Here’s something new we’re going to try here at The Lakers Nation.

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There’s been a lot of talk lately about possibile big men that can come in and fill Andrew’s spot in the rotation. One name has clearly stuck out, Chris Webber. Webber’s agent has it known that the Lakers have a deep interest and there has been contact.

One of our other choices, PJ Brown, doesn’t seem to be interested in returning to the league. Our already narrow list seems to be cut even shorter.

“I don’t think it’s something that he is looking to do,” Mark Bartelstein (PJ’s rep) said by phone. “There are a bunch of people inquiring about him, but there is nothing (in terms of his interest) right now.”

Webber will be making his decision soon and we could be his next destination.

Do you want Chris Webber? Will Chris Webber help carry Bynum’s missing load? Share your thoughts!

  • Soysauce43

    yes he will help because he can pass and rebound. trade kwame for someone good, maybe kurt thomas or artest and no one would be able to stop us.

  • http://TheLakersNation.com hZm

    But his physical condition could be an issue.

    That and he would have to pick up the triangle half way through the season.

  • http://getgarnett Che

    yes he would help until bynum comes back from injury and wen playoffs comes he will be a veteran player that could help us in tight situations.The lakers will miss bynum for bout 26-27 games they will go 15-12 or15-11, we still have an amazing bench and veteran players.

    Playoffs lineup
    PG-Derek Fisher
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    SF-Lamar Odom
    PF-Chris Webber
    C-Andrew Bynum

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    Adding Chris to the team would be just what we need right now. His agent says he’s in good condition, and he’s only 34. I think the fact he hasn’t played half a season will be good too, as he won’t be beginning to wear down like other players.

    I also don’t think the Triangle will be an issue; he’s a smart player with good passing and shooting skills, I don’t see any problem there.

    Finally, if we get Webber, I think we should play Ronny as the back-up C (assuming Vlade is back) and give Kwame limited minutes. The guy is turning into a Smush. Ronny shows energy and passion out there, he’d be a nice back-up.

  • Shaq786

    Webber gave dwight howard an insane amount of trouble in the playoffs… having another vet who can play both pf and center for us is absolutely essential.

    By doing this we have definitly secured our position in the post. When we play agianst KG and the other big cats like duncan, Webber can provide great defense for us, if kwame just cant do it.

    We miss bynum so much because he protected the paint for us. Poor Ronny is trying his butt off to do that, but he is very undersized. Look at the seattle game… Kwame is a great man to man defender, but HORRIBLE when it comes to covering the paint. Webber can fill that hole for us.

    Every other position is strong except for the small forward position. We have Ariza who can do a great job on both ends of the floor, but is not good enough to stop lebron james, carmelo, and the small forward elites. We need ARTEST… if it means trading mihm (assuming we get webber), walton, sasha, and a 2 second round picks (or even a first)… THAN DO IT!

    with webber and artest, we will have the best starting line up and the deepest team… with farmar, javaris, ariza, turiaf, and webber coming off the bench!

  • http://getgarnett Che

    Guys i hope we get webber but i think he will go to boston

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #22432 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Now that sounds like a GREAT idea!

  • LakerSon24

    Does anybody knows in what shape Webber is to start with??? And when Bynum comes back whats role will Webber have alongside Turiaf and Kwame, i’m sure that will weight in his decision to come to Lakeshow…

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Webber is one 0f the worst defenders in the league…would he really help us?
    i do not think so, he would bring bad attitude cause he wants to play a lot, and bad defense which we already have plenty!!!!
    we definitely need a different kinda player!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    If Mitch Kupcake has his heart set on it then it’ll probably happen. I’m just worried that we’ll spend too much money on him and regret it like we did Kwame. But he will help but I don’t know soon he can contribute.

  • Jr

    webber would definitely be a nice addition to our team. especially when bynum returns. its gonna be insane. But does anybody know if there are any other team aside from the lakers who are offering webber a contract?

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #22437 Will Be Quoted Here]

    all we can spend is the vet minimum bc we ae over the cap

  • filosofreak

    all i have to say is that it sux that Drew went down and now we have to talk about washed up players like C-Webb. BUT, i still think he’ll be a help bringing his experience and passing ability.


    come on! karon for kwame????? man does mitch regret that!

  • http://getgarnett Che

    Guys when drew comes back he probably want start until the last week before the playoofs by then he would get his timing back. And webber would be great to keep us good,and for the playoffs were he is a vet,he can give us 11pts 6-7rbds 1 blck

  • http://thelakersnation.com Tyler

    i want him! hes better than kwame brown no doubt even though he hasnt played at all lately.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22440 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Did you know that Dingleberry has two meanings. NOt only the disgusting meaning but it also means a stupid and foolish person. You picked a good name for yourself. Everyone saw that you said Bynum had a torn ACL on the shoutbox so yes you did lie.

  • xtro

    C-Webb can pass, shoot and rebound.

