Phil vs. Durant 2.0.

ESPN: The Phoenix Suns have reacted with a collective smirk to Phil Jackson’s suggestion that Steve Nash travels with the basketball.

Nash even had a subtle retort worthy of Jackson himself.

“It’s news to me. I’m fortunate. I don’t know if I’ve been called for a carry yet,” he said after the Suns practiced Saturday, then he added straight-faced: “I’ve never heard anyone accuse me of carrying it. I mean, the best coach in the league Gregg Popovich [of San Antonio] didn’t have a problem with it last week.”

  • Josh Herrington

    Damn, The last sentence was a quiet yet obvious burn towards Phil. Steve is too old to be humble like Kevin. A series of little comments will probabky go on for a while, will for the 4 games this series will last.

  • ricky

    Haha Nash got in a pretty good shot at PJ kinda funny. It’s too bad now PJ and Lakers gonna wipe the floor with Nash’s moppy head.

    • WifelovesLuke

      Thought it was funny that he thought the best coach in the was with the Spurs and not the Suns.


    OUCH! That’s why I like Nash! He kept his cool unlike Durant, but yet he didn’t just lay down and allow Phil’s jab to go without retaliation! In fact, I would say that Nash is up on Phil right now with that right cross.

    Phil will undoubtedly come back with a hook of a own and then eventually an uppercut to end the feud and the fight as the Lakers will inevitably win this series by eclipsing the Suns!

  • Justin M.

    lol, Nash is a boss

    • TheLAKERSwon09

      No he fails! he has no rings!

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    LOL nash is playing right in to phil’s hands! plus 10 rings vs zero fuck you nash

  • Stevealot

    The best coach in the league gets swept in the second round?!?
    I contend the best coach IN HISTORY is still in the playoffs, and ready to do toPaul Westphal just did to PocFaceOvich!
    Sorry Nash, That is a weak burn.
    What Phil forgot was…
    Nashs’ eyes each move independently and must be giving him better court vision and an unfair advantage,
    ( that’s a burn)

  • livetowin16th

    Hey steve, ready for a beatdown? You think this is the same bunch of scrubs kobe had to carry in 06/07? Nah, this time, you’re actually gonna have to play a 1st rate, 1st class team, not one with Smush Parker running the point.

    • Stevealot

      Kobe is GOAT
      Phil is GOAT
      Time will tell

  • Lakers 24 7

    Nash is a clear Laker hater. It’s obvious that he’s still bitter over the Lakers acquiring Gasol then winning a title. lol

  • lilkobe24

    LOL ! that was a great burn. so what if he doesn’t have 10 rings, it was his opinion and it is what it is

  • siempreawesome

    oh daaang, nash got jokes!

  • trippleocho

    We gonna see who gets the last laugh!

  • Robert

    Phil is a smart guy, and so is Nash. So, it’s actually kind of fun to watch their sparring. Other players (and refs) who Phil has messed with can’t offer decent responses, and generally Phil has won the verbal bout.
    Nash knows that Phil is the greatest coach – he was just talking smack. But Nash is also a great athlete, playing ‘essentially’ permanently injured with a damaged disk. He’s been through wars, and hasn’t won the ring, but he’s earned his voice in the NBA. His style of ball helped make the NBA more exciting the last few years. (I know the Lakers are Suns rivals, and also Warrior rivals, but you have to admit the run & gun style they played was interesting).
    However, the run & gun only worked for the 80s Lakers – it won’t lead to a championship in today’s era. Defense wins championships. Defense wins playoff games. And the Lakers have been in the top percent of defense this year.
    Bottom line – Kobe ‘still recalls’ the last 2 series with the Suns, with a ‘slight scowl’, so …. it’s already over.
    Looking forward to the NBA Finals!

  • lakerbunny


  • Bagiera

    Shouldn’t Arizona be shipping nash’s a$$ back to Canada ?