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There have been many reports stating that the Warriors have discussed potential trades involving guard Monta Ellis.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Warriors have discussed a deal with the Lakers as well:

League sources said the Warriors also have discussed Ellis, among a variety of other players, in trade talks with Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, Orlando and the Lakers. Executive board member Jerry West said at his opening news conference last month that the Warriors needed to be willing to take risks, and the most obvious gamble would be breaking up the back court of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.

Ellis led Golden State in scoring this season with 24.1 points per game. The strongest rumor thus far has been Monta Ellis to the Philadelphia 76ers for Andre Iguodola, as it looks like the Warriors want to break up the Ellis-Curry combo.

“I love to watch them play,” West said of the Ellis-Curry combo. “They’re so much fun to watch play. But at the end of the day, you want to win.”

Ellis was named the NBA’s most improved player in 2006-07, and signed a 6 year, 66 million dollar deal back in 2008.

  • lakerss

    yesss do itt!

  • Brian Hwang

    If I’m GSW, why would I trade Ellis for LO (Lakers presumably are making Pau/Drew off limits), when I can, supposedly, trade for Iguodala? Also, with Kobe, Messina, two bigs in the pain in a halfcourt offense, not sure Ellis would exactly delight/thrive in that setting. If we converted Ellis into a super-duper sixth man (a la Jamal Crawford, Manu Ginobili, etc), essentially inserting him right into LO’s spot, then it makes a little more sense. 

    • Anonymous

      Manu hasn’t been a 6th man for a while, and Monte could just run the point(Both Curry and Ellis facilitate their GSW, Kobe and Monte can so the same) and we can have the best backcourt in the league with one of the leagues’s best front court

  • Dliverma

    Omg u have to do this..u are an idiot if u don’t! We need a guard like this!

  • Kesean Turner

    Monte’s a 2 guard Kobe’s a 2 guard, Shannon’s a 2 guard, we need a 1 guard. Bad deal.

    • rondo

      Not if he’s replacing Bro.Kobe.

      • Kevin

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        and know let’s trade Kobe

        • Margarite

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          • gasoft

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    • savit

      the lakers can easily make monte a point guard. they need some explosive players. and i think monte will fit in there. im a big fan on this trade if it happens

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Monta going to LA.  That’s not going to happen.  The Lakers don’t even need him. 

    • Anonymous

      Lakers need a better Pg

  • Dliverma

    Just put him at the pg spot..that would solve our pg problem’s…instantly….Kobe isn’t getting any younger so we need a guy like this! This is a really good move if they make it

    • Kesean Turner

      point guards pass Monte shoots it wont work

      • weneedanotherring!

        That’s fine…Kobe can teach him to do it at the right a big fan of Kobe….but I bet Kobe would even want this to happen! That’s how good it is!

      • Anonymous

        Monte doesn’t pass? this dude drops dimes, he just takes a high volume of shot also

  • Mully805

    who would the lakers give up for monte???

  • Chris Rodriguez

    He would be great as Kobe’s replacement

  • weneedanotherring!

    I would give up Lamar Odom, or Paul gasol only iif u include one or two more players..definitely david lee if u do that. Basically anybody except Kobe /bynum

  • Mr Laker19

    ellis can play point on this team because kobe has the skills to facilitate too. and jerry can give him to us for cheap lol

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully Jerry West can work his magic and make this go through

  • Anonymous

    This needs to go through with the Lakers and once we get him (if we get him) the coaching staff should  get him a bit more defensive minded then the 2012 finals won’t be too far away.

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    I say Lamar, Blake, Brown or Barnes and Draft picks for Monta Ellis.

    Lakers lineup


    Lakers bench

    Scotty Hopson (if we get him at the up coming draft)

    • Dheller2416

      That has to be one of the worst benches in the league

    • Ninja

      that bench is messed up! we would have the worst bench in the league

    • Anonymous

      We gotta keep Barnes, he’s our hussle that comes off the bench and he should be shooting better next year (he can’t shoot any worse, i presume)

    • 3StarAndTheSun

      Or we should sigh Jr Smith (free agent)

    • iiiiiiiiii

      monta is worth more than that…

      • Dundee

        not one undersized 6’2 – 6’3 one dimensional occasionally-good ball stealer is worth Odom and 2-3 more guys.   It doesn’t make sense for the Lakers to lose out on Barnes either unless you replace him.. think for yourself man.   Odom and picks or Odom and cash for Monta is more than fair.. given Odom’s versatility.

