Ronny TuriafHOOPSWORLD.COM: The 2007 NBA Draft Lottery was held Tuesday night in Secaucus, New Jersey. Though a Los Angeles Lakers didn’t partake in the ceremony, they had a watchful eye on the proceedings.

While everything began as expected from 14 through seven (the picks are revealed in reverse numerical order), when the envelope which was supposed to contain the Portland Trail Blazer logo was opened . . . all hell broke loose.

While it was exciting to see that the Blazers had in fact moved up, the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks logo was pulled immediately revealed that the top three teams were all boxed out.

While Tommy Heinsohn of the Boston Celtics appeared flummoxed, Jerry West of the Memphis Grizzlies seemed like he was about to tear the dais apart.

The big winners were the Blazers, Seattle SuperSonics and Atlanta Hawks.

While the ramifications are widespread . . . how do they specifically relate to the Lakers?

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