ammoL.A. Times: Reading the reviews might have been the first mistake for the Lakers’ Adam Morrison.

“I had a lot of criticism after my first year,” Morrison said of his rookie season with the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006-07, having been the third overall pick in the NBA draft.

“I remember one website saying I was the worst player in the NBA. All that stuff.”

The 6-foot-8 forward is trying to find himself in Las Vegas — along with his shot — in the friendlier, light-on-defense confines of the NBA Summer League, at the wise suggestion of Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

Keeping it in perspective because, after all, this is summer league, not the heart of the NBA season, things are going well. He has averaged 20.8 points in four games. He scored 20 points against the Clippers on Monday, and had 17 points the next night against Oklahoma City.

“He’s a shot maker… and it looks to me like he’s playing with confidence,” Kupchak said during Monday’s game.

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  • Portman

    good for him!

  • mastarockafella

    Confidence plays a big part on every player. I’m glad he found himself again and hopefully he’ll continue with that. It’s part of his journey.

  • LakersFirst

    The knee just has to remain healthy. The guy can shoot.

  • ray__498

    prove all the haterz wrong homie


    No, the webstie you read said sasha was the worst player

  • JohnJohn

    I think Adam M. will be a surprise this year. He seems to get his confidence back and is learning the triangle offense better. The triangle offense will really benefit Adam due to all the weapons the Lakers have. He will have more open shot opportunities in his NBA lifetime. He is a great catch and shoot player and Phill will get the most out of him. Jordan and Sasha need to wake up and smell the triangle or ship their azz off to Greece.


    [Comment ID #79890 Will Be Quoted Here]

    funny but wrong, the website he read said “Luke was the worst then Sun Yue”

  • basketbolista

    nice adam. you should prove to everyone that being the 3rd overall pick is not wrong move.