  • Richowin

    Lakers get Ellis and Wright, Warriors get Odom, Blake, and other considerations (i.e. draft picks).

    Warriors allow Curry to be the main floor leader and has a skilled forward to in Odom to play along side Lee. Blake to back up Curry. 

    Lakers get YOUNGER and more ATHLETIC, get an elite combo guard who can attack the paint in Ellis, and a sharpshooting swing-man in Wright. 

    Only thing the Lakers will need after this trade is to find some size to help back up Bynum/Gasol as well as make up for the loss of length due to trading away Lamar. Overall, a good trade for both sides I think.  

    • Richowin

      Unless Buss is willing to put out more money on long contracts, they can also add to this deal by swapping Walton with Biedrins. We get size behind Bynum/Gasol with a legit C/PF in Biedrins. Only bad thing is he’s got 3-4 years left with about 9 million per. Although, he’s still only 25 yrs old and can be great back up for Bynum/Gasol. We also would have to send back the Sasha trade exception to make the money balance. So unless Buss is not gonna spend any more on long term/big contracts, this can be a good deal for both sides. Not sure though cause Warriors do lose back up size for Odom/Lee if Biedrins was dealt.

      • Anonymous

        nobody wants Walton, lets be real

        • LA24KB

          i agree with BlackMambaBeto, and on top of that, no one sure as hella wants Biedrins. He would be warming the bench every night on any other team

          • Richowin

            Nobody may want Walton, but I’m sure they would rather have his contract than Biedrins. I’m just saying, it’s hard to imagine taking on Biedrin’s contract, but if you want Ellis, it’s probably gonna have to happen. To improve, you gotta make sacrifices and bite the bullet sometimes and just take on the salary. The point is to get Ellis, so it’s gonna come with good and bad. 

    • Iusefruityloops

      this is a garbage trade for the warriors… hopefully we’re not this stupid

  • rondo

    Monte Ellis is Kobe replacemnt!

    • Kevin

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      • Iiiii

        lol, someone seems too familiar with the mambas public hairs

      • Margarite

        Know he fucked yours! And he said it was bad!

  • fido

    Odom will not be included.  Blake… highly likely.

  • Pal7

    this can work for lakers. He’s fast to stay in front of speedy guards. brea won’t be able burn lakers again. showed a lot of maturity last year. seriously doubt warriors would give him without bynum or lamar+ laker taking bad contract of biedrins.

  • D from G

    I’d don’t like Monta. he is an undersized 2 guard with no ambitions to play defense. Yes, he can light up the score board, can shoot the three and is very explosive. He could be a Chris Paul if he had a PG mentality. And he’s not useful as a PG, because he always looks to score first, second and third.
    We need a starting PG. I’d only give up Odom, Gasol or Bynum if a really big fish came along. Ellis is not that kind of a player in my opinion. Iggy, Howard or Paul would be nice.

  • xtro

    i like it but not at the expense of giving up pau and bynum. just saying.

  • Thomas

    he’s making $11 million a year…there is no way we could put a package together to get him w/o giving up serious pieces of our core guys. plus he’s one dimensional and wouldn’t want to come off the bench. Pass!

  • Jeb064

    Lakers need to get a pg. I would only trade odom or gAsol for someone like a Brandon Jennings. I wouldn’t mind doing a odom and someone for a Beasley and Flynn. Twolves are looking to trade Beasley because of drafting of Williams. Odom would bring someleadership. Lakers get younger with beasley an much needed pg with Flynn.

    • Chris Rodriguez

      LOL Brandon Jennings??? Are you serious??!!! What a joke.

      • Dundee

        exactly if you trade big for small at least do it for the right guy.. namely a guy not to be mentioned from the Nets or a guy from the big Easy.. if it’s not either of them, then you obviously don’t do such a trade.

    • Joe

      What do you guys expect to get chris Paul or deron Williams for odom. You have to be realistic a little bit. Getting a 23 year old pg for odom like jennings would be a steal. You would still have Bynum and gAsol and could get a free agent big to replace odom. What valuable pieces do the lakers have to trade. People r not banging on the door for Blake artest and the others we have to trade. Buss does not seem interested in trading Bynum.

      • Chris Rodriguez

        Dude do you watch basketball? Jennings is so overrated it’s not even funny. Not to mention he is THE definition of a volume shooter. Hell no I don’t want him, he’s trash. A steal my ass.

