Buss had more to say on Bryant, his ownership and family, and of course, the Lakers…

L.A. Times: Comments made by Lakers owner Jerry Buss about Kobe Bryant in Thursday’s editions of The Times triggered a deluge of reader interest in the future of Bryant and the Lakers.

It was obvious during Buss’ 38-minute interview that he had a lot to say about the team and Bryant, given the tumult that had occurred since the player’s trade demand in May.

In addition to more of his thoughts on Bryant, Buss also expressed opinions on his son, Jim, his daughter, Jeanie, and 19-year-old center Andrew Bynum.

* Buss on why Bryant might be frustrated playing for the Lakers:

“I think what he’s thinking is, ‘Let me play basketball with some people I know I can win with.’ When he’s on the All-Star teams and all these things, I can imagine how it must feel for him — everybody catching the passes and everybody just doing everything right. It is frustrating. It must be more frustrating for him playing than it is for me.”

* On Bryant’s expected demeanor this season:

“He’s a professional and he’s a realist. I think he understands what we’re up against. He is aware of different [trade] suggestions and how ridiculous they would have been. Like I say, he’s a realist and he’s a professionalist when it’s time to play ball.”

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Buss appears ready to show Kobe the door