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Lakers general manager, Mitch Kupchak, joined The Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about the Lakers’ moves at the trading deadline, why he chose not to trade Pau Gasol and how good he feels Andrew Bynum is compared to Dwight Howard. Here’s transcript of the interview:

On how many calls he took before the deadline:

Well leading up to the deadline there’s probably a week of big time activity. This year was different because of the lockout, it was moved back a little bit because many of the general managers were at the (NCAA basketball) conference tournaments. So it was moved back a little bit. And it got pretty heavy starting on Sunday and running through the deadline on Thursday. Whether you’re active or not you know there’s lots of phone calls. This year in particular Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday morning were very busy for us. As you know we made 2 deals and we think we improved our team but it cost us a long time Laker in Derek Fisher and that’s an emotional thing to get over. I can’t tell you how thankful we are for what he’s done for us over the years.”

On how close he came to trading Pau Gasol:

Not very close in the last week or so, about 3 months ago? Really close…About 3 months ago the much public deal that was talked about and that was in place with the Chris Paul thing and New Orleans and did not take place. But since that period in December there have been lots of talks and I think that really got to Pau to deal with the rumors day in and day out. But the last week or so we made the decision based on phone calls and opportunities and what was presented to us to make the deals we did and to take this team through the summer and hopefully proceed and do well in the playoffs this year.”

How serious did talks with Orlando get for Dwight Howard?:

There were lots of talks for months. My sense was there was much more uncertainly months ago than there was last week. And I’m talking about Orlando, so I cant get into great detail but there wasn’t a lot of activity. Clearly in Orlando there was a lot of back and forth between the player, the agent and the team. I think it worked out the way it was supposed to work out.”

Why didn’t the Lakers acquire Michael Beasley:

We had discussions with a bunch of teams, I’m not gong to say that we didn’t talk about players with Minnesota. But I’m not going to get into which players we did talk about. Players don’t need to hear that and GM’s don’t need to hear that their players may or may not have been moved so I’m going to have to decline on that one.”

How tough was it on you after Kobe’s comments about not wanting to trade Pau Gasol:

In Los Angeles what [losing in the 2nd round of the playoffs] does is it kick into motion a chain of events which focuses on trying to improve the team and getting back to a championship caliber team and when that happens, all bets are off on all players. Kobe is the only player in the NBA that has a no trade clause in his contract so you’ll never see a rumor about the Lakers trying to trade Kobe, but all the other players, when you lose and particularly in Los Angeles, are in play. And we look to make the team better going forward, our fans expect a lot and the rumor mill is a part of it.”

Is Andrew Bynum as good as Dwight Howard:

To go into great detail would be hard to do, but a basketball person would look at them and say, one of them is better down with moves with either hand in the low post. Certainly one is a much better athlete in terms of running the floor. But they’re both in my opinion the 2 best centers in the NBA. Dwight had a much longer and larger body of work to choose from but were hoping our guy in a year or two will be able to sit down and say, ‘hey listen there’s a debate on them, which one is better right now.’ But Dwight’s had a much larger body of work for people to judge him on.”