yeah, in a way no. I think he did hurt it a bit, but not that much that he had to be carried to the locker-room and put on a wheelchair. Because 10 years from now, when some one mentions his name, many will remember how Paul Pierce went down spraining his knee, but came back a couple minutes later to become a hero.

  • tmac

    he was so hurt that he was player of the game..wow…the TRUTH is that he’s such a cry baby and needs to play for the wnba…

  • banuelos_714

    he got injurd for sure
    but he jus exaggerated so much
    its probably not thatbad of an injury

  • Sopi

    who cares

  • maccassedy


  • kgmvp

    PP faked he´s injury looked really bad at first but u don´t comeback after a couple of minutes and start jumping. We saw what happend with Bynum and he never came back while this so called TRUTH acts like bynum and comes back but what i really hate about this game is that after he´s injury all of the refs started calling touch fouls on us. Well it´s done but still he faked it in my opinion now Let´s just flush game 1 and get ready for game 2.

  • Celtics0-4

    yeah he setted the injury so that he can come back to get the crowd all fired up, and yeah they putted the rocky song,mmmmmmm seems wierd. I say pierece is a cry baby and a faker. He just won a second oscar for shame!

  • Nikko

    Did you guys see him after the game at the press conference? he;d touch his knee and grown, then hold his lower back and act like he’s in more pain. I say something scared him, but he faked it for a grand re-entrance.

  • nazanin

    Honestly, I think it was so fake. If he was really injured, he wouldn’t have refused the MRI because EVERY athlete knows that their knee is more important to their career than one game, even if it is the Finals.
    Plus, what are the chances that the Rocky music happens to be playing when he returns? Oh, and he didn’t even limp a single bit when he walked out. I don’t care how tough you are, when you are in pain the way he supposedly was, you don’t just get back up and go out there and play as well as he did.

    He was trying to get the crowd and his teammates riled up. I lost some respect for PP last night.

  • lakers1fan

    Well there’s one way to really know if Drama Queen Pierce was faking it…and that will be on Sunday (GAME2) If he plays, I don’t care if it’s limited minutes or what ever…if he plays…he faked it! And Boston, the Celtics, and aswell as some people here in Inglewood, CA should be disgusted and ashamed of this grown baby huey of a so call “man”. At least Bynum went down but is man enough to have been taken off the court with two teammates at his side. Not like lil ol “Ish” Pierce! HE IS JUST SOOOOOOO DISGUSTED!!!! HE IS NOT A HERO…..HE IS A BIG FAT ZEROOOOOOO!!!

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #38454 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i am rofLmao! :D

  • Michael_23

    I don’t care if he faked it or not. I want the Celtics at full strength and the Lakers at full strength (with the exception of Andrew Bynum). This way we know who is the best team of all in the NBA.

  • http://bestplayerontheplanet.com chase

    Look, Bynum didn’t get “carried” off the floor and then chartered in a wheel chair! And his injury ended his season! So what does that tell you about Pierce? I don’t think he faked it! I think he’s a dramatic little baby!!!

  • ryanfu09


  • Arthur

    He Faked it. but to tell u the truth the lakers arent going to win this series. First off espn is brodcasting all 7 games, and espn is biased to all western teams. whether its baseball basketball football. what do they do on espn news first news is yankees, red sox, celtics, redwings, cubs, tigers, orioles, marlins, cardinals, and than they remind everyone that the lakers were western conference champions at the end biased effers. lol. they are gonna go to game 7 and they ar e gonna win it. its plain and simple.

  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    There is no way in hell the Celtics are going to win this series. They had a lot of help from the officials in the last game. But I understand it’s home court advantage. It’s okay.

    We’ll beat them at their own game. What is the deal with the big ass trophy in the middle of the court. Is David even looking at that and saying wtf?

    Lakers are going to take Sunday and teach them a lesson in acting. Go Sasha!!!


    he juiced it up, and came out hot! very supicious PLUS he said he is not having an MRI????

    are the celtics stupid to not worry and check on the injury before it could become a career ending one!?!?

    doesn’t make sense???

