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We’re all familiar with the rumored (but never vocally confirmed) rift between ex-Cavalier LeBron James and newly appointed Lakers head coach Mike Brown. Lost in that story was the stanch support Brown received from his ex-point guard, and current Clippers guard, Mo Williams.

Today, Mo sat down with ESPN’s Brian Kamenetzky and offered his thoughts on Coach Brown and how he’ll fit with the Lakers.

“I think it’s a great fit. I like Mike Brown as a coach. Actually, I love him as a coach, and as a person also. I think he’ll be good for their team. He’s a perfect coach for a veteran team. He knows how to handle them, he knows how to practice them, he knows how to motivate them. He knows how to get the most out of them that he can.”

In response to the often-cited criticism of Mike Brown’s lack of creativity on the offensive end of the floor:

“We were a top-five [team] on offense if you go back and look at our stats, so the criticisms he gets on the offensive side, you have to go back to statistics. Everybody loves to use statistics in a lot of situations, so how about using them in this instance, and not glorify perception [that the offense was bad].”

You can read the entire piece over on ESPN-LA.

  • laffsatu

    90%of laker fan can`t get behind this dude because the KOBE is quiet.If he`de be a MAN AND A GREAT LAKER. HE WOULD BACK HIS NEW BOSS…..LOVE IT OR HATE IT MIKE BROWN CONTROLS KOBES MINUTES…..THATS FUNNY.

  • Optimus

    Hey moron! (laffs) all you have to do is look to your right where the pole clearly indicates that 52% are for the hire and 48% are not so where do u get the 90% from? Anyways what team do u like? obviously not the Lakers.

    • laffsatu

      I`LL TYPE THIS SLOWLY,can tell your a slow reader….If bryant would come out and BACK his new boss,all super-smart laker fans like you would be more RECEPTIVE….look it up.

  • Krs

    dude aint no laker fan!! all my lake fans, we gotta give mike brown a chance to show us what he can do for our city.. let him do his thang till the all star game, then we can start judgin him..

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see Mo Williams with the lakers. His quickness and good 3point shooting is a great factor that made the Cavs that good when they were on a good run for a few years. Not just Lebrick. People often forget about things like that.

  • Optimus

    It just sounds like youre another Kobe hater (laffs). Get in line with the other idiots that hate on him cause he is a winner on a winning franchise. hate all you want the fact is he is a Laker and Im a proud Laker fan.

  • Wayneshardwood

    Laff if you ever watch the lakers you’d know that Kobe has put himself in when his upset. And ready even when phil was not calling on him. Kobe controls kobe’s minutes. Not sure who your team is maybe the suns? Perhaps a bandwagon heat slurpper, whatever the case the laker nation laughs at your rhetoric. I think rush is calling you!

  • Krs

    F%&k all you laker haters!!