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Lakers General Manager, Mitch Kupchak, joined the Dan Patrick show this morning and discussed the Mike Brown hiring, and the process that the Lakers used to find the successor to Phil Jackson.

Kupchak confirmed that the Lakers formally interviewed three candidates, but would not go into specifics of who those candidates were. Looking at previous reports, one could assume it was Rick Adelman, Brian Shaw, and Mike Brown.

When asked why Brian Shaw did not get the job Mitch Kupchak said the following:

It’s not so much that we chose not to hire Brian [Shaw], because he’s not qualified. I think our feeling going into it was that we thought we just needed a new voice with this team, the old staff had been with us for almost 11 years, and we didn’t end the season as strongly as we had hoped.We just felt it was time for a change.

Kupchak also spoke about Mike Brown’s coaching experience, when asked why Brown was the man for the job:

He has great experience at the NBA level, coaching with Rick Carlisle in Indiana, [Greg] Popovich in San Antonio, and then he was a head coach in Cleveland and had great success. So we feel we got somebody that has great pedigree, [and is] experienced at the head coaching level. The interview itself was very upbeat, you don’t judge a candidate on an interview, you look at the whole body of work, but I will say in the interview, [Brown] came through as a very energetic, enthusiastic person.

Kupchak also confirmed that Kobe Bryant was not consulted in any part of the process.

When asked who made the decision Kupchak said, “Ownership always has the final say, and that’s Dr.Jerry Buss.” Adding that Mike Brown was the unanimous choice between Jerry Buss, (Son) Jim Buss, and Mitch Kupchak.

Kupchak did not rule out the possibility of Brian Shaw being on Mike Brown’s coaching staff. “That’s going to be up to Mike Brown, we will have some say, but we will defer to Mike Brown. Kupchak added, “He will be the person that determines who is on his coaching staff.”

Another interesting story that Kupchak mentioned was that after the Lakers got swept by the Mavericks, Phil Jackson and Kupchak looked at each other, and Jackson told Kupchak, “I felt I had to come back [this season], three in a row was just too much to pass on, but maybe I did the wrong thing”

For the entire interview with Dan Patrick and Mitch Kupchak you can download it on our partners website, AM570 KLAC (Fox Sports LA)

  • Yellow and Purple 4 Eva

    Hey Kupchak you don’t replace the “the voice of Thor” with that of a “little barnyard rooster”.  Sweet move, NOT!

  • ilikebasketball

    working under popovich and carlisle are there only things that make me a little bit positive about this decision. hearing him speak on espn though, did not make me feel good. he seems to be an ass-kisser and a bs’er. maybe that’s what mitch and jim buss liked.
    but maybe lebron is just a egomaniacal freak that there just wasn’t much that brown could do but sit back, work on d, and let lebron do what he wants on O.

    i hope mitch is right….


    we need a fast def minded backup pg.

    • Joshua Herrington

      maybe he can shape Blake into what we need. i wonder how much power he’ll have when the season starts. i hope its enough to do some good.

    • Urwrongimright

      Backup? No no no no. We need a new STARTING PG. Blake is fine for backup, but bench Fish already.

  • Wayneshardwood

    Experience is overrated most of the time. Phil, Pop, Doc, Rudy, and Riles, were all rookie coaches who took their teams to the championship and daly had 1 a season at 9-32 before taking over pistons. That pretty much says hiring an experienced coach over the last 30 years only worked for la and miami one season.

  • Richowin

    The core of this team can still win championships. Too much injuries, age, and three straight long post-seasons really tired this team out in the end. I think the team just needs to find the right pieces and with Brown’s defensive plans, I think we can do some damage. It would be great to get Howard, Paul, Williams, etc. but it’s hard to break up the three-headed beast of Bynum, Gasol, and Odom. Honestly, we need a younger and quick point guard who can penetrate and pass, a couple of solid shooters, and a young, defensive/rebounding big man behind Bynum. I’m optimistic, and as a true fan, I will roll with whatever the team decides to do. After all, management is not stupid, it’s the Lakers we’re talking here, they always get back to the top at some point.

  • laffsatu

    read PHILS  book,kobe won`t listen so does it matter?

  • Jayr_dayao

    If they want a new voice they should also change the arena announcer because he have low energy, the way he is talking is not fit with sports, too classy

  • Lkr4life

    I am not defending coach Brown but he didn’t ask to be the Laker’s coach, he was CHOSEN by the owner, Get it?  by the way i bleed purple and gold



  • 123KID

    If this is the Lakers guy, then as a TRUE LAKER FAN imma accept it. But I just hopes he accepts the challenge that everything he does will be looked at very very very closely. Im kinda excited to see how things go and who else will be on his coaching staff. And im sure we can possibly see Luke  gone this year and hopefully Blake too, and we can see Shannon, Joe Smith and Theo gone, we can see E. Banks and Caracter used a lot more, and we can get some young pieces. 

  • Anonymous

    We need new GM and Young PG. 

  • Lequang242

    Hey! If Jerry West want Mike Brown for Golden State, then this hire is fine by me. I like this new direction. The Lakers does seem very stagnant this year.

  • Guest

    Pau for K-Love, 2nd pick, and Kurt Rambis! Why can’t you trade for coaches?

  • Diegobamf

    To all the haters that don’t like the decision on hiring mike brown they are stupid the lakers got mike brown to make a change… That’s what no body gets… Were going on to a new program… One that revoves around d fence…
    Get with the program and stop hating on the the decision of dr. Buss