  • T-Dub

    ab4sure…your boy Mitch needs to do something. He needs to come through now! We can’t have another offseason like the one we just had. Sign Webber and get Artest, what ever he has to do! Even if he has to give up some A$$…LOL

  • Caleb

    This would be a solid move, not just to fill Bynum’s shoes, but for when Bynum comes back. In terms of vet leadership we could matchup with anyone (Fish, KB, Webb) and we would have the best rebounding frontcourt in basketball if Webber moved to PF. CWebb can shoot, post up, rebound, pass, play D, and help out the younger guys like Ronny, Kwame, and even Drew when he comes back. No brainer for me.


    Very nice starting 5.

  • lakerfan81

    Im not sure what Webber has left in him. He can still hit the occasional jumper and he is a great passer, but he really has nothing left on the defensive end. Mbenga (who the Lakers were thinking about as well) is a much better defensive player than Webber (and Kwame for that matter) but much like Kwame has no offensive game.

  • gugy

    Webber might be helpful.
    If we can get him this season for a good price, I would welcome him. Veteran experience will help this team during the playoffs.

    Bynum will be back before we expect. He is young and healthy, so I would say he will be on the floor sooner than later.

    We should look into Artest too. JO let’s wait for the offseason and see if he will leave Indiana. I would not do any trade for him now. Bird is greedy and will not give up JO now.

  • fred0s

    I’d rather get Artest. Trade Kwame plus a couple of first round picks for Artest and we are all set to go.


    How much does Webber have left? He is not a big risk, so if he is all that is out there why not?

    Why would someone name themselves Dingleberry? AAAHHH!!! Grotesque

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    “Are already narrow list seems to be cut even shorter.”

    ^ above should be “OUR already narrow list seems to be cut even shorter.”

  • TonyStarks79

    Western Conference Finals Lakers vs. Spurs 89-89 5 seconds left..No timeouts left for both teams..Tim Duncan misses a 7ft jumper..Webber grabs the rebound gets trapped in the corner and calls a timeout..WHAT??? OH HELL NO!! Ginobili sinks the 2 free throws and we lose…This is what I’m afraid of when we get Webber..

  • daboss1848

    In the words of Nancy Reagan “JUST SAY NO!!”

    We dont need a mid-range shooter, nor do we need a good post passer.

    We need an athletic defensive presence – a shot blocker, who will effect interior shots.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22444 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There are too many dingleberries on this site. The one who is the biggest p*ssy though is King Dingleberry who has a raging boner for Zach Randolph.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22446 Will Be Quoted Here]

    We had a Great Offseason. What are you talking about??? We did not trade Andrew Bynum!!!!! Despite the Uproar. Oh your talking about the radio interviews of a particular person…lol.. Don’t worry, I think he knows better next time.

  • http://webb getCwebb.com


  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    nice piccture…
    hopefully we can see that in te near future…

  • foxxy


  • daboss1848

    He didnt do well in SPL – hes undersized for our current needs. http://www.nba.com/dleague/playerfile/index.jsp?player=sl_elton_brown

    Current Needs – long athletic shot blocker http://www.nba.com/dleague/statistics/player/Blocks.jsp?league=20&season=22007&conf=OVERALL&position=1&splitType=9&splitScope=PER48&qualified=Y&yearsExp=-1&splitDD=All%20Teams
    Long Term Needs – PF with mid-range game (NOT AARP WEBBER)

  • http://TheLakersNation.com hZm

    [Comment ID #22452 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thats what happens when I’m stuck typing at 2 in the morning after a long day. I’ll fix it.


    I think we SHOULD GET C-Webb

    It can keep us in the hunt till andrew comes back


    Che youre fricken stupid

    If he went to boston there would be no playing time for him at all

  • http://getgarnett Che

    indian boy chill a bit, u no me from shoutbox and i just got baned guess my name buddy

  • T.A.

    Def NO ARTEST!!
    C-Webb could help us stay afloat for a top 4 seed until bynum gets back.

    I just dont want our chemistry to be messed with.

    sign webber

    then trade webber, J Critt, Kwame and First round pick


    Kidd, Josh Boone

    Starting lineup /Bench

    Kidd/Farmar, Fish

    2007-2008 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!

  • 24allup inya

    The fact is that Detroit is still the front runner in landing CW so i would not get my hopes up.I wasn’t to high on getting him in the summer but i have to admit that with Bynum out it would be a great move by the Lakers.


    If your thinking championship get plus the fact that Bynum is out for 8 weeks or less(hopefully less),you need to get either JO(1st candidate),C.Webb(get him now)or Artest(toss up between him and C.Webb).I been saying JO 1st ‘cuz even L.Bird knows the potential he has(he coached him remember)and his faults.Put him on any championship caliber team like a Boston,San Antonio,Phoenix and Cleveland and he’ll take that club from contenders to a POWERHOUSE INSTANTLY,look at when he was traded from Portland and don’t say “that’s because he was younger”,NO!That’s because he was ready for the next level and now he’s prepared for a championship.From barely playing in Portland to helping a struggling franchise become contenders(Lakers beat’em of course).