  • Dundee

    Nah, he’s good but we have to digest his salary which means Odom or some package (any package) for him, who plays more like a 2, which is Kobe’s position, we are not in a position of having luxury 2’s coming off the bench if we don’t even have a legitimate starting PG… that being said if we fixed our salary situation and I don’t see how you don’t do that without letting go of Gasol or maybe Bynum, then you still have to fill those needs.   Aaron Brookes is out, JR Smith, as well and there are other guys out there I rather have instead of Monta at this point.. if we had to make a deal I would rather see us go after Steph Curry.. although if we had either of them two, with Mike’s offense, and him functioning as a scoring threat-layups and what not, he’s not a horrible option, just not what we actually need, which is to feed the bigs.. (unless one gets shipped then you can run different offensive schemes).

  • redman91

    Could trade Odom/Artest/Walton for Ellis/JeremyLin/(Wright and/or Udoh to play backup forward alongside Landry)
    …..That is if David West recovered and the Lakers were somehow able to sign Carl Landry, whose currently only getting 3mill a year.

    Lakers NEED perimeter play, so a trade for Ellis is needed. Ellis wants the ball in his hands, so I think he could be their starting PG. trading the contracts of Artest/Walton is a now brainer, especially considering that Barnes is just as good or better than Artest, and Ebanks needs to get playing time next season.

    It’s always better to trade a player a year early than try to trade them a year late. Lamar is 31 and his versatility is fading. As he ages, he will become more of a rebounder/finisher, something which Landry could easily provide (see game 1 of hornets vs lakers series).

    Kobe/Brown(hopefully J.R Smith?)
    Bynum/FA back up center

    Perimter play (Ellis//Lin) would be boosted, terrible contracts (Artest/Walton) would be shed, along with athleticism, youth, and rebounding being maintained and improved (Landry/Udoh/Wright replacing Odom).

  • Guest

    Don’t put much thought into this. It’s your typical dickhead David Brickley posting anything he can find on the internet, instead of doing anything of his own merit. This is why this site died. Googlers run it, and just repost what they find.

  • lakerblood

    the lakers dont necessary need monta, they need to trade pau gasol and bynum for dwight howard, but if they get monta it will be great

  • Dacs3179

    The lakers need to trade bynum, artest, walton, character and blake for dwight howard 

    Then trade Pau and Ebanks for Kevin Love, 1st round pick (Irving/Knight/Walker), Wesley Johnson.

    Resign Shannon Brown, pick up a legit back up @ center (joel przybilla type guy who rebounds and defends), Use the 3 2nd round picks either in the trades or to get future contributors.

    This basically blows up the roster, but it solves a few issues:

    1. Speed
    2. Age
    3. Cap Space

    while maintaining:

    4. Talent
    5. Mix of New guys and Vets
    6. Upside with the young players
    7. Versatility to play small or big 

    Lakers Line Up:

    Starter               Sub
    Derek Fisher      1st Round Pick
    Kobe Bryant      Shannon Brown
    Matt Barnes      Wesley Johnson 
    Kevin Love         Lamar Odom
    Dwight Howard   Free Agent

    • NBAwesome

      Are you serious? Even Minnesota isn’t that dumb. Gasol (whose already in the twilight of his career) and Ebanks (an unproven rookie) for Love (their franchise player), the number 1 pick and Johnson? That is the most one-sided trade I have ever heard.

      • Dacs3179

        I would think Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol was the most one sided one… But you are probably right, Minnesota would be dumb to give that many for Gasol…

    • Cmayer24

      I like this, lol

  • depizal

    What about LO 4 paul, then Bynum 4 Howard then go pick up Jamal Crawford and J.R. Smith out of free agency.

  • Los727

    keep this team just the way it is, the “triangle” as been played out! lets just hope this new coach can handle everybody’s ego…………………………including mine.

  • Byonek24

    That will be a great fit for the lakers but the problem will be who do the lakers have to give up  even though Ellis takes a lot of shots Kobe Coule teach him how to play DFENSE and take better quality shots and also We still keep are 7’0 Footers and Odom they should give them Ebanks and 2 Draft picks

  • Dwwe19

    Luke Walton needs to leave. He has done nothing this past years and really is taking up that extra space that can contain Monte Ellis. Than trade Lamar odom and Khloe Kardashian for Dwight Howard. Hahaha