Kobe was named after a steak, now kids being named Kobe after a basketball legend is becoming common.

Press Enterprise: When Kobe Bryant’s team emerged from a timeout trailing by one in the final seconds of a USA Basketball intrasquad game almost three years ago, more was at stake than just bragging rights among some of the sport’s biggest stars.

Riding on the outcome of that final possession was also the name of a Sacramento couple’s first-born son.

If Bryant sank the game-winning shot, Derrek Gillespie’s pregnant wife promised her husband he could name their boy after his basketball idol. If Bryant either missed or didn’t shoot, Renay Gillespie won the right to choose any name she wanted.

They shook hands to seal the wager. Twelve days later, Kobe Adrian Gillespie was born.

“I always wanted to name my son Kobe because his work ethic and will to be the best are traits I want in my son,” Derrek said. “My wife wasn’t too thrilled about the name at first, but now she’s become a big Lakers fan and a big Kobe fan. She’s happy with it now.”

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  • KBloyalist

    my sons name is sean kobe miguel!

  • samtlk9

    I’m going to name my kid Bryant…his last name seems like a better first name, at least to me.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    My child’s middle name will be Mamba!

  • 242LakerFan

    How about “Bryant Mamba Bean”. Yeah, that works.