This one is real simple. With Turiaf being offered 4-years, 17 million from the Warriors, it is more likely than not the Lakers will not match (though they still could). My question to you, Lakers Nation, is should we bring back the “Kwamba” as Shane likes to say?

Kwame Brown knows our system, is a physical defender, and actually, without any pressure, may be able to fit in nicely beside Pau, Odom and Bynum at times (play a little PF). We can sign him for a small contract possibly, and if we got him for cheap, would it be worth it? The HEAT think so. Sound off!

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  • lakaluva

    OMG!!! I have a headache now…

  • Lakerspau24

    yeah bring back his defense is better than paus and a 3 year 10 million wouldnt be bad

  • gugy

    no way! unless Kwame wants to be paid with peanuts.

  • jojo

    i think we r all going to miss Turiaf ALOT but if we can get him 4 the bare minimum then y not

  • LD2k

    Despite whether you like the dude or not, with Turiaf leaving, we may need to look into another big.

  • Whatsa

    $100,000 for one year if we can’t get ANY of our free agent/trade targets.

  • Dante

    He could pay the Lakers to be on the team and I would still tell him to go kick rocks.


    Somebody got up on the wrong side of…..THE CRACKPIPE!

    And people thought I was trippin’ with my Pietrus rants,get Josh Smith,Ryan Gomes….damn…I’d my grandmother in a wheelchair smoking a newport with tubes in her lungs over Kwame.


  • lakaluva

    I wouldnt waste my peanuts on that guy!!! An elephant has more tricks than Kwamba.

  • mike

    yes i would yea his game is suspect but he is young in have an big body he iz an good denfeder & phil likes him he also knows the lakers system he is an good sub player bynum go head in get him mitch …. its not like he gonna start we juss need him 2 play defense which he do

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  • Tim M.

    I have more faith in Mbenga than I do in Kwame’s oven mitt hands.

  • damnlakers81

    Kwame would be a great fit off the bench he was not a starter for us but with his toughness and no pressure he can thrive off the bench for bynum and gasol

  • daboss1849

    They sign kwame and mitch will be a joke again. He was brilliant last year in unloading sorry a.s.s players and cant bring them back…

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  • lskerfan567

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    hey half our roster has sorry a.s.s players so I think we should bring back there king KWAME BROWN

  • e

    rather have an old kurt thomas than kwame

  • Diehardfan

    Some people might not agree on signing him but I would totally do it. It is always about money. The one thing that I knew we were going to miss with him being gone was his physicality on the defensive end. He provides that banging body that would of helped on Kendrick Perkins. The problem with Kwame before was that he was expected to come in and do what Pau and Bynum are now going to do on the offensive end. For DEFENSIVE PURPOSES think of a line up of the following players:


  • lskerfan567

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    rather have a sorry a.s.s underachiever then an old a.s.s kurt thomas

  • SliqRiq

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    Great post, I dont know why so many people here hate the guy but what you just posted is exactly what our team needs defensive physicality. Plus everthing he gives us offensively is a bonus. One thing for sure about Kwame is no one pushed him around.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again other than Shaq nobody’s stronger than Kwame inside.

    Bring him back Mitch!!!! Vet minimum.

  • kobynumm24

    WOW HAVE you guys lost your damn mind. never ever ever. KWAME BACK? jesus. dont act like were desperate. His Defense? hahaha so overrated. he cant play any defense, people just said he could because if they realized he sucked. then he would be completely useless. jesus christ

  • LD2k

    I knew this would be a great post to read :lol:

  • megaloco10

    yea bring him back and offer him the max contract..

    seriously i think with turiaf possible gone is going to be a good option..

  • LakersFirst

    Kwame wouldn’t be my first option, but if the Lakers fail to acquire other PFs, which is a possbility, then bringing back Kwame would be a possibility.

    The problem is, Kwame was first brought to the Lakers to be a power forward, but he preferred, and was a more effective, as a center. Kwame doesn’t have much of an outside/post-up game, so him playing closer to the rim (i.e. the center position) benefit’s Kwame.

  • fabz24lakers

    kwame back OMG…….