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #22470 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it cant be because detroit already have 15 players on their roster..

  • Sako

    He’ll be a good at to the Lakers for the next 2 months Bynum is going to be out. He’s made every team he’s gone to better. He’s a great passer, so he’ll fit the triangle offense perfectly.

  • TheLAunit

    Bring back Larry turner. We will not have to spend alot plus he has a body like Howard. Get rebounds and pass and make put backs. He will do better than Kwame 4sho. Who wants josh boone? and Why?

  • Jack

    lets get webb right now. see what happens. we don’t have anyone to loose. who knows? he might be the missing piece in this lakers squad to go deep in playoffs.

  • LakerSon24

    The Lakers need to take a close look at Lamar production during the next 2 weeks and if he does not produce Mitch need to call Bird and JO for odom, Kawme + 1st pick08

    We should get Mihm back by then, enough to keep us 3rd-4th until AB comes back, then let’s get back to 1st placein the west for good!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22474 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Exactly, they have fifteen players already. Now don’t get your panties too much in a bunch 24allup inya just becuase i disagree with you. The lakers might be the frontrunners.

  • Jimmy

    I really don’t think it’s the Lakers year anyway. Sure, they are on top of the West but they still don’t play as well as the Spurs (with Duncan) or the Celtics. I still think we are missing that one player… Artest or JO!

    Bringing in Cwebb should help somewhat… at least he can catch the ball.

  • LakerMark

    Lakers need help on the defenseive end, not a born loser. CWebb has never won at ANY level (maybe in HS, but so did almost every pro player). He is a born loser and does not deserve to wear a Lakers Jersey.

    Other washed up stars that never deserved to wear the Lakers Jersey:
    Mitch Richmond
    Jim Jackson
    Isiah Rider

  • e

    i believe that it is absolutely necessary and extremely crucial for us to acquire him…everyone knows that kwame is not capable of holding down people like amare, duncan, etc…chris webber will be a good fit

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #22474 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Send Aflalo to the D-league

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #22486 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Even though you send him to the D-league he still counts as a man on the roster. You would have to cut Afflalo…i don’t think they want to do that.

  • somelakerfan1

    guess what the lineup will ahev been if we didnt trade caron for kwame and bymun didnt get injured


    trade walton for ariza also we get webber too

  • Mr. B-DAY

    oh yes, chris webber would be quite a nice replacement for kwame brown. kwame brown sacks. hes a shikker. he cant catch a ball he has butter fingers. imagine that starting line up! oh man oh man!

    pg – farmar
    sg- sasha
    sf- walton
    pf- webber
    c- mihm!

    we will own…MOREEEE

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    Webber sucks!

  • Robert

    Ya no what I hate Chris Webber He’s a known loser It’s jus known but at da same time I say sign him 2 a 1 year contract ONLY 1 YEAR n then when Bynum gets back He can come off da bench But never n clutch situations LOL We no how dat goes But he could be a good back up 4 a lil while He does need 2 work on his Defense But screw it go 4 it N wait 4 my boy Bynum…Oh n 2 all u so called Laker fans dat were dissing dis kid & Farmar n a lot of r other players How u feel now Prob back on da bandwagon U fake fans I knew he’d be good Give him time like I said N if we can hold it 2gether while Bynum’s gone We can win it all GOOO LAKERS!!!

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    no were frontrunners for cwebb,

    i doubt detroit is gonna put too much effort on acquiring him

    and at somelakerfan..

    yeah too bad huh?

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    I’m a Bulls fan so I have seen both of Webber and Brown. Webber might give you 2 or 3 decent games a month but the dudes knees are shot! PJ brown was awful during the regular season and lost his ablilty two jump much like Ben Wallace has. However Brown played pretty well in the playoffs. That being said I would think your best option is Webber who’s basketball IQ is ten times better then K.Brown. But really they all suck. So good luck guys!

  • lakaluva

    Jan 16th, 2008 at 8:57 am
    DingleBerry on January 16, 2008 at 8:35 am said:

    Thomas on January 16, 2008 at 8:09 am said:

    If Mitch Kupcake has his heart set on it then it’ll probably happen. I’m just worried that we’ll spend too much money on him and regret it like we did Kwame. But he will help but I don’t know soon he can contribute.

    all we can spend is the vet minimum bc we ae over the cap

    Did you know that Dingleberry has two meanings. NOt only the disgusting meaning but it also means a stupid and foolish person. You picked a good name for yourself. Everyone saw that you said Bynum had a torn ACL on the shoutbox so yes you did lie.

    LOL, I like how you went out fo your way to let him know his name is foolish.

  • TonyStarks79

    You guys gotta remember that this is not the Chris Webber of old…You guys make it seem like he’ll be alot better defense wise than Kwame..In my opinion Kwame is a decent defender..He’s not so much of a shot blocking defender but he can hold his own against the centers of today…

  • ab4sure

    laka…he thinks dingleberries are a fruit.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What? In addition to wanting the Lakers to make bad trades, Dingleberry is also a fruit too (LOL, why am I not surprised)?

