Mitch speaks from Vegas Summer League

    Discusses many subjects from this past season and the Lakers Summer plans… Interesting stuff.

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    • Jonny

      where do i get information about the basketball game?

    • Dante

      you can watch the games on for free.

    • ryguy2303

      I believe it is ‘past season’ not ‘pass season’.

    • lskerfan567

      I bet you Mitch was talking to joe dumars for Tayshun Prince, i wont be surprise if they trade for, him

      scatch that, they will trade for Tayshuan and he will becom a laker

    • LakersFirst

      [Comment ID #44895 Will Be Quoted Here]

      Tayshaun would be an excellent acquisition. The question is, what do we have to offer the Detroit wants?? Yes, LO and that $14M expiring contract is appealing, but does Detroit feel that LO could replace Tayshaun at their small forward position (remember LO’s been playing the power forward position for the past 5 seasons)? Would LO play their 3 or 4 (currently Rasheed currently plays their 4 spot).

      Who knows, maybe Mitch is talking to Detroit for a potentially 3-way trade where Artest comes to L.A., someone from the Lakers goes to Detroit and Detroit sends someone to Sac. Definitely a possibility.

    • lakers4life

      wtf u guys talking about? they werent even talking about making a deal

    • Billy Kupchak

      Official Energy Drink of the Phoenix Suns!