I remember a while back Nash spoke out on the “unfair” Pau Gasol trade. He still seems to think the Suns won’t be able to compete with the Lakers since they got Pau.

Yahoo: “It’s tough to say you’re a contender when you look at the Lakers,” Nash said. “The Gasol thing changed everything. Any team in the playoffs that was given Pau Gasol and didn’t really have to give up anything, that would have a big impact on your team. I think anyone else [with Gasol] would be sitting in the position the Lakers are in now, too.

  • gale bail

    nash, are you kidding me? we gave up the black kwamba kwame brown. enough said!

  • Jason

    I’m tired of the whining Nash, anyone could have gotten Gasol, but you all stink, and you don’t have Kobe. If you were a great team Kobe and Gasol would be with you. And can’t Stevo sign a one year deal with the Lakers if he wanted to win. Lakers Rule!!!!!!!!!!1

  • gugy

    You know Nash, That’s karma bro.
    You, D’Antoni, Amare and that idiot Raja Bell disrespect the Lakers and PJ during those playoff runs few years back.

    So now this is what you get.
    •you will never win a ring
    •fat Shaq did not save your @ss
    •Phoenix Suns is over, time to rebuild.
    •none of the guys mentioned above will ever win a ring together again.

    And here are the Lakers, couple of years later we go to a final and the following year we are the champions. And just to make you crazy, we have a young and talented team that will contend for years to come, meanwhile the only thing you have going on is to carry an Olympic torch in Vancouver. Have fun with that. lol

    • touchingmyself

      Exactly my sentiments! I love it that the Suns have now been eclipsed the aftermath of the Big Moon (Snaq)! D’Antoni is in an abysmal team that is now the Knicks! Raja is over on the pussycats where he ain’t winnin $h!t! Where’s all the big talk now biatches? Fcuk you guys, even Amare was trying to jump over to the Lakers! But that dumbass didn’t realize just because he tweets some bull$h!t, doesn’t mean that it’ll happen!

      Lakers 4 PEAT baby!

  • LakersFirst

    If Nash hadn’t signed an extension with the Suns, he could have easily signed with the Lakers next year, for the vets minimum of course.

    Fisher, in the last season of his contract, will probably retire after this season, so Nash, the starting guard job on the Lakers could have been yours. But NOOOOOO, Nash wanted to stay in the hellish desert that is Phoenix and play with that loser club.

  • steveo

    dont cry nash..because u guys had talent.u traded away loul deng,nate robinson,joe johnson,sergio fernadez,so dont be crying cuz your owner was too cheap.and u guys did bad tradex..shaq..lol

  • http://purplegoldblog.blogspot.com/ The Purple and Gold Blog

    Hmmm…There’s a reason why teams like the Lakers can get talents like Gasol. They’re winners on the court as well as in the front office. And then, there’s the Suns. Instead of worrying about what players other teams got, you should’ve worried about your lack of defense, Nash. Who knows maybe that would’ve helped your Suns get a title? Well, that’s a BIG maybe.

  • http://www.myspace.com/peopleofthesun Evil Empire

    Nash just wants to be a Laker.

  • http://www.twitter.com/iamreggiepaige Reggie

    Dis guy is an idiot cuz he couldn’t he have got out of his contract dis offseason or next but chose to sign an extension…so we all can see tht he cares more about th3 money den rings..Oh yea N he is still focused on Shaq “stealing” his idea for Shaq Vs.

  • x2kb4x

    this pisses me off.. everyone keeps saying we gave up nothing idk if anyone fucking does their research but we gave them marc gasol also!!

    • socal.s

      Why didn’t Kanye interrupt this guy when he was saying this??

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    everyone knows kobe went down on MCHALE to get ga soft…lamarr is showing his class also….kong kardasian?seriously?thats why los angeles is the laughing stock of the nba

    • socal.s

      Your team is so irrelevant this season that no one cares. You should be worrying that Gaynetts knee will hold up past x-mas……..

    • Lakers 24 7

      You mean Pierce went down on McHale to get Gaynett.

    • lilkobe24gamesmorelikecobykarl11

      Everyone knows that your team is full of homos! Let’s start with the name… the COCKSTON CELD!CK$! Your team: Coach- Cock Rivers, Center- Rash!t WallA$$, Kend!ck Pervert, Forward-Gay G, Pudgy Pierce(d by a d!ck), Guards- Gay Allen, Rajon Condom! You guys ain’t winnin sh!t!

