David Brickley & Jason Riley are LIVE with the Game 4 postgame show. Tonight, they’ll take a look at the Lakers Game 4 loss in Dallas, look ahead to the off-season and, of course, taks calls from Laker Nation!


  • Lakers Lose Game 4 – Swept by the Mavs
  • Postgame Audio: Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson
  • POLL QUESTION: If you were Lakers GM, what would you do this offseason?
  • CALLS: Why did the Lakers collapse?
  • Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom on ejections
  • Audio: Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Phil Jackson on ejections
  • Bidding farwell to Phil Jackson
  • Kobe’s thoughts on the end of the Phil Jackson era
  • What player on the Lakers does not believe Phil is leaving?
  • What will the Lakers do in the offseason? (Salaries, trade options, needs, etc)
  • CALLS: What do you think Lakers should do in off-season?
  • and Much MUCH More

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  • LakerMarc

    Why to rehash this?

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      Talk about the future, of course

  • ilikebasketball

    well it was a great run. two years back to back championships and getting to the finals before that. pretty damn good. damn fun while it lasted.

    on tv they posted how many other teams had won the title and then lost by sweep the next year and there were lots. had to be exhaustion. had to be. i wonder if we had not gotten to the finals in ’08, if it had been a three peat this year.

    sorry for phil. but we don’t live in the movies.

    i think Kareem went out the same way

  • laffsatu


  • Sergio91

    pau/blake/walton to hornets for paul/okafor. Okafor/artest/ebanks for iguodala. Sixers need a center, and theyd get both youth and a veteran who would score in ron artest.

    then bynum for dwight

  • Its4shizzle

    This is my first or second time listening to your pod cast, but it seems like you guys are blaming Pau and that he needs to be traded because who knows if hes going to get another girlfriend and this happens to him again early on in the show, and the later in the show you blame, Bynum and his immaturity or the bench players not ever working out the same way when those same players are on another team, or fisher being older or…. I agree Pau played like trash, that doesnt mean trade him. Nobody is even sure if the girlfriend situation is what really caused him to play so poorly. You cant blow up a team because of this horrible display of team work and lack of playing defense. The lakers need a good bench, maybe put Fisher on the bench to help lead them and let Kobe lead the starters.

    I mean if you can get D12 for Bynum plus 1 bench guy how is never used then do it, but dont give up half the team to get him. Same thing for a point guard. Not sure who we can get without giving up prime pieces of the team, but its not going to be DRose or DWill and I doubt it will be CP3. So as Laker Fans, we shouldnt get are hopes up for any of those guards. Just my 2 cents