  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #22497 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you guys really are butt buddies arn’t u?

  • ab4sure

    Seriously Dingleberry, Why did you name yourself Dingleberry???

  • Tim

    like someone said earlier, we can sign webber and trade for a SF (keep Lamar at PF) like Artest, and so on, we would have the best startign 5 in the league and would be the deepest team in the league…

    PG – Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar/Javaris Crittenton
    SG – Kobe Bryant/Javaris Crittenton/Sasha Vujacic
    SF – (Artest/Kirilenko, etc)/Trevor Ariza/Luke Walton
    PF – Lamar Odom/Chris Webber/Ronny Turiaf/Vladimir Radmanovic
    C – Andrew Bynum/Ronny Turiaf/Chris Mihm

    or Kwame at rserve C but i assume he’ll get traded for Artest or someone but i highly doubt we will make another trade before the deadline

  • thomas thomas

    get c-webb otherwise we will start losing and possibly not make the playoffs

  • Tim

    send out Kwame, Coby Karl, and some Draft picks for Artest and sign webber, when bynum returns, we’ll be the best in the nba

  • thisbedo

    i say first and foremost go after C webb! thats a must for right now once we acquire him i say we package Kwame Sasha and L.O in a deal possibly for a another PF i’m geting tired of L.O and his inability to finish around the rim we need a true PF one that crashes boards and puts it back in after a miss we dont need a delusional 6’10 sf that takes 3 pointers i’ve totally given up one those two and Sasha is in a contract year so hopefully somebody wants to clear up some cap space

    and for the Artest a C webb that might be too much to ask for and C webb and his attiudes will affect chemistry enough let alone the C webb and artest. Our team might be full of talent and no chemistry like when we lost to Detroit in 04-05

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22498 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Just because you’re the fruit doesn’t mean we all are.

  • thomas thomas

    tim said on Jan 16th at 7:02 pm

    “like someone said earlier, we can sign webber and trade for a SF (keep Lamar at PF) like Artest, and so on, we would have the best startign 5 in the league and would be the deepest team in the league…

    PG – Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar/Javaris Crittenton
    SG – Kobe Bryant/Javaris Crittenton/Sasha Vujacic
    SF – (Artest/Kirilenko, etc)/Trevor Ariza/Luke Walton
    PF – Lamar Odom/Chris Webber/Ronny Turiaf/Vladimir Radmanovic
    C – Andrew Bynum/Ronny Turiaf/Chris Mihm

    or Kwame at rserve C but i assume he’ll get traded for Artest or someone but i highly doubt we will make another trade before the deadline”

    i like that, this will beat teams with a dominant center because bynum can play good defense at center,
    it can beat a good rebounding team because Lamar and andrew are both great rebounders and kobe and Artest are good rebounders for there height
    it can also beat a team with a dominant slasher because all three artest, kobe, and travor can defend a slasher

  • lakerguy

    “Tim said on January 16th at 7:02 pm:
    like someone said earlier, we can sign webber and trade for a SF (keep Lamar at PF) like Artest, and so on, we would have the best startign 5 in the league and would be the deepest team in the league…

    PG – Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar/Javaris Crittenton
    SG – Kobe Bryant/Javaris Crittenton/Sasha Vujacic
    SF – (Artest/Kirilenko, etc)/Trevor Ariza/Luke Walton
    PF – Lamar Odom/Chris Webber/Ronny Turiaf/Vladimir Radmanovic
    C – Andrew Bynum/Ronny Turiaf/Chris Mihm

    or Kwame at rserve C but i assume he’ll get traded for Artest or someone but i highly doubt we will make another trade before the deadline

    i like that because;

    If our opponent has a dominant center bynum can defend him
    if they have a good rebounding team bynum/LO/c-webb can help by not letting the other team get that second chanceand also give the lakers more second chances
    if they have a dominant slasher Kobe/Artest/Ariza can defend him


    Somebody please call Larry Bird and tell him “AMISTAD,B!@#$!JO WANTS FREE RIGHT NOW!!! But seriously folks,we do need another inside presence.Zach could be a nice fit(This wants to win)and I can see people frowning up at this one but he has changed since Portland(he hasn’t gotten arrested).I not saying he’s the only option so if anybody has some please give one ’cause I can no longer hoping KWAME somehow beasts – out with a 20 point game(or games til AB comes back)but then I wake up from that daydream.LAKERSRULE.COM IN FULL EFFECT!!!