  • Shaun Raphael

    common guys…i like pierce very much and i am lakers fan for life. but doesnt it seem odd to you that both pierce and perkins got injured 10 seconds after each got called for their 4th foul and somehow both made it back. the last time i saw a player being escorted off the court with a wheel chair, if i might recall it was dwayne wade and we all remember how serious his injury was. just wanted to shed some light on the facts, i truelly think it was a stunt that worked very well and did what was needed to help them win.

  • billyboy

    i don’t give a shit. they can bring bird and russel on the court. kobe & the lakers will still whoop their ass.


  • Showtime

    When I first saw him go down through minimal contact I did not know what to expect. However, in less than 5 minutes the guy comes back running to the court. Please, do not insult our intelligence. Does Pierce want a piece of Hollywood action just like Kobe did in his commercials? (without any contracts, though).

    I immediately wrote that on Facebook that it was fake on the Lakers Game Day central. If you want to know how hard it is to have a knee injury you can ask Bynum and Arenas. Hell, the guy says that he refused to take an MRI… what kind of a doctor does the Cs have? He listens to what “injured” players say and not what he’s been taught. Pathetic!

  • Showtime

    One more thing, look at the pic above. You can see Ray Allen speaking to Doc instead of looking over at his captain who just went down with a “serious knee injury”. I think KG is there as well… remember, this happened in the 1st game of the Finals and they do not seem to care. Talk about keeping their composure, yeah right “Thats what she said!”.


    Let me sum it up,when Bynum got injured his teammates carried him off the floor to the lockerroom on both legs….Pierce got carried by his teammates to the tunnel and was placed in a wheelchair?DWAYNE WADE anybody?!

  • http://losangelessource.com/lakers/ Lane

    I don’t think he faked it. It’s too big of a game for a star player to remove himself. It’s one loss, no big deal….


  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

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    LOL! My thoughts exactly! Maybe Bynum will come back for Game 2 in the 3rd!

  • potator

    He’s a pussy

  • http://swishtheball.net andy or drew

    [Comment ID #38472 Will Be Quoted Here]right the lakers need to anticipate paul pierce coming back

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #38485 Will Be Quoted Here]

    But you get a Grammy for singing, no acting.

  • Cerritos LakerFan

    I don’t question whether or not he was truly injured. I just hate all these theatrics that followed:
    1. Him being carried off the court wss straight out of the news, like some of the footage from watching China’s earthquake relief. If the trainer was concerned why wasn’t the leg immobilized? Instead, it was dangling in the wind.
    2. How Boston fans are such hypocrites. If that happened to one of our guys they’d be calling him a wuss. Instead, they look back and romanticize it. They make me sick. I thought New Yorkers were obnoxious, but geeze they take the cake.


    If anybody has access to NBATV,THE LAKERS ARE PRACTICING RIGHT NOW!!!

    I’ll keep those who don’t posted.

  • Nabil

    Yeah, maybe they got Mr. Miyagi in the locker room! Bynum, Arenas, and let’s not forget Amare are all like, “WTF?!”
    When he went down, I thought, “Damn, now they are going to say we only won the title because of this.” But now they won’t have any excuses.
    There are a lot of positives that the Lakers can take from that game. Remember, all we needed here was a split in the first two games. So tonight is critical.
    We win tonight, and it might just be the last game in Boston. They are terrible on the road, and the Lakers are undefeated at home in the playoffs.

  • Thomas

    We’re all Laker fans and upset that they lost the first game, but at the point that he “faked” the injury the Lakers were up and momentum was on their side. I think he did it to get his teammates and crowd back in the game. And as the sports world saw, it worked. Plus he was barely limping in the press confrence the day after. Trust the Celtics to do something like this to get an edge in the series. Lakers beat the Celtics in Game 2 easily. Kobe goes off since that disaterous shooting nite Friday.