  • Fantastic5LAL

    people see kwame and expect so much from him

    Kwame does what he does best, rebound and defend, he’ll never be a scorer

    fact is, Kwame is a quality big man in this league, and i say we give him a miilion per year contract



  • gus26

    yes!!! i been saying that this is what we need to do.. look up the stats that kg put up while being defended by kwame.. he is big and plays defense.. i know with everyone its usually “what have you done for me lately”.. but everyone just close your eyes.. think back.. when mihm was playing good.. who stepped in after he got hurt?… who was playing like a beast to take a 3-1 lead on phoenix?.. look with kwame just expected to be a defense pressense and nothing else he will be just what we need.. he can play center when bynum sits or play PF when pau sits down.. this would be great for us.. if we lose ronny we NEED to look at Kwame.. and i say sign him.. plus he is Jerry loves him.. they are neighbors..

  • lakerfan_4ever

    With Turiaf getting a well deserved contract from the Warriors, we need a back up at the center position,Kurt Thomas sounds like a viable option but we are gonna get in a bidding war with the Spurs and that will rise his price tag,which I think for him at 35 years old it might be around $2 or $2.5 mill a season,but to be honest,I thought about the possibility of bring back Kwame Brown and it doesn’t sounds like crazy,he is not an all star player but the guy can play just fine when he is consistent and confident with his game,also the fact the he knows the triangle,knows the organization and the players I’m totally on board if he comes back…we need physical players and Kwame could help us rebounding and protecting the paint.Think about this second unit:

    PG Farmar
    SG Vujacic(if he comes back) or Ariza
    SF Radmanovic
    PF Odom
    C Kwame

    you might think Mihm playing the center, but I don’t see the guy with our team next season.So I don’t think is that crazy.

  • Short Diezel

    Benga is no longer under contract, right? So the only back up center we have is Mihm considering we use Pau at Power forward? I wouldn’t be opposed to picking up Kwame as a back up for no more than 1 mil a season especially since Turiaf is gone

  • LD2k

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    People are basing their judgment off the type of player he is.

    FEW are realizing that we need some bigs right now believe it or not. Kwame would be an ideal backup for cheap.

  • gus26

    SIGN HIM!!!

  • alex

    uh…NO…why are we even discussing this

  • Tim M.

    After what Kwame put fans through during that stretch before he got traded, a lot of us have to believe that the dude simply doesn’t want to play ball anymore.

    At the same time, I guess I’m kind of coming around. If the Lakers do grab Kwame, it’ll be for dirt cheap… and that’ll make the Pau trade that much more brilliant. Kwame is a good backup… and we saw evidence of that when he was coming off the bench behind Andrew. If something were to happen where he weaseled his way back into the starting role… then I would be concerned.

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Kwame also has experience in as a Laker, with Phil Jackson, and with the Triangle

    he would be an ideal pickup for cheap

  • lakerschamps08

    ahahahah idk ummm only if he signs for minimum… lol we all hated kwame and now he mite come back.LOL

  • JV

    I say bring him back but don’t pay him very well and keep it a small contract. What we need in the middle is defense, we have the offense. In the finals we had a problem with people driving to the basket against us because of our interior defense. With Kwame in there he could prevent some of those shots. He is still very young at only 26 so there is always room for improvement even though it is Kwame Brown! If and when we do sign Bynum he could be a great backup and put in some great minutes and maybe cause some trouble for the other team while we are on defense. Everyone remembers how bad his hands were but now we have three great scorers, well maybe only two great ones and one inconsistent one but all in all we don’t need Kwame to scorer or even touch the ball that often he just needs to play some stellar defense

  • Michael24

  • I love L.A


  • vida8

    What aboue hell to the NO !

  • Kobe8>24

    2 words, UH UH..

  • True Lakers Fan

    yea i will sign him only fo free and tell him to bring me a DR.Pepper and some waffle fries


    Sign Kwame for a minimum that´s it face it guys if Turiaf leaves we need another big man so yea just sign Kwame.

  • VoiceofReason

    He can be a good fit. Hes actually big enough to stop player like Perkins from destroying us. He just needs to improve his ball handling skills and finishing at the rim. Everything else he does good. He defends 1 on 1, he can defend the pick and roll pretty well, he can also set mad screens.

  • xtro

    Wouldn’t mind having Kwame back in L.A., but the Miami Heat is interested in him.

  • vida8

    WHY …. cuz of his Butter finger or his OVERRATED defense ? no…..i rather sign DJ than kwame !

