Hopefully everything works out for Fisher’s kid. God bless.

L.A. Times: Derek Fisher has been released from his contract with the Utah Jazz to focus on finding medical care for his infant daughter, who has a rare form of cancer in one of her eyes.

Fisher, who will be 33 next month, has considered half a dozen cities, including Los Angeles, as possible places to move. He did not rule out retiring.

He had three years and about $21 million left on his contract, but his daughter, Tatum, had been occupying most of his thoughts. She was diagnosed this year with a cancerous tumor that could spread from her left eye to her brain or the rest of her body.

“Life for me outweighs the game of basketball,” Fisher said Monday in Salt Lake City.

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  • LAKobe4Life

    If D-Fish decides to come back to the Los Angeles Lakers, all of us would open our arms, have tears on our eyes and say “Welcome back home.”

  • lakerfan81

    You know whats sad. D-fish is the perfect example of a role model. A guy who works hard, the perfect example of a team player and someone who has his priorities straight. But this story gets a paragraph and 1 min. While there is story after story written about kobe byrant because he can’t keep his mouth shut and acts like a 2 year old. Theres stories of Owens and pacman Jones. But when there is an inspiring story about a guy that is a class act it just gets passed over. Sad.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    God bless D-Fish.

    Family > Basketball.

    That’s how it should be. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Ricky

    derek fisher is such a wonderful example of an athlete who is unselfish, caring, hardworking, and puts greater priorities first than sports itself. it must be so hard for him right now to see his daughter ill, but he is doing the right thing by putting her first because it is the most important thing in the world for him at this time. so good luck to fisher and his daughter for finding the best medical care possible because they deserve it.

    in regards to d-fish possibly signing back with the lakers, i think it would be great. every fan would accept him back, and he definitely fills our need of a veteran point guard. plus, he already is familiar with the triangle inside out, so that’s one less headache phil will have this summer at training camp, haha!!

  • punkjones

    If Fish saw fit to play we would definitely embrace him with open arms. My wife won’t even watch the Lakers since Fish left. She doesn’t care about Shaq but no Fish – no dice. Fish is the epitome of class. The epitome of Laker pride. He will always be a Laker. Much love to him and his family.

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