Many people have speculated who will take over after Phil retires… One name that has always come up is Byron Scott. He was recently asked about if he has ever thought about being a Lakers head coach and responded with this:

“I’m going to be honest. Yeah, I thought about it a lot,” Scott said. “That’s home for me. That’s an organization that will be embedded in my heart for the rest of my life.”

My question is to you, would you rather see, say, Brian Shaw continue after Phil due to his triangle experience… or would you ever love to see Scott return home to the purple and gold. Yes it’s a ways off, but it is an interesting thought none the less.

  • razz

    First…. lol. B. Scott would be loved by Laker fans across the country and world, but for now it’s all about PJ. But hey who knows what the future holds… hopefully B.Scott and more rings!!!

  • mr.laker19

    I agree, PJ is arguably the most successful coach in NBA history, and I love him and will probably cry when he retires. But I guess one day we all have to move on and look at the future (the true lakers fans atleast). My opinion is you cant go wrong with Byron Scott or Brian Shaw. They both are true Lakers that bleed purple and gold for life, and they both helped bring ships to L.A. I love the triangle and I dont want to see it die so my heart is leaning towards Shaw. But then Byron Scott has been so successful in his time as coach in NJ and NO. What can I say, I’m torn. But lets keep PJ for as long as possible.

  • Andrew Rafner

    that job belongs to Kurt

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    I’d rather let one of the assistant coaches (current) to be our next head coach (and continue the triangle tradition).

  • fabz24lakers

    b. scott would be nice….but i wanna give rambis another try…or, hamblen or jim clemons

  • kb24thebestever ofcourse come on now we gotta keep that triangle offense running.

  • S-Quire

    Tough call between Rambis and B.Shaw. Arguably, Rambis already had a shot so maybe B.Shaw should get his. On the other hand, I’m not sure B.Shaw has seniority, and I think Kurt is trying more and more to mold himself after Phil while retaining his individuality. It may be too difficult a decision, and Scott may be too tempting as he has already proven he can be a success (also, he has a great relationship with Kobe). If I had to choose, I’d go 1. Scott; 2. Rambis; 3. B-Shaw

  • Brandon @ BB

    I don’t know if Jackson will call it quits in 2010. But I agree that Scott will likely be his successor. The only problem I see with that scenario is that Scott knows little to nothing about the triangle.

    Would Kobe be open to running a new offense that late in his career? Given his reluctance to try new things with Rudy T, I have my doubts.

    In that case, Rambis or B. Shaw gets the nod.

    Should be interesting.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    rambis all up with his goggles! :cool:

  • gugy

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    Well said. 100% agreed.

  • gugy

    I think PJ will only consider retirement after he wins one more ship.
    Deep inside he wants to pass Red.

    But I think he would stay as coach as long as his health is OK. Maybe 2 to 3 more years at least.

  • e

    i would love to see byron scott here..however i do think kurt might be taking this..and hey, i love kurt being the coach equall

  • Vida8

    That would be super nice.

  • sir charles

    if we have both scott and shaw then we will have 2 coaches,
    one who played in the triangle, and one who played in showtime

  • yellowpurplefever

    Definitely, SCOTT, no disrespecting to B. Shaw or Superman. Laker is a premier brand and we need head coaches that are well known. B. Shaw no experience and Superman did his stint. Just think what if we run the triangle and blend it with lops passes and dunks for Andrew and Pau our “twin tower”… WOW unstoppable. BUT in the mean time PJ needs 1 or 2 more and pass the RED.

  • MILO


    you are fu-ck-en retarded!!!

    first let’s let Phil retire and then we’ll see about replacing him ooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  • Gabriel

    Doesn’t matter who coaches this team as long as we got a healthy kobe bryant we will be there in the end

  • Bill

    I think that I would rather see Rambis. As was far to evident in the finals last year, the Lakers lack toughness. Everyone knows that Kurt was one tough dude – even with his glasses. The Lakers need the toughness that I think he would bring. Beyond Rambis, I would rather see B-Scott come back to the Lakers over Brian Shaw. No disrespect to Shaw, I am just impressed at what Scott has done with far less talent.

  • Quincy

    For the record Rambis has a job. He is not in the picture for a replacement. Bottomline, Byron Scott has the experience as a head coach and he has proven track record building temas and leadind them to the NBA finals back to back. Both time he lost t owho the LA Lakers. He is by far the best selction for PJ’s repalcement. B.Shaw did help win in LA. But the triangle can be still ran by B scott wit hthe help of Kobe, D fish LO and company. B shaw can stay and watch the show or he can jump ship t o cleveland. My question t oanyone coach why would you go there if Lebron is not sure he will win a ring@ his home town. Bad move on anyone going to cleveland. LA is the hot spot stick wit hit B. shaw be a team player and help Bscott run the triangle or showtime. LA 3 peat

  • Quincy

    I really think its time for PJ to leave while he is on top. There is nothing left to prove. He is the best Coach alive anda legend/ hall a fame coach. I really fell its time to pass the buck to Byron Scott for a new era of showtime or current traingle. B.Shaw can stay in LA and help B.Scott run the system as a top assitant head coach. I really think the triangle is boring and as we wittness it can be a sloppy movie if it aint ran correctly in a half court setting. I want showtime back. we need to get back and run the ball — all west coast teams run. Cleveland is no place to coach if Lebron is not going to stay. If B.Shaw goes there without his only star it will be a disapointment season just like Rambis had in his first year as head coach. Bottomline, PJ is a great coach but his health makes me worried. I beleive he should hang it up. The Lakers will win no matter who is in the coaching box. We got a group of vets that knows the system and knows how t o win back 2 back Championships 3 peat LA Lakers 4 life B.Scott new coach all day baby bring on the Heat for a 3 peat defeat West Koast

  • Quincy

    Now speaking on jordan farmer he is a cat without a doubt good talent– however he appears to be a disappointment season after season since UCLA. I rather see him leave. He will neve get the starting job from D fish, becauas he lacks leadership and consistency. He is very inconsisted in his ball play. I like Josh Powell he can ball i like to see him stay–he just need time off the bench. Adam morrison can go as well as luke walton, he is always hurt. Free agency i like the lakers to go get a real PG when Farmer leaves or make a trade. I wish we can get Chris Paul. And yes we need to keep Shannon Brown