There was an article on how the Nash deal to the Suns shouldn’t be criticized. Additionally, Nash had this to say as well.

Arizona Central: That isn’t exactly true. Occasionally, Nash can get bitter, just like the rest of us: “No one gave us Pau Gasol for nothing,” he said.

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    next! why is this even a news?

  • Lamar

    its that time of the month

  • LakersFirst

    Well Steve Nash, maybe your GM isn’t that good of a negotiator. Ever though of that.

    I swear, if the Suns owner wasn’t so cheap, the Suns could have been contenders for many years. I mean, they had at one time, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire and Joe Johnson – How is that not a good combination. But because the Suns owner was so cheap, he traded Joe Johnson away to Atlanta for Boria Diaw and two 1st round draft picks. What a waste!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Nash had Amare, Marion, Hill, Shaq and couldn’t do shit with either of em.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    It is a case of the “Waaaaaaas”

  • Mitch4Pres

    steve trash

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    hear this LO, sounds to me like nash wishes he was on the Purple and Gold…so sign..many players wish they were given the opportunity to play in LA

  • http://lakersnation L8KRFAN1

    It’s a matter of Credibility and Class, and the Lakers have both which is why players of Gasol’s caliber would rather play for L.A. than any other city. It is also about Memphis respecting Gasol’s wishes and trading him to a Championship caliber team being that he paid his dues for their city. I really can’t believe that people (especially of the NBA profession) are still whining about the trade.

  • Lamar-Biatch

    Nash is bitter because he knows he will never win a championship. That’s karma baby. Those Suns players and coach with very few exceptions were arrogant and full of sh•t during those runs against the Lakers few years back. I remember they laughing at PJ and trying to humiliate the Lakers.
    Amare, Nash, D’Antoni and Bell they cam all go fu-ck themselves.

    One of the best things from those days was Kobe giving Nash a facial on that famous dunk. That was priceless!

  • purple and gold for life

    What a cry baby. How soon we forget. That team did so much trash talking along with the coaches and now it is Nash who doesn’t have the talent around him to succeed. I never once heard the Lakers cry about who was on their team.

    We all know that if Kobe had Amare and Marion they would of done much better than Nash ever took them.

  • lakers58

    who cares?

  • Tdr

    yeah, well, sux to be you then I guess Steve…

  • mp or mplakers



    • coltGYM


  • lakerschamps-09

    hhahahaahhaahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah lmao hahahahahahahaahah stfu nash….

  • gugy

    this is my best memory of Nash….

  • skew

    nobody had smush parker for a couple of years either.
    nash you a douchebag. learn to play some defense. u loser.

  • roskoe420

    Hahaha nash is a lil gurl!..with all that long hair, maybe if u sang A beatles song to to ur GM he would try and get u Pau. Plus your team sucked…haha couldn’t even reach the finals, NBA says two time MVP, I say two time looser!

    • coltGYM


  • Dan Andreas

    Who else did this guy want??? He had Marion, Amare, Joe Johnson (remember that???), Barbosa, Bell, Diaw…

    Kobe went to the FINALS in 2008 (something Nash never did) with Pau, Lamar, and Fisher. Throw in Sasha, Turiaf and Farmar if you want, and the players as individuals fall DRAMATICALLY short of the Suns lineup.

    And they gave Nash the 2006 MVP award because he supposedly made his teammates better… What a joke…

    Nash (2 time MVP) – NO rings, NO Finals
    Kobe (1 time MVP) – 4 rings, 6 Finals

    • TheAnomaly

      let the church say amen

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    [Comment ID #81787 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I love it:-)

  • Vibe

    hahahaahahahhahah. and more hahahhahahhahah….uh i almost forgot about that lakers and your suns used to hate each other now suns cant even make it to the playoffs…and i cant even hate them but just laugh…..uh ya still sucks…and ya ….you dont have pau gasol…suck on that.

  • proemb

    Oh stop it Nashley.

  • ShowtimeEra

    We’ll Nash, if you’re not satisfied with the Suns, WHY THE HELL DID YOU SIGN WITH THEM?????? Don’t be complaining! You had the chance to leave them and gone somewhere else! It’s your own falt man! And another thing we should not be discussing or posting other teams buisness on this web page but our own. We have to worry about either signing LO or picking up a free agent to replace him.

  • double

    Is Nash saying that Kwame Brown is nothing??? How rude.

  • Popcorn

    Lol, Nash please STFU. You had a ton of chances of going to the finals and never could seal the deal. Stop drinking with Popovich lol.

    So, Spurs beating the crap out of you = Not having Gasol? and Yeah, if you are not happy with the Suns why did you signed with them again?.

  • steveo

    remember nash how u guys r so cheap.u cut kurt thomas also traded joe johnson also drafted nate robinson,loual deng,sergio rodrigeuz.and traded marion for shaq when all u needed was a defense of minded rebounder to play with gimme a break u will never win nothing..loser

  • zen and tonic

    Best “bash Nash” thread EVER!

    What could they have done with the $20 Mil they spent on the Big Always Talkin’?

    Karma’s a bltch and obviously so is Steve Nash these days.

    Enjoy the next 2 years in our division soccer boy. No ring for YOU!

  • L.G.Fuad411

    nash is so gay.

  • T. Rogers

    I can’t resist! Hey Stevie, don’t be mad because the Lakers FO actually makes good moves. Remember KG was interested in going to the Suns. Imagine the defensive impact he could have had on that team. But the Suns didn’t want to part with Amare. How’s that working out for you Steve?

