There will be a lot of good days ahead.” is what he told the Laker fans. Is this some sort of crypto language that his leaving the Lakers front office. Good days are indeed ahead if that is what he really meant.

When asked about the Lakers woes this year. He gave the top one answer from every General Manager in the NBA: The (enter NBA Team here) were really good before injuries. Screw the fact that nothing was done before the trade dateline. Also, mentioned that Bynum is working out and has a lot of potential. Wow, Mitch. Tell us something we haven’t been told a thousand times, won’t cha? Same excuses every year with this guy. It appears that Bynum isn’t going anywhere.

“I’m very fortunate to have this job.” That is the most honest thing you’ve ever said — one thousand flaky gold stars for you, Mitchy.

Good days are ahead? I sure hope so.

Listen to the full interview here, brought to you by AM 570:

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  • jorge

    Mithch stop saying ur going to do stuff and “do something and do it now”

  • DeepFrost

    Cupcake better get some stuff goin’… for his own sake…

  • One35

    Were the heck did you get the idea Bynum isn’t going anywhere Nugget? he said no one besides Kobe is untouchable on this roster.

    is jumping into assumptions really a good idea?

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”2148″]Were the heck did you get the idea Bynum isn’t going anywhere Nugget? he said no one besides Kobe is untouchable on this roster.

    is jumping into assumptions really a good idea?[/quote]
    Maybe his just pumpin’ up Bynum trade stock. Who knows? I doubt it. lol

    But from the vibe that I got from todays interview. He’d rather trade Lamar then Bynum. Plus, am sure other NBA teams would rather have Lamar. Maybe both? Am sure if a team wanted to do a trade to clear some salary cap they would take Bynum.

  • rmeazy82

    DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW! If kupcheck or anyone in the F.O. read this, stop bullshittin and make a deal. Don’t trade farmar, or turiaf those are the 2 guys that can benefit kobe, and l.o.

  • ayaz3d

    “But from the vibe that I got from todays interview. Hed rather trade Lamar then Odom.”

    Did you mean Lamar then Bynum????

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”2151″]”But from the vibe that I got from todays interview. Hed rather trade Lamar then Odom.”

    Did you mean Lamar then Bynum????[/quote]
    D’oh! Yah… lol Edited my original post. :)

  • darkice18

    is their soundbites to this Nugget?

  • lakers

    I dont think you guys know but lakers cant sign players till july 11 but I dont know about the whole trading thing starts

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”2153″]is their soundbites to this Nugget?[/quote]
    Let me look. If their is, I’ll add it to the post.

  • Laker forever/Kobe supporter

    I wish people would stop bashing Kobe. He maybe really wanting to leave but what if he is actually posturing to get things done. You know mitch kubisuck will not do anything unless he is pushed to. So let Kobe posture.

  • The Nugget

    They posted the interview on their website. :) Added it to this post. Enjoy.

  • MoneyMarl

    now i see why Kobe wants to be traded! Mitch Kupchak is a Boo-Boo, And Jim Buss is even worse.

  • Cyrus

    Kupchak: “Bynum will have a very bright future in the LEAGUE”

    LEAGUE??? not Lakers??? Using the word LEAGUE in complimenting Bynum is a sign of detachment.

    I think Bynum is being traded. Mitch is SELLING Bynum with his compliments. That’s my take…we shall see.


    just trade bynum nobody wants to wait for hime to develop.

  • GC

    i think someone should make a “” website. haha
    cuz this site is getting a bit pointless.
    i read some report on that there is a great possbility of JO to LA without giving up lamar. there’s also a report on getting luther head.
    getting JO is way easier than getting KG just because JO’s young all-star status cannot compare to KG’s reputation of being one of the most hard-working and consistent all-star PF. JO has not yet reached his prime; he’s just been injury-prone. and therefore,his value is not as high as KG. bye bye bynum and/or farmar. 2008 champs lakers or san antonio spurs if cupchak doesn’t make a damn trade.

  • kgmvp

    Just make smart moves mitchy

  • darkice18

    they should change this site to

  • kobeologist04

    We need help… cupcake is annoying and if we dont get help fast.. say good-bye 2 the mamba… guess we have to wait and see…

  • gcdeen

    According to rumors, Houston is interested in keeping Bonzi Wells w/ new coach Adelman having spoken to Wells. That means he’s probably off the table and the trade of Cook and Sasha for Head and Wells is no longer possible. They are desperate for a player like Cook though so maybe we can get rid of him for Luther Head. I think that would be a good deal for us. As for Mo Williams, he’s now looking for the Bucks to pay him $8 to $9m a year, that’s much more than we’d be able to offer him with our MLE at 5 years/ $30m. So that acquisition looks bad too.

    So what does that leave us with? Nothing really. J.O? He’s not the answer. Yeah, he’s an upgrade from Bynum and Brown, but might not be worth getting rid of Odom. Even as inconsistent as Odom is.

    I don’t see anything happening before July 1. The draft will come and go and we’ll pick up some sorry azz guard who won’t develop for 3 to 4 years. Looks like its inevitable that Kobe has played his last game as a Laker. I hate to say it but I truly think he has no other alternative. According to sources, he will sit out next season instead of play, and demand a trade, win or lose next year.

    Really makes you think that management is really messed up. Jerry West left, so did Shaq, with Kobe leaving- I’d say that it’s management, not the players! I love the Lakers but if management expects me to pay $100 a game to sit in the rafters and buy Laker jerseys, they won’t be getting it, and I don’t think I’m alone.

    Mitch, you suck! Buss, you suck! Sell the team already! Your son Jim is an idiot. Even Rambis spoke up on that issue. Jeanie, please talk some sense in to your family! You’re our only hope.

    Go Kobe!

  • brad

    somebody save us we really need help jerry buss needs a reality check instead of a shot of booze,where is magic why isnt he saying anything leave the magic theater alone for a minute and help your team assist on that,we really need kobe and if the black mamba get away im cancelling my nba league pass and selling all my laker jerseys,im am 35 been a laker fan all my life and its a shame its coming down to this,please stay kobe we need you.

  • Justa Laker fan

    Keep Bynum. Trade Kobe who is now a cancer and no loyalty. The Lakers did all to placate him and this is how he returns the support? Build the team around Bynum, Turiaff, Lamar and surround them with talented players like the enforcer Bell in Phoenix from CBA and the Brazilian blaze drafted and groomed. Get a very good 2 guard and build build build from draft and FA signings. Kobe will retire in a few years after he wins a couple of championships. His ego will be satisfied as he won w/o Shaq. Then how long will KG stay with Kobe gone? Team gutted for long time for a couple of glory years. Forget that. Build team to compete for dynasty not a couple of years of glory and ego.

  • neil

    How do you spell Cancer? KOBE!