  • Big Nick

    nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell the lakers to pay me instead. At least I will catch the ball when it is thrown to me

  • west213

    after he said all those things to lakers orgenezation, saying that phil jackson didnt know how to play me and all that shit…. don’t bring trash back

  • S-quire

    He sucked when we had him because he was overpaid and couldn’t fulfill the role we needed him to fill. You cure that by paying him a reasonable amount and asking him to play a limited role. Kwame Brown is not a worthless player… He can help.

  • DBricks

    Absolutley NOT!

  • poll

    we do not need kwame brown

  • Sako

    I’d rather jump off the top of the Sears Tower onto a bunch of 10 feet tall spikes.

  • http://lakernation kauaimamba

    Sign him for the league minimum and immediately start throwing passes at him.Like 2000 a day until the season starts.He could be a good,cheap defensive minded back up for a few minutes a game.

  • rawnnn

    bring KWAMBO SLICE back!!!

    i’d take him over mihm, mbenga, coby carl, and newble any day..

    i think he’d play better with less pressure and off the bench.. remember kwambo was having a pretty decent year before he severly sprained his ankle gettin up high to block andre miller’s shot.. and he did pwned garnett a bit while he was still in minnesota..

    give him a million and give him his old number back..he should be happy then..

  • kb24bestever

    No what mitch has to do its match da offer please mitch do it if ur gonna waste money to sign kwame or thomas y not waste 2 more millions to sign a player that leaves his heart in the court and its our energy guy he is also a young player that has alot to improve so dont just let him go if u signed that jerk of fluke why not turiaf.

  • Michael_23

    I rather have Kurt Thomas’s experience and 15 ft. jumper.

    Or anyone that can actually catch the ball …

  • lskerfan567

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    kurt thomas cant do a 15 ft juper any more

  • poll

    kurt thomas is better. how real is this trae for artest

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #44360 Will Be Quoted

    Kurt thomas cant beat a player from a jr high basketball team, and hurt his back while doing so

  • ricky

    as much as i hate to see turiaf sign with another team, there is nothing anyone can do about it unless the lakers really want to match the offer, which i highly doubt.

    like i said before, if we only brought back kwame to bolster the bench behind bynum and pau playing f/c and just defend, rebound, and block shots it would be enough for him to do. also we should seriously consider bringing back MO EVANS. i said it numerous times. with pietrus, maggette, and posey not making up his mind i think its best to bring him back. he would lose his rotation on the magic since they already have turkoglu, lewis, bogans and now pietrus.

    bring back kwame and mo evans and right there we add 2 capable defenders to our bench. we would still be very strong with those 2 and bring back sasha as a shooter. or we can go with experience and add brent barry too for shooting.

  • ai

    No way in hell should we bring back that idiot of a basketball player. If the Lakers are that desperate then why not check out the D-Fenders. Didn’t they create that team for a purpose? I swear, the entire D-League roster is better than that guy (his name even makes the blog mediocre…)

  • Why Not?

    That’s a great suggestion and I’m not being sarcastic. We do need another big off the bench. I’m sorry…Chris Mihm does not do it for me. As pointed out earlier, Kwame knows the system. We’re not asking him to be the 4th scorer. He would just come out for defensive and rebounding purposes, and he’s got good size as for at the center/power forward position. Besides, there’s no risk involved when we don’t have to worry about his big contract that LA used to pay.

  • lskerfan567

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    why you hatin on kwamba he only cost us a playoff series and traded caron butler for him

    We should be thankful that he was on our team, I litterly cried when I found out he was traded, and more dissapointed when i found out that Gasol would never be like him

    come back kwame we will only boo you when you step on the court

  • ricky

    lets use all the money we have available and get kwame brown, mo evans, brent barry and trade for malik rose. also bring sun yue over and sign him to the roster.

  • Sako

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    are you fukin serious? you cried when he was traded? :sigh:

  • lskerfan567

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    they have no money

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #44369 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it was a very tough moment for we traded one of the greatest player to put on the laker uniform

  • Sako

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    hahahahahahahahahaha, great like Magic and Kobe or great like Travis Knight and Mark Madsen?

  • lskerfan567

    we should sign him to a 10 year 200million contract

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    no f*ckin way this man is a bonified scrub

  • Sako

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    lol, you’re funny

  • miguel


  • gus26

    1.2 million for Kwame.. vets min
    3.6 million for Sasha.. resign doesn’t count towards MLE
    5.8 million for Posey.. using all MLE

    Fisher/Farmar/ Yue
    Kobe/ Sasha/ Ariza
    Lamar/ Posey/ Luke/ Vlad
    Gasol/ Kwame
    Bynum/ Mihm

  • daboss1849

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    Not even if he became Kobe’s personal fluffer before each game…

  • Imadogg


  • Fantastic5LAL

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    LOL Stephen A..