  • Nick

    Nash had always been a biaatch

  • Dragon

    Well to be fair I think Kobe did whine also if he didn’t bitch about not getting talented players the team wouldn’t have improved. If he didn’t bitch they would have never gotten Pau I think you have to whine to get something done.

  • Lakerfan

    You got Shaq for nothing u dumb ars.

  • zen and tonic

    Nash should play in a skirt this year…Waaaah!

  • zen and tonic

    “Nash (2 time MVP) – NO rings, NO Finals
    Kobe (1 time MVP) – 4 rings, 6 Finals

    I love it:-)”

    Kobe…not even close.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81832 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said. I completely forgot about the KG for Stoudarmire trade. I don’t know why Nash has any respect for Phoenix management, they shyed away from the KG trade, the went ahead and traded Joe Johnson for nothing….If there is anything that Nash should be mad at, it should be the sh*tty Phoenix front office.

    Oh yea, Nash, learn to play some defense!!!

  • Victor

    I choose D.Fish over this cry baby nash. Damn, Fish has 4 rings also and 6 finals appearances. Thats what you call a playaaa!

  • Robert

    Don’t be so hard on Nash. The ‘run & gun’ helped the NBA become exciting more recently. Even though I’m die-hard Lakers fan (for many decades), it was fun to watch the Suns and Warriors a few years back, wasn’t it? Some exciting ‘fast’ plays. Steve helped sell that brand to the NBA for a bit – it was fun while it lasted, but it doesn’t work well for Championships (except for the Lakers in the 80s!!!).

    BTW, I don’t care what the ‘writers and media’ vote on (i.e., for MVP). The ‘writers and media’ have been Kobe haters for years, and ‘reluctantly’ awarded him MVP last year. They gave LeBron MVP this year, and really ‘played down’ Kobe (shouldn’t he have received the MVP?). It’s not Steve’s fault he received MVP.

    I wouldn’t blame Nash. Yes, he’s jealous of the Lakers, but who isn’t. It’s actually a compliment for him to say what he did about Pau coming to the Lakers for free. He’s actually being more critical of his own team. The Lakers-Suns rivalry was fun, wasn’t it? We ‘eventually’ won that one (by winning championships).

    The Suns management had a great fun/fast team years back, but that’s gone now. While small-ball is exciting to watch, it can’t beat ‘the bigs’ (like the Lakers, who proved that this year; that’s Phil’s philosophy). To me (as a ‘pickup’ game player), Nash is good to watch to learn ‘textbook’ point guard. He does it well. His passing is superb. And too bad he has a ‘suck’ team now.

    So don’t worry about what Steve Nash says – we should be focusing on our team, and what happens if we don’t sign LO. Maybe in 2 years, if DFish retires, we can sign Steve to a vet. min., and he can play out 1 more year with Kobe, and get a ring.

  • Toon

    “So don’t worry about what Steve Nash says – we should be focusing on our team, and what happens if we don’t sign LO. Maybe in 2 years, if DFish retires, we can sign Steve to a vet. min., and he can play out 1 more year with Kobe, and get a ring.”

    Haha I wish that would happen, but unlikely.

  • Juan

    Let me name some the recent players that have 2 MVPS , Jordan , Magic, Bird , Kareem , Russell . Tell me how in the hell does this little no defensive playing canadian have 2 MVPS yet Shaq and Kpbe only have one . I live in Phoenix and I always call the sports radio stations here and tell them Nash should give those MVPS back he never accomplished anything here but go to the conference finals once , and they call that a run here in phoenix.

  • Robert

    Juan — the MVP is decided by ‘writers, media, and various other useless types’, NOT coaches and players. Media tends to choose what they think is ‘popular’. I don’t know how the vote was done in the 80s and 90s, but that is how it’s done now.

    Media also plays favorites. The media doesn’t like Kobe (much, now), because he doesn’t give them what they want. The media liked Steve Nash (hard to believe they liked him more than Shaq, but hey – lately, not even the President would let Shaq into his home). In fact, the year that Steve won over Shaq, it was seen as some type of racial statement.

    To me, the MVP is more like the Academy Awards. The “Academy” ‘sort of’ picks who their best Actor/Actress is. Some years, it’s hard to believe they pick one or another person. Maybe one year, Cher is in a movie, and, she’s had a good career – let’s give her an Academy Award. She did ok in the movie. Another year, Kevin Spacey is in a movie. Yeah, he should have gotten an award for blah blah blah, let’s give it to him now.

    Who’s turn is it? It’s Kobe’s turn (last year), it’s LeBron’s turn (this year). Hey, who do we (the media) like? Who said nice things about the media this year? Let’s give it to them. They had a decent year. Let’s make up a ‘reason’. Here’s one: “the best player on the best team”. How about, “well, the team is nothing without this person”. Or, “this guy put up some great stats this year, even though his team didn’t make it to the playoffs”, or, “hmmm, he’s going to be the best ever … let’s give him an MVP now”.

    Not trying to take away from anyone’s ‘well earned’ media MVP. Steve Nash, in particular, helped to give some excitement to the game. That may have been a good enough reason at least one of those 2 years. (Shaq probably should have gotten it that year that their votes were ‘close’, right? That was the year Shaq went to the Finals and won … oh well – media got it wrong – just like this year when they got it wrong – Kobe should have had the MVP).

  • Dj Cno

    Nash shouldn’t be mad that we got Gasol, Nash should be mad that he had the taste of Kobe’s nuts in his mouth for about a week couple years ago. POSTER!