Mitch sat down for a Q&A from the Vegas preseason game. Check out this link for the entire Q&A but here are a few below… Q: Which Lakers player will we see in a broadcasting booth after his playing career?
Stu Lantz took this question and told a story about a time a few years back when he had to step into Chick Hearn’s role, and needed a player who wasn’t playing that night to handle the color analysis. That player was so good that Lantz told him he’d better stay healthy for a long, long time and continue his playing career. That player was Derek Fisher, a “bright, diligent person” whom both Lantz and Kupchak said would have an easy transition to either broadcasting or coaching.

Q: What would be your Lakers 2-on-2 squad if you were to challenge the rest of the league?
After stating that he’d like to have Fisher on any team he was on, Kupchak decided on Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Agreed.

  • KOBE2K9

    Thinking about the 2 on 2 thing they should add that to the ALL STAR WEEKEND like the fans can vote for 8 pairs of players and then vote to which pairs they would like to see to play in a mini tournament and to keep things short they should play only up to 5 all ones win by 2. It would be really exciting and we could see the players street skills but since this would be a high injury type event I doubt any team would sign off to it, but they could even delay this to the summer like some pro bowl type thing and bring even more players and play outdoors in Hawaii and then they could charge a lot of money for people to travel and see the games because its all about making money! But this just popped in my head and sound interesting

  • mr.laker19

    That is actually one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard. Instead though, I would make it straight up one on one. How would you like to see Kobe vs. Lebron or D-Wade vs. CP3. That would light up all star weekend brighter than anything. Oh yeah, and Kobe would win every year.

  • Joey

    I thought he was going to say Fisher, he already does work on the Sparks games. I doubt they’d do a Pro Bowl type thing because I am pretty sure no one cares about the Pro Bowl.

  • Fred A.

    That would be so cool:
    1. Kobe/Bynum :) vs. 4. Nash/Stuadimir
    2. TP/Duncan vs. 3. BDavis/Camby
    1. Peirce/Garnett vs. 4. Billups/Macdice
    2. LJames/Wallace vs. 3. DWade/Beasley
    This would be a sweet due tornament.
    I would call it ‘DUO-STARS TORNEY’

    The rules would be this:
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  • Fred A.

    Oh add to that I would have a 16 second shot clock with 6 minute time limited, but if a team reaches 5 or has the most most when time is up first they move on to the next round. Half court basketball single elimination.
    This would be sweet event added to the NBA All-Star Weekend!!!!! :)

  • KOBE2K9

    [Comment ID #52381 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah we need to get the word!

  • Whatsa