  • http://youtube.com/kobe124 Kobe124

    Pierce aka the truth is useless. He started to hop cuz the crap was still stuck up in there with some toilet paper. He doesn’t need an MRI cuz the solution was a toilet to sit on. Thats why he was carried off with his legs opened cuz of the crap that would have come out if he didnt fake this kneegry!!! on sunday night he might have to take another one of those heavy duty Next time he craps again, the celtics might need some Febreze. Garnett knows whats up, he knows not to go to the B room once the game has started but pierce is new to this and the nerves run bad and the feeling of taking a crap goes wild.

  • lakersisbomb

    i think paul pierce just faked that whole injury thing just to get boston fans pumped up beacuse as you know its all about the fans

  • sketch

    pierce is a total fake! it’s like the punch by mike tyson that took out michael spinks! spinks knew he couldn’t beat tyson and so at the first chance he got, he went down when tyson threw a punch that came close.
    same thing with pierce, he knew he wasn’t playing well and this way, if he went down, he has an excuse and if he started playing well then he’s a hero and a miracle healing.
    phil saw right through that and that’s why the celtic fans are all up on him now. pierce, allen, and kg are not the big 3, but the 3 stooges. they’ve never won and they never will. kobe and fish will get their 4th and phil his 10th! go lakers!!!!!!!

  • varsityoptimism

    a little…what a WEEEEEENIE

  • TheTruth

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE…there is no doubt that he over-exadurated

    I’m sorry, but I just had to post this link to show you how FAKE the Celtics Fans/Crowds are…


    That was last year…true fans my a.s.s!

  • Michael24

    this is fake

    he gets injured goes to the locker room 10 minutes later he is jumping around on the sideline wtf!! then nails 2 threes




    Something I just thought about,how come they only show when Perkins stepped on Pierce’s foot from a far distance,NBATV,ESPN…THE HOME SHOPPING NETWORK,etc. keep running the ‘accident’ at the same angle.Kinda makes you go,HHHMMMM!

  • Luis24

    Its totally fake, I mean wow, he could of at least come limping. Can’t tap the guy without him falling. That guys a pu$$y I use to respect him but he cried when Joe pushed, when Lebron James was balling him up the only way he calmed him down was by flopping and with TP he cried again. Like the guy at the to said when LO scratched him he acted like he got stabbed and the Kobe thing he acts like his eye fell out. Lost my respect for him but KG is cool. He doesn’t celebrate until he wins

  • Laaffiliation024

    he’s worse than my wife when it comes to faking it

  • ab4sure

    OK for those who think he faked it. Think about it… if he faked it did he plan it??? Before the game started did he say to himself “i am going to do a Willis Reed” to motivate my team. If he faked it when did he decide to fake it??? When he was in pain on the floor??? “Damn my knee hurts but i know it is not that bad…. how bout if i act like i am hurt and have my teammates carry me to the locker, then i can come back and create great motivation for the crowd and my teammates”.

    MY Take… the girl did not fake it. She fell to the floor in pain and had never experienced a pain like this before. She panic and felt her season was over. A wave of emotion overflowed her and she was lifted to the locker room. After being relaxed in the locker room she said to herself this doesn’t feel that bad. I can put weight on this. Damn… i can walk… Alright!!!!!!… I can still play.. Thanks Trainer… gotta go Play.

    PP reacted out of emotion first (girls usually do and please laker girls take no offense to this because we luv the laker girls… or perhaps i should say he reacted like alittle boy first)and never really tested his injury on the court. They quickly moved him were he had a chance to test the injury and found out it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

  • sirtoken


  • Ferdy Villeda

    ofcourse he faked it he just wanted the crownd to get pumped up and to try to get the LAKERS nervous with all the noise but it din’t work for KOBE ’cause he made a huge dunk to sit the fans right back down after paul pirce’s 2nd three-pointer!

  • Ferdy Villeda

    [Comment ID #38547 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #38547 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ofcourse he said that then why wasn’t he limping when he should be limping and why was he playing when he should’ve been too hurt to play?
    hu,hu,hu have you ever thought of that?

  • 248days

    I’d be delighted to see paul get an oscar for that one….., yeah lakers fan should chant PAUL FOR OSCARS!! in the staples center…, that would take the pain away for him ;)