Here is an interesting tidbit on Nate Robinson; who listed the Lakers as a possible team he’d approve a trade too.

N.Y. Daily News: Nate Robinson would only agree to a trade if it means him ending up with the Lakers, Celtics or Magic. With Robinson currently on a one-year contract, he has veto power over any trade.

  • Word Up

    Shannon Brown or Jordan Farmar can go. DO IT NOW

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Well, I agree with you…. WAIT WHAT!? Are you stupid? Trade the 2 best (after Odom) bench players for Nate? What happened to trading Ammo, Luke, Sasha and any other bench player you haters talk about when the word “trade” appears on an article?
      Now I won’t talk about who to trade for Nate but I’d love to have him on the team WITHOUT giving up any key pieces of the starting 5 and bench.

      • Word Up

        I should have been more specific. I meant either Shannon or Jordan of course. No shit giving both up wouldn’t suffice. Adding anyone else from the bench makes sense but at this moment i can’t figure out how to match salaries let alone who NY would add with Nate.

        • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

          Let me be more specific. How could you trade either of them for Nate? I would rather keep them both than trade one of them for Nate. Seriously!

          • nope

            Something in me says Knicks won’t go for that unless they get another pg in return or am I wrong. What about adding Fish?

          • 09champs!

            We wont trade Fish, there´s just too much loyalty between him and the organization; and remember he got here so his daughter could have better medical attention, I think Fish retires a Laker.

  • Kam Pashai

    Get Nate Robinson!


    Seriously?!? Show me the year he’s been on an All-Defensive team in any year or even 2nd or 3rd team? Scoring is not the problem with this team as we all know Nate can. Let’s not lose focus here and get all gaga when you see a shiny coin, let’s focus on getting a real PG that can shoot AND play defense in Kirk Hinrich!


    And he would only approve for a trade with the Lakers, Celtics, or Magic?!?!? Can you say “riding someone’s coat tails to get my ring”???? Not for a half a season you’re not! I’d give up plastic peanuts for this dude.


      Lol! I meant I wouldn’t give up plastic peanuts for this dude.

  • ed1

    He would definitely be an offensive spark, but a liability on Defense. Either Farmar or Brown. He’s better than both offensively. But do we really need him? Especially since Farmar is finally controlling himself and making good decisions. BUT, Farmar is going to be a free agent at the end of the year and Brown can opt out. So those factors can also play into trading for him.

    • Marwan Marzina

      First. I agree Farmar is playing great and he deserves a 2 year extension incase he busts like Sasha after given a longer deal.
      Second. Why would Shannon opt out? He knows that he has a better chance to win a ring with the Lakers. The Lakers made Shannon a house hold name. What I mean is, if everything is going right for Shannon, playing the best basketball of his career, why would he leave?

      • Word Up

        Answer: Money, the root of all evil

        • Sasha4Lvp

          sound familiar?? “why would trevor leave?? lakers made him, lakers give him best chance to win rings, lakers are the perfect fit for trevor.”

          • Marwan Marzina

            One thing though. Trevor had an ass for an agent.

  • expo

    Dont trade shannon for that ball hog!!

    • Marwan Marzina

      You’d be stupid to do that. You develop Shannon into a great player and spot up shooter to give up for someone way shorter and will always be on the wrong end of matchups?
      Why would anyone do that?

  • Pac Div

    Fuk Nate! Fuk Hinrich! Fuk all this trade sh!t! Keep the team the way it is Mitch! All the Lake Show has to do is play the way they’ve played these past three games, & ain’t nobody in the league fukin’ wit dis team! It all comes down to Lamar Odom, the dude is the new Horry! Remember when the Lakers 3-peated, Horry was unreal, but remember in 03′ when S.A. knocked the Lakers out, Horry couldn’t hit sh!t and that was the reason they lost! Same wit Odom, when Odom got his game goin’ ain’t nobody fukin’ wit dis team!

  • Drake Ramoray

    Nate Robinson sucks. So does both our backup point guards but Farmar does have potential only he’s too small. WoW Shannon Brown can jump really high and he’s really fast! I’d trade him in a heartbeat too. He’s still a project with athleticism. He’s not a pure shooter to be a 2 guard and he can’t run an offense to be a point because he doesn’t have handles and can’t penetrate to the basket. He’s a one on one player who likes to stop and pop with his odd shooting stroke and he turns the ball over a lot because he too fast where he doesn’t know how to slow it down and speed it up!

    • expo

      Have you forgotten about all his clutch plays to get the crowd excited and turn the momentum of games. He did it last year in the playoffs and this year as well. There’s no way you can argue that Jordan has been more consistent that shannon. Shannon is the reason Jordan has to play well or he knows his ass is gone!

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  • ZestyItalian2

    Nohoooooo thanks! Enjoy Boston or Orlando, Nate! Keep moving, li’l guy.


    Nate is electric for sure, but don’t wanna see him in a purple n gold uniform. I’m all for Kirk though!

    It’s not a secret to the League that our pg spot is horrible at defending.

  • lakerssss

    we need to make a trade. the cavs are being aggresive but what people have forgotten is that they get Leon Powe back soon for the playoffs.

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