This is how Kobe does it…


    These are TOO funny. Hopefully this isn’t the last one.

  • tony

    wow, this one is really good. very funny!

  • vlade

    these commercials are genius!! can’t stop laughing while watching


    Can’t stand these commercials! This one is cool though… cause our boy, Kobe won! I hate the fact that the media and NBA seemed like that they were pushin Kobe out the door when LeHype’s done NOTHIN! NOTHIN! So, any time Kobe gets good publicity at the expense of LeHype, I’m all for it!

    HELL YEAH!!!! KOBE’S 4TH!!!!!!!

  • Zoom Kobe II

    HA! He’s eating Fruity Pebbles!

  • lakerschamps-09

    that was funny.. but kobe shuda sat down wit lebron to eat cereal too, but the wheaties one wit all the lakers on but that was funny

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    wheres the dwight pupper!!!???

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #76410 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Practicing his free throws


    [Comment ID #76410 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Can’t do your STUPIDMAN because he’s with adidas, not NIKE! See, he’s not only on a loosing basketball team, but a loosing athletic apparel team as well! Ha!

  • kwame4mvp

    that’s rite! thats a big EFF U for u lebronze

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Hilarious. I just wished it was longer!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    it`s made for water brains like you losers!!enjoy,,,


    ^^^^Da pain! Da pain!
    …Oooooooooohhh, Da PAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!

    RolLiNg oN tHe fLoOr LaUghInG mY fReAkIn AsS oFf!

  • Joseph

    its a kobe moment.. why are they playing an MJ track? M.Jordan??

    montell jordan-pretty old school


    KINGKOBE and princeJAMES.

  • willow

    This is by far the best out of the puppet series!

  • sam the man

    Bryant O’Mamba for President:

    Lakers fans feeling you! A hearty congratulations to the lakers & to the entire Lakernation who’s been behind the team 200%. Can you beleive this team, they’re simply awsome. The words can not describe the vigor & tenacity of each player. I would’nt be surprised if they won a few more championships. The goal has been already set by the young Buss right in front of Lakerhater Bill Russell who in my opinion was less than willing to hand over the trophys to the Lakers. You could see in his face bitterness when ABC/espn announced that Phil Jackson has also beaten out Red Auerback by winning his 10th chamionship. Its got to hurt the celtics along with the eastern media. I love it when we get a bit of revenge & redemption. If the team stays in tact there is no question the Lakers can accomplish that goal. When Mamba is on our side more fortunes await the Lakernation.

    Personally, Kobe is the real deal. He is the best player now & of all times. He is better than all these big mouths like Shaq, Lebron, Barkley, Howard, Carmelo, yes even Jordan. Lebron is not even close in comparison & it showed in the eastern conference finals. Kobe had to go through some thuglike opposition, but he beat em down systematically. In his own words he said, ” its time to lock em down & cut em up.” Those words even scared me. Lebron has lot to learn from Kobe. May be he can join the Lakers/Kobe team to maximize his chances to win a championship. It was so good to see, mrs. Bryant, the first lady of Lakernation & their two beautiful daughters, the real pride & joy of Kobe. Kobe brought so much human side of him in those few moments of celebration. I think I saw him reach out to his brother in law & gave him a hug. He is the president of our hearts’joy. Have a nice safe summer Lakernation. See you later pres O’ Mamba, & thanks for the unforgetable season.

  • Toobz20

    Hahahha i have the same Vitamin D Lucerne milk with my cereal hahhahaa yeeeeaa Baby!

  • Nabil

    hell yeah!!!!!!! best video ever.

  • mplakers

    this is the best one out of all the others….congrats lakersssss!!!!!!!!!!thank you for starting my summer off right… thank you!

  • ignard


  • PauLAsol

    the best one ever!!!!

  • Chris Manning

    Love it. I love how when he walks through the room with LeBron he is in different clothes, the music stops, and Bron is eating fruity pebbles (random), what a GREAT ad.

  • dub824

    haha that was the best one