Alonzo Mourning had some nice words about Bynum (see part 7 on link)…

ESPN: Recently retired Alonzo Mourning says he was happy to be involved in the game when centers ruled because now it’s more of a perimeter game. He also gives his thoughts on Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Here is a guy who played the center position with all the passion and professionalism for many years. I think we can value his opinion and think that maybe he knows a thing or two about the position. On top of that, Bynum actually got Kareem to get up off the bench during time outs to work with him. Maybe Jabbar sees something about this kid as well? I for one was happy to see him dominated against a solid opponent. A sign of things to come? Lets hope so!

  • Chris Manning

    Yeah ‘Zo had a LOT to say about him. Great stuff!

  • xtro

    Be afraid! Be very afraid. Baby Bynum is here!

  • 323 TOWN

    BiG Drewwwwwwww!!

  • joe grande

    zo is a warrior, his defense, his return from the kidney disease, drew, has got to have that mentality

  • gugy

    I agreed with Kareem is constantly working with him means, he believes this kid can be a great center.
    Kareem, would not waste his time if he did not believe on Bynum’s potential.
    So I guess Zo add to that list of people who thinks Bynum is the man.

    Great for the Lakers.

  • sketch

    love Zo! i wish that he would reconsider retirement and join our team as backup. we sure can use that toughness. he would make kg $hit his pants!

  • billy

    i think in about 5 or 6 years, bynum and gasol are going to be the vocal point of the offense while kobe just watches. i wonder if kobe can take that