      It’s so funny that you’re doing some talking already… you wanna see how your chihuahuas do against our dog pound? Kobe_ doberman, Fish_ bulldog, Artest_ Pitbull, Lamar_shepherd, Pau_ Great Dane, Bynum_ Husky, and Shannon Brown_ rottweiler! Our dog pound is ready to pounce on all you fools! You and the rest of the leauge ain’t nothin but Alpo and biscuits to us! So FCUK OFF D!CK SUCK!

      • Lakers 24 7

        Easily one of the greatest the comments I’ve seen.

      • http://purplegoldblog.blogspot.com/ The Purple and Gold Blog

        HA! classic!

    • laker fan

      are u a idiot you loser We just won a championship you moron who is laughing at LA? You bicurious bithch

    • Greg

      kobe,bi-curious? = Official Douchebag on a Kanye West level. LOL.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Nash is still a sore f*ckin’ loser. The Suns had the best line up in the league a few years back, and couldn’t do sh!t. Amare, Nash, Marion, Bell…not to mention Barbosa off the bench. Nash had his chance and opportunity and he blew it, now he needs to shut the f*ck up and let the big boys play.

    And what is all this talk about “We gave up nothing for Gasol”? We gave up Caron Butler for Kwame and Kwame for Gasol, that alone should be enough. Any team that had or has Kwame as a starter deserves a break. Leave it the f*ck alone.

  • dmills

    Laugh all you want while we polish our rings!

  • dmills

    Nash had an all star team. He at one time ran the point for a team with Amare, Matrix, Joe Johnson, Barbosa, pre fat burger Q Richardson, Eddie House, with Dantoni as coach. The hell he talking?!

  • lakers#1

    [b]in 2007-2008 The Lakers were the top team in the west (that time Bynum was on the rise) before we got Gasol. The Lakers had won two times against Suns before Gasol. So the Lakers were still the same best team. When Bynum went down, the Lakers were able got Gasol to take over Bynum’s place. so Its still same team. When Bynum comes back from injury, he just makes the Lakers more stronger and deeper team. thats all. Nash dont understand that.[/b]

  • lakers#1

    Nash is jealous

  • http://www.whoisepik.com Mr.E

    payback for the smush years biotch!

  • sedd

    pffff… If suns got Gasol, they would be swept by the spurs in 09 western conference final or by the nuggets in 09 because of their softness

  • pauu

    Nobody gave a crap about Gasol until he got traded. I dotn ever remember hearing Gasol trade rumors or people around the league talking about him beign one of the elite power forwards/centers.

    But, once he gets traded to Kobe’s team, everyone realized how much better Kobe would make him in that offense. You’ve gotta admit, his talent really shines brighter in LA than it would have on another team

    • Dan Andreas

      That’s very true! Good comment! Hopefully someone tells Nash this so he can shut his fat yap. Kobe FINALLY has a team around him and we get to the Finals and win a championship. What’d Nash do again? Individual awards? And people used to say Nash (not Kobe) made his teammates better, my a$$…

    • az66

      Pau was just as good in Memphis as he is now, he just played for a crap team so no one noticed. His numbers were actually better. He’s smart enough to know he doesn’t have to put up the same numbers now that he’s on a legitimate team. If anything, he makes Kobe better than the other way around.

  • PTG23


  • Anthony

    It’s not like the Grizzlies were going anywhere with Gasol at the helm. They had to rebuild for the future and the trade allowed them to do so. Pau absolutely changed the complextion of not only the western conference but the whole NBA when he joined with the likes of Kobe and LO. Nash and Co. will be lucky to make the playoffs next year.

    • http://s1.zetaboards.com/2Kstaplecenter/msg/?c=1&folder=-1&id=583753 Omamba

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Good point Anthony.

    • alex

      Yeah, they got Zach Randolph a great improvement…

  • Bshawk

    And I’m still upset that I dropped an ice cream cone when I was five. Whaaa!

  • skew

    nash is a wining loser and he gets trampled during the playoffs cause he cant stop anyone. learn how to play some defense first then talk smack about the lakers.

  • Short Dog

    Get used to it Nash. Payback’s a biitch. Revenge is so sweet! That’s what you get when you hate on the lakers. Remember when Kobe jumped over you and dunked on your ass.

  • az66

    I’ve been a laker fan since I was seven years old in 1980 and always will be, but I swear, other Laker fans, especially ones on message boards, are pretty much scum. There’s no intelligent analysis of anything, just “suck my d*ck” “you’re a homo (which is a strange insult when you’re offering to let another man suck your d*ck)”, “f- you biotch” etc. You all sound like 14 year old wannabe hood rats. Yeah, Nash may come off as a whiner about the situation, but his comments aren’t nearly as lowlife as the dirtbag idiocy that gets spit out in response. You know the rest of the country doesn’t hate us JUST because we have a better team. It’s also because 90% of our fans are morons.