  • dracul

    Nothing wrong with Kwame at 1.2 million a year. He was a waste of money at the 8 million the Lakers were paying him. If he can get 4 points per game coming off the bench, and just concentrate on defense, i don’t see a problem. The dude’s big, takes up space. We don’t need him on offense, we’ll have Pau and Bynum doing the work inside.


    Kwame is a big body that bangs. Not the smartest in the world but with a ton of expectation off his shoulders I think he will work out well. Look at Odom, when he was the #2 option he sucked but when he became the #3 he florished. Sign him for the vet min. and see what he does.

    He can’t be any worse than Fluke.

  • lskerfan567

    [Comment ID #44372 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • phaman

    if we sign kurt thomas he’s only gonna stay on the bench for 3/4’s of the season like we do other people we sign…at least with kwame he knows how the lakers play and wouldnt be a complete waste of money…instead of wasting money like we didn newble.

  • tonytheace

    if we can get him back for cheap
    then i dont see why not, he knows our system
    and provides defensive toughness

  • Showtime

    [Comment ID #44404 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I totally agree with ai and the ones who quoted him. That is sarcasm at its best. This worthless scrub called Kwame is a total bust and only consumes oxygen in the locker room and money from the Lakers safe. For the ones who want him back: check out Stephen A. Smith’s interview again. There is no way that anyone would want a guy like that… Kwame cannot even catch a bowling ball when thrown at him let alone a basketball.

  • lakers625

    SIGN HIM FOR NOT MORE THAN $ 20 Dollars..

  • AHAH

    Did anyone watch the finals? We got punked the whole series. Perkins dominated Garnett dominated Peirce dominated. Why? Cause the one thing that Gasol can’t do or Odom is bang. Say what you want about Kwame but defensive toughness is what he has and what the lakers need. As a matter of fact there is not a better place for him to go to. He knows the coaches, system and players and he would not throw off the chemistry. I dare to say the Celtics series would have been much closer with Kwame providing some toughness. Who cares if he can’t score all we need is 10 15 mins a game to bang down low and get some rebounds. Kurt Thomas has 2 feet in the grave and I dare say that Turiaf is being paid too much for his current skill set and even he is not physical enough. He’s a hacker love him but thats the truth. Kwame 1.2 mil all day

  • Big Phil

    BIG F*CKIN HELL NO…NOT EVEN FOR BELLY LINT! You got to be f*ckin stupid to bring back a mentally weak, lazy, no talent Kwame who is completely overrated on defense. We need proven mentally strong, able, dedicated, hard working veterans.

  • Dante

    Stephen A. Smith’s analysis of kwamayyyyy brown is probably the best thing I personally have ever witnessed on ESPN.

  • sclakerfan

    I doubt that he’d come back to the Lakers anyway, especially the fans feel about him and getting all those boos. I think some other team will offer him a few million a year, which is a few more than what the Lakers will offer. There is always a place in the league for someone with size with reasonable 1-1 defensive skills, even if he lacks offense and team defensive skills.

  • awesomerob24

    i would do it without a doubt. Why not? Hes a good defender and also has what we need…THOUGHNESS. if we can get him for a minimum then why not? it cant hurt to have another big man in the middle

  • lskerfan567

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    the sad part is that we’re gonna use our money to sign him instead of signing guys like Brandon Bass and Josh Childress, its a very pathetic

  • mena

    is this another April fools joke? except its not April!!

  • Corey Bynum

    C Bynum/Kwamed?DJ
    PF Gasol/ROnny/Mihm
    SF Lamar/ Vlad/Luke
    SG Kobe/Sasha/Ariza
    PG Fisher/Farmar/Crawford

  • Motown

    It’d be more than a little ironic to get him back less than a year after trading him for Gasol. On the real, that guy is a straight up fool son, he couldn’t dominate the WNBA u know.

    His D is overrated and his clown ass can’t play ball, that’s real talk, lazy ass good for nothing cake tossing punk.

  • Showtime

    [Comment ID #44530 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I applaud you sir. You are a man of logic, everything you said was dead on.