This is per Jim Buss in a recent radio interview!

Congrats to Kupchak who among Lakers fans had the term, “do it Mitch,” a popular saying during the struggling years. Now I think we can say “did it Mitch” and we’ll be able to see Mitch “do it” for the next 5 years! Congrats Mitch Kupchak!

  • ab4sure

    Well they did say “Do it Mitch” but it was for trades that would have killed the lakers chance for a championship. We should be thinking thank god Mitch didn’t listen to Laker fans like T-Dub.

  • WifelovesLuke

    So idiots on TLN will continue to bash this guy for the next 5 years? Oh, sure they all love him right now but I can remember a lot of nasty comments about him over the past two seasons. Mitch, do this or Mitch do that was a common theme at TLN.

    I, for one, am happy that things are working out for a guy who has his imprint all over this “Championship” team. Congrats to you, Mitch!!!!

  • ab4sure

    ^^Exactly. Mitch has every right to say F U to all those who trashed him. In fact let me do it for him. To all those who trashed Mitch constantly two years ago…. FUK YOU!!!!

  • barcalakerfan4life

    mitch deserved some of his critism he made some dumb trades over the last years but stepped up when he got gasol but still i would take jerry west over mitch any day of the week hes a better trade master period.

  • Chris Manning

    Did I criticize Mitch Kupchak? Sure, we all did. I never bashed him like others… but definitely will be the first to say he did a phenomenal job.

    You got to learn how to lose and develop before you learn how to win.

  • ab4sure

    Gasol wasn’t the only trade he got right and not the only draft pick he got right. Look at this team… Ariza, Bynum, Brown, farmar. Yes you can say Kwame was a bad trade but it made sense since we had no frontline and he made a gamble. Plus he hald his ground with both Kobe and Jerry Buss. Criticism should be made on total performance not just one trade besides he turned the Kwame trade into gasol and endured a lot of crap from laker fans including kobe. Not everyone slammed Mitch because he did have his supporters. Mitch is still underappreciated but I think he likes it that way.

  • ab4sure


  • sketch

    Mitch got a beat down every day while walking to and from school from a bunch of people on TLN including me at times. I’d just like to offer my apologies for some of the “extreme” criticisms that I threw his way, and my congratulations for getting the last laugh by helping the Lakers bring the Title back home to Los Angeles where it belongs!

    Mitch did pull off some boneheaded moves, and so some of the criticisms were deserving. But it’s what he ended up doing with those bums that brought us Gasol and Ariza that counts! We all know that he gots lots of hate for trading away Caron Butler and keeping LO, but now he’s proven to be right for that move as well! I know that that move brought forth Kwame Brown, but then he was packaged together to help bring Pau here, so in the end… great move!

    The only real thing that’s left to question is Sasha! Is there anything that Mitch can do with him? Either get him to start earning his paycheck by hitting his shots or trade his @$$! Even if that dead weight remains on the Lakers bench, let’s just remember fellas… our boys did bring home the hardware this year! Sasha wasn’t a part of the Finals series AT ALL, but he did do his part in some games where his 3s were timely and heart breaking for our opponents!

    I just hope that Mitch and Dr Jerry Buss can work out all the contracts this summer! LO, Ariza, and Shannon Brown are must keeps! I just hope that they can cook the books just right to pull off a Ralph Nader move and keep this team intact!

    CONGRATS on your extention Mitch! Great Job! Keep it up!

  • LakersFirst

    Mitch stuck to his guns and built a championship team. Although people will still point out the bad trades, look at the overall result of his performance – the LAKERS 15TH CHAMPIONSHIP – enough said.

  • ab4sure

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    Sketch that is a classy statement. Bravo!!!!!!!

  • lakers#1

    He brought Andrew Bynum (our future superstar) He brought Ariza(one of our big key players) He brought Luke Walton (very unselfish player and a great passer) and He got Pau Gasol (second best to kobe)
    Good Job, Mitch!

  • daboss1848

    i before e, except after c

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #76616 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL.. I saw that to and I forgot to write it into my post. I don’t think they teach that in school anymore. Probably LAUSD….

  • ab4sure

    I shouldn’t really talk because I mispell words when writing also.

  • 7r@cy

    Come on Mitch!!!!!!! Let’s get LO and Trev locked up!!!!!!

  • JohnJohn

    Mitch deserves the extension….make sure you keep LO and Trev.