Coming off a victorious showing against the hated Boston Celtics, a letdown was nowhere to be found as the Lakers recently handled the Golden State Warriors with ease.

All is well in Lakerland (aside from the injury to Farmar). However, there’s always room for some good questions, some deep thoughts, and a little bit of “The Truth”. Let the truth be told.

On the biggest stage this season, in the highest rated regular-season NBA game in four years, the Los Angeles Lakers made a strong statement by ending Boston’s 19-game winning streak.

Coming off such an intense and highly hyped-up matchup is often grounds for a complete letdown but Kobe Bryant, the “complete player” as touted by Coach Don Nelson, made sure that his crew kept up the pace. The Los Angeles Lakers were +14 on the boards and Andrew Bynum recorded his 10th double-double of the season. It was a post holiday feast as the Lakers shared the ball recording 33 assists and posting up their highest total this season, 130 points.

The Los Angeles Lakers sit atop the Western Conference at 25-5 having scored a league-leading 107.3 points per game and allowing 97.6. Yes, things are looking pretty good for Coach Phil and the Lake Show.

There’s plenty to see with the likes of the Machine knocking down 3’s, Lamar driving to the hoop, Kobe breaking ankles left and right, and Gasol’s amazing efficiency. The positives are there making for a must-see show indeed. However, championship teams are made up of defense and heart. Let’s consider the Los Angeles Lakers on the defensive end.

According to, the Lakers are 4th in defensive rating (available since the 1977-78 season in the NBA for players and teams; refers to points allowed per 100 possessions). The team is averaging 44.8 RPG, 5.5 BPG, and 9.3 SPG. That’s pretty good statistics for a club coming off an embarrassing showing in Game 6 of last year’s NBA Finals which left us with lots of questions that needed to be answered. Questions regarding defense, a lack of heart, and the ability to be physical.

With the added presence of Andrew “A-Train” Bynum, the Lakers are making good strides. Pau Gasol has been the most efficient player to wear Purple and Gold this season and Lamar Odom seems to be adding a little attitude to his finishes in the lane.

Speaking of the big 3… the Lakers have the killer option of putting not just one but two seven foot monsters in the middle. Add Lamar Odom’s length and you have a very scary (potentially) lane for opposing point guards. The pieces are there and at times the whole puzzle makes for a very beautiful picture. If the Lakers can find their mojo, stay focused, and maintain a high level of intensity no opposing player is going to want to walk down Laker lane at Staples or any other court for that matter.

The sting of last year’s Finals should be plenty of motivation for the Lakers to make the middle a House of Horrors and keep the momentum going.

  • 123kid

    great way to end the year. i just hope the win against boston keeps them fired up until the end. it surely turned the tables around now that teams are realizing boston can be beat (thank you portland for handing them their 5th lost)!

  • ben lee

    iv noticed something about andrew, ever since he started playing with pau, he has become like pau, pau is giving a girly influence, before they got pau, drew was becoming like shaq(except making free throws) gasoft is a softy finesse dude

  • Ron

    Portland i love you

  • lakersforlife77

    This is off-topic but it needs to be said. Please don’t troll and bash redsarmy, or any other celtics or nba or any site in general. I’ve been following this site since the getgarnett days and in its early stages it was the target of many spammers and trolls and it soured the experience of what was a good site, normally the shoutbox was ruined by spammers and it even had to be removed a few times. How would you like it if after the next lakers loss this site is attacked by some spammers and the shoutbox and comments sections are flooded with non-sense spam messages? I haven’t been posting here regularly for a while unlike the getgarnett days but I just thought I needed to say this after seeing some of the conversations going on in the shoutbox. It might not be anybody on this site, but even if it isn’t don’t do it in the future. There’s supposed to be a mutual respect, there’s no respect or honor in spamming, trolling, or nasty messages, let the the laker/kobe haters do that, but don’t stoop down to their level.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Yea, I kinda noticed that too. Bynum needs to be a monster down there. Pushin bodies out the paint and dunkin on dudes.

  • lakerschamps09

    yea lakersforlife77 i agree with u.. celtics and they fans have no class soo we need to show them that we do dont be doin that kinda crap it aint needed…

  • lakerschamps

    yea now that lakers beat them other alright teams are realizin that beantown is not unbeatable portland thank you for showin the league that celtics are not that good and hopefully other teams will hand them defeats portland good job, lakers keep the momentum goin send out a message.

  • Dave

    Celtics wrap up their California road trip with 1 win and 3 beautifully stunning losses. Enjoy the plane ride back home, Green Garbage!

    Also, completely beside the point, I look forward to the next time Paul Pierce is carried off the court in agony — and then returning 5 minutes later dancing and singing. Bad acting or a miracle? Hmmm.


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  • Lakers 24 7

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  • Sako

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  • gugy

    We are doing well folks.

    Of course the team still work in progress, that’s why I was not too worried by their poor D effort at the beginning of the month. I actually thought it was a positive thing. The team needs to make mistakes and lose some games to learn from it in order to be at the playoffs with full strength. Also is good that Farmar is injured now and will be back in full mode for the playoffs.

    Go Lakers!

  • Noriega7333

    Does anybody know what was the highest rated game 4 years ago?

  • as1084

    Noriega….im not certain but i think it might of been the first kobe vs shaq matchup on christmas day.

  • Freshh

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  • Billy Kupchak

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  • ben lee

    you know are problem is stopping dribble penetration, but if the lakers went with a zone defense of the following the problem is solverd


    on offense lamar will be PG kobe will be 2 guard and trevor will be sf

  • Billy Kupchak

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    our* problem

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  • Whatsa

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  • ben lee

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  • aaron kuderas

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