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    check this out:
    looks like webber is coming to la, is just a matter of time :)

  • e

    [Comment ID #22495 Will Be Quoted Here]

    well i would only agree with if you are referring to kwame in the post…yes he can size up big men and body them up, but apart from that, his rotation is very poor, he has a lack of judgement on the offensive end, and time and time again he does not catch the ball…i dont want to sound disrespectful towards your opinion..but in these types of situations we’re in, i think its best to get rid of kwame..as for webber, he’s a solid veteren and would fit in better

  • MILO

    Get him before we face these next 5 teams wich are all good teams and it will also help in the 9 game road trip after all he’s very well rested.Now having said that, from what i remember Brian Shaw has been trying to get him to the Lakers since before the season started.Maybe Webber is not intersted in the Lakers but hopefully he sees our record and decides to give it a try.Let’s all cross our fingers!

  • gugy

    Webber the big crying baby. hehehe…

    Anyway, I think he could be helpful. He is a solid veteran and he has the size to help us now. Plus as a veteran he might be very valuable during the playoffs. Bring him in.

    I also wish the Lakers give a shot at Artest. Imagine, the Queens and those Maloof brothers would go ballistic if Webber and Artest wear Lakers uniform.

  • Mr.Smokealat

    While there are many pros in acquiring C WEBB (and cons see comments below) how could a REAL laker fan really cheer for someone who played for the KINGS cmon! Dont make me have to remind you about Doug christie’s punk a ss

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    hey laker4life, thats what i posted… hopefully by next week

  • lakersfan17

    In that picture Chris Webber actually looks somewhat like Bynum, I’m up for webber but he’s defense and bad lucks scares me at times.

  • Tim

    Webber looks like Gary payton in that picture…

  • drake hunter

    Assuming we do sign Webber this week or next, it will only be a positive because everything about Kwame is negative and any replacement for him will be the smartest move the Lakers make this year. Webber can fill-in for Bynum for the next 5-8 weeks while he’s out and then become the back-up center when Bynum returns. Reports are that the Lakers padded his time-frame of recovery to make sure he’s 100% before he returns so hopefully he’s out only a month. Even if the Lakers don’t make any moves after that, we can make a pretty good run in the playoffs this year with this squad and Webber will really make the bench even stronger than it is now.

    Fish, Kobe, Ariza, LO, Bynum starting w/subs Farmar, Vujacic, Walton, Radmanovic, Webber. Ronny, Kwame, Critt, Mihm, Koby fill out the roster. I say thats pretty deep and strong to take on anyone out West and battle Detroit or Boston in the Finals!

    There are reports on the Lakers page on ESPN.COM (check it out) that the Lakers are currently in discussions with Indy in a trade for JO. The proposed deal is Lakers send LO, Farmar, and Vujacic to Indy for JO. We can be very critical of Lamar at times but I still think he is an assett to this team and we CANNOT trade him. He brings alot of different apsects to the Lakers. My only problems with him is that he doesn’t realize that him not scoring much hurts us more than he knows. Also his wing span is like that of a 7 footer so instead of missing so many lay-ups in a game all the time, he’s so close to the rim that all he has to do is dunk the ball instead and he wouldn’t have that problem. Back to JO, I’ve always been PRO for getting JO to the Lakers all year long as long as the Lakers can do it w/out giving up LO so Mitch the pressure is on to make something happen.


    If Kwame doesn’t go in that deal fo JO we’ll be hexed with his failure for the rest of the season. I can see it now in the playoffs, Bynum fouls out in a close game and we’re forced to play Kwame. Closing minutes of the game, Lakers down by 1 to the Spurs, Kobe gets doubled and tripled and is forced to pass to the open man only to have him drive to the basket for the score. Kwames man leaves him open under the basket to cover Lamar or Fisher driving to the basket. They then pass to the open Kwame under the rim and he ?????????? Can’t jump high enough to catch the lob pass, misses the point blank open lay-up, can’t convert the automatic slam dunk, or the most probable, drops the pass, recovers gets fouled while not making the lay-up for a possible 3 point play taking him not the foul line where he doesn’t convert the winning free-throws. Kwame has already lost the season for us and he doesn’t even know it!

  • Mr. B-DAY

    artest is a very fine player. he is an ovvensive opshon to da cort. you think you know. but you hav no idea. sasha cannot be traded. hes our good luck charm. his hair and his gayness is good luck.

    sometimes he blasts 5 3’s. we should trade kobe for allen, garnett, and pierce.

    possibly a coby karl for dwight howard trade would be fine.

    farmar for iverson?

    we could also possibly sign back slava medvedenko or possitively a come back from michael jordan.

    do i hear a “return of mark madsen”?

    WHAT DOYOU GUYS THINK? gimme ur opinions

  • mplakers

    i’m not sure if i want that former queen (webber) here. not only did alot of us abhor him when he was with the queens but, the fact of the matter is, is that he is old and might be a defensive liabilty.

    without bynum, our weakness was exposed by the seattle supersonics. collison had a dunkfest and the sonics ran a layup drill against our remaining big-men. we need a big man with a defense and rebound first mentality. there are plenty of scorers on this team, particularly when sasha and vlad rad make their way back in the rotation and that’s why we don’t want queen webber who is a scoring big man.

    however, given that the only available big man are elton brown, chris webber, and dj mbenga…much as i hate to say it, queen webber might be the best option just because of experience.

    elton brown and dj mbenga are both built like rocks and hopefully they have picked up their games defensively that the lakers will have a look at them using the 10 day contract.

    goooooooooooo lakkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeerrrrrrrrssss…championship caliber baby! gotta love that comment from the kobester.

