Great news from Mitch. Bynum is ready to go and pissed off from last year. The kid is ready to send vengeance out on the league…

L.A. Times: *Will Bynum get a five-year contract extension worth about $80 million, the maximum allowable, by the Oct. 31 deadline for such an agreement?

We would like to have his future with the club secured by then,” Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said from Springfield, Mass., where he and other members of the organization were attending the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony for longtime coach Pat Riley.

  • lyk13

    /Incredible “Hulk” Bynum ROARS

  • LD2k

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  • xtro

    sign him and let’s go get that ring!

  • ShortDiezel

    Signing Bynum to a long term multi-million dollar contract BEFORE the season starts would be a weight lifted off our shoulders, but is it the smartest decision?

    Although Bynum is 100%, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be as effective as he was last year especially since he hasn’t played for a long time..

    And most important, Kobe, Ariza and Farmar’s contracts are almost up, so how does offering Bynum $80 million affect their contracts?

    If I were the General Manager I definitely would not let Bynum go.. Kobe, Bynum and Pau are KEY to the Lakers next dynasty

  • sammie

    bynum is going to unleash the beast out of him this upcoming season, get ready laker fans

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Looks like Bynum’s not bluffing. Mitch is one to see his comeback first hand so he must be ready.

  • Michael_23

    That’s about the same as Dwight Howard right? I do think Bynum has the capability to be better than Dwight Howard this year. I truly believe it. The only thing may stop him from doing it is that Kobe will score post of the points, and Dwight has the Superman dunks.

  • joseph

    signed and choke in the end… burning his time sitting on the bench and crying… 80mil gone to waste…tsk tsk tsk!


    Joseph…are you scared?

  • MILO

    joseph jusr spit that dick out of you’re mouth so you can make sense you stupid mudafuker!

  • Lakers24-7-365

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    STFU Joesph you asshole. Obviously by your ignorant comment, you’ve never seen andrew bynum play basketball. If you’re a hater get lost from this wonderful site. We dont need trolls like you spewing sh!t bout the lakers cause its not true

  • Edward

    Bynum really has to prove himself. I really am weary of all these Lakers players signing real large contracts and getting injured or slacking off… It’s the story of the franchise in recent years… Bynum honestly doesn’t deserve that kind of money, he hasn’t done anything solid.

  • Zen Master

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    Howard has more hops, but does anyone know if Bynum is stronger? I would think he is. Drew also has a much more solid post game. The scary thing is, he can keep on improving with it.

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    I have to agree with you. He’s good and will be the best center for years to come. The problem is like you said… I think they are giving him his value BASED on what he did for half a season. It’s like giving Gary Mathews Jr. all that money just to sit him on the bench… based on 1 season of hot performance. I know they don’t want to let Drew go, but this whole deal seems to hold so much desperation from both sides. Bynum wants the money, but his value is solely based on what he did for half a season.


    I feel they SHOULD pay’em now because of 2 reasons:

    1.his improvement help turn the Lakers into instant contenders up ’til his…..

    2.injury,which helped us get Gasol,that alone should be about 50-60 mil.,PAY’EM!!

  • ab4sure

    Joseph is as scared of Bynum as Obama is Scared of Palin. Joseph is very scared.