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While it may not come to anyone’s surprise, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack doesn’t expect Shannon Brown to return as reported by Mark Medina.

“My guess, and it’s only a guess, is he will choose not to extend one more year,” Kupchak said during the NBA draft at the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo. “Not knowing the answer to that at this time, we’re probably going to look to add a player to our backcourt.”

With only a week remaining left before the current collective bargaining agreement expires, Brown still hasn’t exercised his $2.37-million option to return next season. Brown averaged 8.7ppg and 1.2apg off the bench. It looks like “Cannon Brown” will be soaring elsewhere next season.

  • Jayr_dayao

    Maybe its a good thing for the team so we can re-tool little by little

  • Anonymous

    Brown was re-signed for a 3peat that never happened.  He wanted to be a starter, and looked for greener pastures last off season.  At this stage, he’d rather be a starter in a small market, than a back-up in a big one.  Hats off to him, and good luck Shannon…. Thanks for the rings.

  • Jakeoneisom

    ohh man laker fan will miss him thanks for the show brown

  • Betto

    I hope he does come back, he had some of the baddest dunks in basketball.   Shannon, get yo a$$ back in purple and gold!!  NAO!

  • Kevinmseo

    Never liked Shannon on the team. Not a smart player AT ALL.
    Never liked the trade of Sasha, because I knew Shannon’s production would drop off after his fast start.

  • Cy1

    What are the Lakers thinking letting Shannon just walk away !!! He is by far better than any point guard they have on the roster or drafted . The Lakers should redo his contract make him a starter with starter minutes and let him shine . Phil broke this guys confidence last year when he started hot by bringing him in and out of line up so he could satisfy his old friend ‘s ego ” Fish ” !! He shot around 55% and he still young , someone in the Lakers front office better wake up and see light , you are letting go of a corner stone of this franchise !!!

    • Kevinmseo

      We need a playmaker, not another player like Kobe that dominates the ball.  Shannon can dunk.  That’s about it.  Does not know how to run an offense, distribute the ball.  He just looks lost out there and ends up dribbling out the clock and shooting a low percentage jumper.

  • Anonymous

    Mitch i hope you will read these comments , what happened to we got to get more athletic and younger at the guard position ? Is Derek coming back as starter again ? Derek who could not keep up with anyone in the playoffs and turned the ball over at crucial times and shot like crap the whole year ! Its time for you to see the light , its Shannon time ! Would you let a Pau or Kobe or Andrew just leave ? A player needs to know he is wanted and appreciated and i don’t see any of that coming from the management , good luck with the old fart and pick numbers 41 and 47 to contend for a championship next year .

  • Anonymous

    Better yet , play Luke at the point and give him another 5 year contract !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Timmytann9

    cy1: the PGs we drafted are much better defenders than Shannon or Fisher. Shannon also dont have the brain to run an offense.  the dude is as one-dimensional as they get. dunks, dunks, and more dunks. bad decisions on offense, low IQ, OVERRATED DEFENSE.

    with Ettore Messina being the one who will draw up our offense most likely, Morris is gonna be a great fit. his offense is centered around the two bigmen positions in a halfcourt set. Darius Morris’ strength  is being the floor leader and running a halfcourt set, hes a terrific passer and knows how to score as well. i can see him being our future starter at the PG. lastly, Morris is a much better perimeter defender than any PG we have on the team. good size, quick hands, can stay in front of his man, yeahhh,

    so in conclusion….fack Shannon, thanks for the dunks, but it’s Morris’s time.

    • Anonymous

      I hope you are right Timmy but i still think Shannon is better than fish and rooks usually take a year or two just to be given any playing time . I just wish they would keep him since he is young and as far as defense at least he tries to block a shot or two which is more than the slow footed fish and the Blake try to do , seriously Fish needs to retire and some how shame Luke to do the same so we can get some young blood on that bench . On another note Luke’s garbage salary not only cost us Sasha but also Rudy Fernandez which is what Dallas got with a pick a head of what we would have had , Mitch asked nicely last year saying to Luke for the sake of your future health please retire but the Facker won’t be shamed and still somehow insists of forcing himself as a Laker because of His Facking contract .This year I hope they just eat it and just cut the dead weight .

      • Timmytann9

        PJ never did like playing rookies…but our coach is Mike Brown. if our rookies are solid, theyll find their way to the floor if they show they can play, and i know they can. goudelock is a decent defender, nothing special of a defensive player but enough to slow an opposing PG down a lil. i can see goudelock being a backup SG. he can shoot the lights out. ive seen him shoot jumpshots from far beyond nba 3pt range and hitting. whatever happens, im sure mitch will make the right decision. i love Shannon, but the money he wants, and what he brings to LA, doesnt add up

  • Blackmamba_24_08

    We still need Shannon he brings a lot to the lakers with energy and points off the bench he is a good sub 4 kobe

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your time Shannon. Good luck wherever you may end up.

  • uMad?

    I bet he ends up in Miami.

  • WifeLovesLuke

    They had better exercise options on Luke! High Basketball IQ, exceptional passer, knows the Triangle really well, and boy oh boy can he shoot a mean 3! Kobe likes him too!

  • Luke Sucks

    Shannon is overrated but much more valuable than Luke.  For the love of God Luke retire already.