  • e

    [Comment ID #22524 Will Be Quoted Here]

    r u kidding me?

  • Tim


    LOL, you made my day

  • GoBeach!

    Webber? No thank you!

  • justinxpnoi

    [Comment ID #22524 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hm…Mr. B-Day, you actually have sensable observations. I have to agree with you. All the trades you talked about would make us world champs for sure. Especially with Mark Madsen in the line up. I mean, he’s mad dogg! fa sho! with a lil bit of dough….hoe!

    Sorry, got a little sidetracked there. But anyways, I think we should maybe add some firepower to the team. Do I hear a “return of Shawn Bradley?”

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    ur an rTARD GoBeach.

  • thisbedo

    what about this trade? too unlikely let me know
    i figure it give them two expiring contracts worth about 12 mil that they could use to pick up one of the many FA this summer

  • GoBeach!

    Yo PhantoM ur an rTARD for thinking Webber is the answer! He will just be a waste of cap space!

  • thisbedo
  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    dont like it..
    da JO deal was good though

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    [Comment ID #22524 Will Be Quoted Here]

    o yeah and maybe we can call tiger woods and barry bonds to come here… lol

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #22524 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are you on crack?

  • as1084

    that trade for JO on the lakers page on espn is not accurate at all…its just media speculation! and what a dumb trade a that for the lakers! i would rather sign webber with his limited capability and keep our depth rather then weaken our bench by trading the Lakers future PG and a shooter. if you give up farmar (our bench spark plug) and sasha..who do u have backing up kobe and fish? critt and koby karl?? haha. critt is a rook who is turnover prone and has no experience in the playoffs (farmar at least experienced the playoffs last year). bad deal. if we do this we turn into the suns…a short rotation. ill take our depth over JO any day. sign webber and we will be fine until bynum comes back!

  • c

    Madsen and Turiaf would cheer for us so hard, it’d be like we had home court advantage everywhere we went.

  • CV_Lex7

    Remember AC Green? Remember Robert Horry? Remember Horace Grant? These are all the guys that are vet and could calm us down when the young squard are all over the place, and his mid range jumper can take some scoring load out of kobe while bynum is out. He CAN play the triangle offence immediately because of his experience and passing ability. unless we could trade kwame for a really good player to come and help out the pain, or i say we get webber now.

  • Flush Odumb

    The only way I would keep Lame-ar on the team would be as the #4 option – I.e., strictly as a ROLE player. His role would be strictly rebounding and passing. If he shoots 3’s he should be FINED! We’ve been hearing for how many years how Lame-ar is so versatile and has so much potential and he would be the next Scottie Pippen. It should be obvious by now that what you see is what you get – there is not going a big improvement.

    After we bow out of playoffs we need to either get serious about the free agent market and go after a legitimate productive player (someone like a or else we put together a package of players from among Luke, Sasha, Lame-ar, Kwame, Mihm, Karl, vlad Rad, draft picks and get a productive, consistent player to support Kobe. There will be NO CHAMPIONSHIP while we are relying on contributions from Lame-ar and Kwame. These two make so many stupid plays – just getting rid of them will be addition by subtration.

  • Flush Odumb

    (Someone like an Elton Brand)

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    said Lamar,Farmar,and Sasha for Jermaine

    horrible trade…..

    If Lakers did this, id be disgusted

  • http://getgarnett Che

    I’m the 100 th comment, anyway the lakers are going to be fine without bynum it might take a few losses herer or there to get used to playing without bynum and by the time they do andrew bynum will be back,and i predict webber will be with us, and will help us through the playoffs

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    I really dont care for C Webb ,but at the same time what are we going to do. Depend on kwame yeah fuC king right. we aint going nowhere with that lop in the paint so i guess C Webb is better than nothing. but mabie one day kwame will be in the Mc Donalds hall of fame” tallest motha fukar to flip a burger” cause he aint doin shit fo us.

  • http://thelakersnation.com Tyler

    [Comment ID #22454 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And kwame brown can do that for us haha. Thats funny, he sucks we need him right now, just sign him for the remainder of the season and see how he does if he helps us stay in the top 4 seed than thats better of having to go up against a phenoix or spurs stacked team because with a injured bynum just coming back and him playin limited minutes were gonna need him

  • xtro

    C’mom people. We have nothing to lose if we sign C-Webb. We ain’t trading anyone or spending a lot of money to acquire his services. C-Webb is still a big body to clog the middle and disrupt the offense of the opposing team. With C-Webb, we have another body to throw against Timmy Duncan, Dirk Diggler and Amare Stoudamire. Small ball do not win playoff games. Just ask Phoenix. So, please dispel your hatred because he was a former Sacto King and please quell your superstitious fear because of his past bad luck. If we get him, we now have the luxury of having 4 centers to man the paint. Let’s go get him and get them rings. Go Lakers!

