This is considered “impossible” by many, however, let’s discuss it anyways. Afterall, impossible is something that is not in Kobe Bryant’s definition vocabulary and would it REALLY surprise us if he reached this sacred milestone when it’s all said and done? Some already call Kobe the best offensive finisher, ever. He’s already closing in on 25,000 points (30 away) and the all time record is held by Kareem (38,387).

Could he do it? Sound off. Also, here is what Kobe himself said about it:

I don’t know how long I’ll play. I don’t know.

  • gugy

    I would say is very unlikely.
    Kareem has been in great shape for years and played until an “old age”
    Kobe has a incredible shape and drive, but I feel nowadays is harder to play on the NBA than back then.
    Plus he takes a beating in his position more than I think Kareem ever took on those days. At least that’s my impression watching those old games.
    We’ll see.

  • Jacob Barron

    Rounding his numbers, Kobe has 25,000 points right now, so he needs about 13,400 points to surpass Kareem. If he plays 10 more years, excluding the points he adds to his total the rest of this season, if he averages 20 points per game playing an average of 70 games per year in the next ten years, he can break the record. This is also excluding the points he scores in the playoffs also. I think it is very possible Kobe can break the record if he plays until he is 40

  • BigplayDA10

    I think it’s possible. He will most likely end this season well over 26,000. And I personally think he could play until he is at least 40 if he chose to. So, let’s say he plays about 7 more seasons. if he averaged a little over 1,700 a season over the next 7 seasons, which we all know he is well capable of doing, then he could pass Kareem. I say at the very least Kobe makes it into the top 3 all time on the scoring list.

  • 09champs!

    I cant see Kobe averaging less than 25 ppg in a season, I just cant. So 2 years ago , when he was 29, they said that if he averaged 25 ppg until we was 37, he would break it, so i think he can :).. BTW, he is getting 25,000 tonight ;)

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    the real question is most missed shots in laker history????NOW THATS KOBES HISTORY……TELL ME HE DOESN`T OWN THAT.

    • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

      I’ll tell you that he does own 4 rings, thats Kobe history, something that Lebron would never own. Some pride and dignity too that nigga started dancin like a bitch after blowing out .500 Bulls team that wooped they ass earlier in the season on they own court, and Lebitch started complainin for a foul but he aint clutch. Wait, my bad, he is clutch at turnovers.
      -Portland, lost the ball from inbounds and Roy scored on his ass
      -Bucks, he stepped out of bounds on a one possession game but his ass was safe after Jennings missed the 3.
      -Bulls, on his own court, Lebitch drove and lost the ball out of bounds and that was gammmeee!!!

      Kobe can take up 40,000,000 shots for all I care, in the end people forget the shots taken/missed but remember the ones made. Like the fadeaway 3 over Lebitch’s ass.

      • Lakers 24 7

        Beautiful post, man. It made me cry.

      • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

        this is extremely hilarious, but i must agree- and the LBJ bashing is great

    • KING

      you must not be a fan of brett favre either lol

  • 3 wyshes

    I think Kobe can get that record with a little bit of good fortune. Obviously he would have to score a bunch but. He must remain in good health also to play. Kareem was so special because as he got older he had Magic just shoot energy into his game i would say playing with magic added some years onto his career. So if everything goes right i think kobe can do it.

  • Trem

    Are playoff points included in a player’s career point total?

    • 3 wyshes

      Nope not at all

  • KB24ForLife

    i have respect for both of them
    so respectfully, i don’t think kobe can do it D:

    that’s SO many points oh my gosh

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    let s be serious
    kobe cant do it
    he wont play until 40 years old

  • berkyberks

    maybe his a little bit tired by now…but passing jordan and shaq will make me satisfied!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so does he own the most misses in LAKER HISTORY??

  • Robert

    Kobe definitely ‘can’ do it. Will he do it? That’s really the question. If he scores his ‘average’ (26 points/night), he can get to Kareem’s number in just over 6 years. If the Lakers make it to round 3 of the playoffs each year, then just over 5 years. Kobe will be 36 or 37 at the oldest then.
    Kobe can do this. With the current team, he can score this average (or better) for the next 3 years. If the team changes after that (and, for example, if Phil retires within the next 3 years), Kobe’s role on the Lakers team may shift. Yes, he’s a shooting guard, who’s job it is to score, but depending upon teammates, his role (to get to championship) could change.
    But, don’t think he will slow down scoring. He’s already learned post-up, and can do that quite well. If his legs gave out after 3-4 years, he could still ‘spot-up’ shoot the 3 pointer. That would keep his average up.
    He’s going to ‘try’ to beat the record. And, if he does, he’ll definitely pass MJ as the greatest player ever (should add 1 or 2 more championships in the mix, to that).

  • Robert

    Oh, forgot to mention, LePuss could pass this number too, if he stays in the league long enough. But … he won’t have as many rings as Kobe the Great. Kobe the “Steak-man” (on TNT, they announced that Kobe was named after Kobe Steak, NOT Kobe, Japan).

  • KeyTurn

    Love you Kobe, but this is one record that’s safe. I see Kobe finishing right around 34-35k pts. Still very impressive.

  • some guy

    Points scored in the playoffs don’t count!!!

    At the end of this season, he will be 31 years old and have 26,000 points. If he plays for another 7 years (until he is 38) and scores 1,750 games/season (70 games/season * 25 points/game), he will retire with 38,250 points — 137 points short of Kareem’s record.

  • fLAV

    Health will be key.

  • airhead

    Kobe will pass karl malone to finish 2nd all time. But not pass kareem. Kobe still along with mj the 2 best of the past 2 decades

  • Paul

    At this point (April 5, 2011), here’s where Koby stands…

    He’s 32. He can still be at the top of his game until his mid 30s, like Jordan. Then, inevitably, there will be a slow physical decline.

    If he stays healthy (averaging 70 games a year) and plays 7 more years, he can certainly catch Kareem. He’ll need to average 22 points a game from now on and play til’ he’s 39. This will give him 10,780 more points.

    Kareem scored 38,387. Koby currently has 27,705. Add the aforementioned 10,780 points and Koby will finish with the record, 38,845 points. Yippee!!!

    If he stays healthy, I’d put my money on Koby comfortably surpassing Kareem.

    If he does it and wins one or two more championships, I think he should be considered, hands down, the greatest player ever.