  • einyo

    do itttt

  • http://getgarnett Che

    guys i have a good feeling that we going to beat the shit out of phoenix and we r signing webber, wen bynum is back we will need him to come off the bench then he should start in about 1-2 weeks before the playoffs

  • DingleBerry

    Hey whats up with this? we are underdogs against the suns tonight. didn’t we kick there butts twice this year and ain’t we at home tonight? and arn’t we in first place? don’t we have the best player in the league? but we are the underdogs by 2 points? i don’t get it…


    Las Vegas is putting us underdogs when we beat up on the Suns twice this year. They are acting like Bynum is more valuable than Kobe. What are they thinking???

  • Shaq786

    webber is happy we called him.. so we will hear the decision within a week

    and also phx are talking with lakers and utah for a possible trade talk involving marion

    man if we could crack… ODOM, V.RAD, SASHA, and two ’08 second round picks… for barbosa and marion… THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!

    imagine a line up of….



    Hey!Y’all goin’to stop dissin’ JO,DUDE IS A STRAIGHT ANIMAL ON THE COURT,whether offense or defense.One of the best defenders in the game and y’all say LAKERS don’t need’em,so you’d rather have Kwame? JO wants to win a CHAMPIONSHIP NOW the same way this organization wants to,what more can you ask for(HE EVEN WENT ON YOUTUBE AND SAID LA WAS HIS NO.# CHOICE).Plus we know All-Stars don’t like playing with sub-par players,Pacers are OK but compared to a Boston,Detroit,Toronto,Washington and others,they’ll probably be 8th seed or not in the playoffs.So to make a long story short,THEY’LL COMPLETELY SUCK.LARRY DO US A FAVOR FOR ONCE IN YOUR GREEN BLOODED LIFE AND TAKE KWAME OF OUR HANDS PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE!C.WEBBISALAKER.com IN FULL EFFECT.

  • T-Dub

    I agree with Flush Odumb…I can’t believe what this guy said in the LA Times…” I guess I have to starting looking to shoot the ball a little more”…WHAT! At 14mil per…You’ve got to be f@#king kidding me. Trade this idiot now. What a waste of space. Plus his game is soo overrated..No mid-range game, no-long range game, handle sucks, always turns it over. He’s good for rebounds when he plays against smaller PFs. THATS IT! Can only post up on smaller PFs…not many of those with the top west teams…Pull the trigger, Odumb and whoever for JO!

  • Big CW

    Yes, he would help the team, hell…he is better than Mihm right now even with his ovious declining wheels (knees).
    Sign his ass up right now!!!!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22555 Will Be Quoted Here]

    T-LackofFaith – I guess you found your partner that likes faith just like you.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #22552 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It doesn’t surprise me that we are underdogs. Bynum was a critical piece to the Lakers success. Now he’s gone. Vegas is going to put the Lakers as underdogs until the Lakers demonstrate they can play teamball and Kobe can quit throwing up 40+ shots a game.

    Remember the center position is the hardest position to replace, more so than a shooting guard. There just aren’t that many calibur centers in the NBA so when a team loses a calibur center, that team offense and defense changes drastically, more so than when a shooting guard is out (or any other position for that matter).

  • LakerSon24

    I think the F.O should make trade for jamal magloire, he’s almost not playing in NJ (specialy with Kristic to be back soon)and this guy is a former all-star, he’s a $4m/1year player. Mihm+ Sasha (2nd rounder)will do it.
    Who know this could be a steal and a very good backup center when AB is back…

  • http://getgarnett Che

    LakersSon24 u r really stupid.enough said

  • LakerSon24

    [Comment ID #22560 Will Be Quoted Here]
    You have not much to say anyways, so yes keep quiet that when you are at your best!


    [Comment ID #22558 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree with you. I was being sarcastic. I was just putting the thought out there. This site is very sensitive and thinks Kobe is God so I thought I would tread lightly. Vegas knows how valuable a center is and adjusted their odds to reflect that.

  • kobester1234

    so any updates?? will he be a laker for sure??? i think it will depend on todays suns game if we lose we get webber and if we win we stay where we are.

  • http://getgarnett Che

    even if we win phoenix we still have no depth in the forward and center position, we r probably getting him

  • mr.laker19

    I think we should sign C-Webb and then trade Kwame, Luke, a couple of picks for a player like Pau Gasol.


    Hey! I just did a Kwame for Artest and F.Garcia,for Villanueva and D.Mason and if you throw in Sasha you can get Dalembert(who would be a perfect compliment to Bynum),WHOA.Which one is good to y’all.GETKWAMEOUTTALA.com IN FULL EFFECT!!!

  • LakerSon24

    [Comment ID #22574 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There is no way the Queens give us Artest& Garcia for Sasha& Kwame, no way…

  • as1084
  • http://getgarnett Che

    nice link man

  • as1084
  • http://getgarnett Che

    thanks buddy

  • Rpoc

    Kwame Brown and Webber. Two punks. Better than nothing. If Webber comes here it better not be another Jim Jackson episode.
    [Comment ID #22493 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Wait a minute here…. ‘good luck’ to us? Are you putting on your Benedict Arnold act?

  • sammie

    Chris Webber will be a great addition, just sign him and bring him to L.A. already. He played pretty well with the pistons last season, he can most certainly do the same for our Laker team as well.


    What about Joakim Noah,Villanueva?

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    any updates?????

  • Shaq786

    Like i said before the lakers are in talk to trade odom for marion… if this happens webber signing with us would be a no brainer!!!


    I would than than try to trade… kwame, v.rad, mihm, and sasha… for ben wallace and tyrus thomas or joachim noah… this helps us with building a future of this team… and defensively we get much better

    bynum/ben wallace



  • Shaq786

    pau gasol is the most likely to be traded before the tread deadline…

    lakers should really consider… kwame, walton, sasha, and a first round pick for him

    … especially if marion for odom is going down

    line up:


  • S-Quire

    I always like getting Veteran presence; the triangle needs crisp passing and midrange shooting always helps. I also like the fact that having a “name / vet” like Webber might help us get some calls in the playoffs. I looked but couldn’t find the Forum Blue and Gold article on how the threepeat Laker teams had key veteran presence, guys like Shawn, Fox, Horace Grant. All that being said, I’m a big defense guy and would love to / rather have a guy who can get us a few points down low but mostly make things tough for the other team and consistently pull down boards; not exactly Webber. Sigh, I also do agree that he does make certain mismatches but there are players out there that can do more for us than Lamar. Man, Lakeshow is a couple years from beating the naughtylanguagenotallowedonLakerNation out of the League.

  • as1084

    [Comment ID #22604 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea right.the grizzlies will never go for that… this is a trade i put through the trade machine that is better:

    critt walton odom kwame for gasol and mike miller:


  • Tim

    as1084, first of all, miller can play both SG and SF so why put him at backup SG?

    plus, we’re giving too much for Gasol and Miller, and Karl plays SG

    Kwame, Vladimir, 2 first rounders (maybe 3) for Gasol
    Lamar, few Draft picks for Marion
    Sign Webber

    PG: Fisher/Farmar/Crittenton
    SG: Bryant/Crittenton/Vujacic
    SF: Marion/Ariza/Walton
    PF: Gasol/Webber/Turiaf
    C: Bynum/Turiaf/Mihm

  • jay


  • Reggie

    Its time to create a GetKwameOut.com

  • http://TheLakersNation.com hZm

    Haha! Or CanKwame.com?

    Webber anyone?



  • LakerzFanatik

    “The Lakers might be closer to signing DJ Mbenga, a 7-footer who was cut last week by Golden State. Mbenga, who attended Thursday’s game, averaged 1.2 points and 1.9 rebounds for the Warriors in 16 games.”


  • http://TheLakersNation.com hZm

    Mbenga? I’m not sure…
    I like his length and shot blocking abilty, but thats about it.

  • Shaq786

    ship kwame’s a$$ OUT!!….and im also sorry to say… walton needs to go before we loose his trade value as well…. kwame, walton, and 2 second round pics (we have 2 in ’08) .. for artest and mikki moore

    and if we can crack odom, mihm, a future first round pick, and sasha… for jermaine… DO IT!



  • getgasol

    [Comment ID #22614 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sign the “daco” guy


  • Frank

    If we get weber maybe we should trade bynum

  • getgasol

    [Comment ID #22833 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You gotta be f***in’ kidding, right?

  • Frank

    If you don’t like andrew there isn’t any reason to say such bad words. I think he is a great player and you just need to realize that he is here to stay. please stop swearing, it ruins the fun for everyone

  • getgasol

    [Comment ID #22852 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I like Andrew Bynum. I said “you gotta be kidding” because I want to keep him and you’re suggesting we trade him.

  • bob

    lol well……chances are slim now.

    DJ whatshisface is now on the lakers with 10-day contract, and ariza just hurt himself….deja vu much?

    hopefully, kwame can improve, dj can get out, and we can still get c-webb….why oh why is mitch kupchak on crack


    WHO IN THE HEEEEELLLLL SAID TRADE BYNUM!?!? Why trade Bynum when he can DUNK,CATCH A LOB PASS(or any pass for that matter)BLOCK SHOTS,HAS A LOW POST GAME,etc.What he or she was saying is Kwame(they didn’t really mean AB)is the one who needs to be traded(PREFERABLY TO PHI FOR DALEMBERT).

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #23317 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why would Philadelphia give up Dalembert? He’s their best rebounder and starting center.

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