Lets see what the move is.

Twitter: Kupchak on Shannon Brown “still hopeful, expect resolution in a week to 10 days”

  • Drake Ramoray

    Mitch, wake up and smell the champagne. DO NOT RESIGN SHANNON BROWN! I REPEAT DO NOT RESIGN SHANNON BROWN! Resigning Shannon Brown would be a classic move by the old Mitch Kupchak ala Brian Cook, Devean George, Sasha Vujacic, and Luke Walton. Cleveland is interested in Shannon. Here’s what you need to do. Sign and trade Shannon to Cleveland for Anthony Parker. Parker makes a little over $2.8 million in what is his last year of his contract. Give Shannon the raise he wants and ship him to Cleveland for Parker because I’d rather pay Parker that amount than Shannon if you’re really serious about resigning him. Cleveland wouldn’t have to use any of their salary cap space because it would be an even trade of salaries. Shannon isn’t worth more than $2.5 let alone pay him $3 million but if Cleveland is willing to accept that for a swap of players, pull the trigger. In Cleveland, Shannon gets a chance to compete for a starting spot, he’ll get to play more minutes, and with Byron Scott coaching, he’ll be able to play in a more uptempo offense that actually suits his style rather than play in a half court set offense which doesn’t allow him to break away and throw down dunks which is what we all Laker fans know he’s only good for. Let the kid go and try to make something more of himself. If there was such a thing as a poor mans Raja Bell, that would be Anthony Parker. Although the dudes 35 years old, he’s still playing at a high level as a starter with Cleveland last year and Toronto before that. He has a sweet stroke from 3 point land, and he plays pretty solid perimeter defense. He’s also a savy vet with good characteristics that knows his role and he would be a great attribute to the Lakers bench and locker room. Plus his sister Candace plays for the Sparks and she’s really hot! All joking aside, this trade makes the most sense for both teams. Anthony Parker backing up Kobe would be just as good as if we had signed that fucker Raja Bell. Mitch, you need to make this happen. Cleveland is rebuilding and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind parting with Parker and give him a chance to go to a contender and if they believe they are getting good enough talent in return ala Shannon Brown, they’ll agree to the deal. Shannon makes them younger and more athletic and Anthony Parker just fits better in our system than Shannon does. I swear if we resign Shannon, I’ll probably cry for real. Lakersnation, say it with me……Trade For Anthony Parker! Don’t think about it, make it happen. Lots of players right now that are available for the vets minimum would be an upgrade to what Shannon could offer the Lakers. We need outside shooting, good perimeter defense, someone who doesn’t turn the ball over, and is a willing passer in the triangle because with Shannon, the ball movement usually dies when he touches it. Get Anthony Parker!

    • NBAmazingKB24

      Not so sure about Shannon also…
      The thing about him is, Phil had given him enough playing time to prove how good he is. Which he has not really proved on how good he can be (besdies his vertical leaping ability). I like to watch him on a fast break. Think that about it for me.

    • KM

      ShanWow is pretty much limited in a variety of ways, I think some of it’s hype some of it’s talent and highlight reel factor. For the most part I think anybody coming off the bench who’s a guard regardless of age, will break down sometime during the season. Anthony Parker is just as good off the fast break as Shannon is, that being the case, I will not really lose any sleep if the Lakers don’t re-sign SB. Mitch feels confident theyll resolve the SB negotiation soon, he’ll get 2mil tops, and he’s still a serviceable 2. However, if we lose him, there more replacements available so nothing to fear Laker Nation.


      Given that you have been a Mitch basher in the past why would he listen to you?

  • Drake Ramoray

    Do you think if Shannon got an offer this off season anywhere close to his asking price, he wouldn’t have accepted it already? Hey Mitch, Chicago or whoever is offering me $4 million a year or even $3 million a year multi-year contract? Can you guys match? HELL NO THAT HASN”T HAPPENED! Nobody’s offered him crap because he’s not worth that much. OK Mitch, let me get this straight, Shannon opted out of a guaranteed contract of at least $2 million looking for more money only to get no offers from other teams and yet he’s still playing hardball with the Lakers and you’re still willing to talk and listen and come to a resolution and he has no talent? He’s trying to call your bluff! I know you’re a better poker player than this. MOVE ON! TRADE HIM TO CLEVELAND FOR ANTHONY PARKER!

  • Brown Hater

    I agree trade his sorry ass to Cleveland In Parker we get a better shooter, passer, ball handler and defender what more do you want Mitch.

  • Shawn James

    Anthony Parker sucks along with everybody else at cleveland I don’t know why anybody would want him so that is a terrible idea. I think if Shannon is willing to play for the lakers for around $2.5 million a year you should sign him because he brings a lot of excitement to the lakers with his dunks and athletic ability, but if not he would probably be better off on a different team and you should do a sign and trade to get a good back up for kobe… but please not anthony parker we don’t want him in L.A.

    • KM

      “please we don’t want him in L.A.” – NO I want him in L.A. he has a sick stroke that Shannon would never touch, I think you don’t know bball. TBH

  • Brown Hater

    Shannon Brown is not worth $2.5 million he opted out looking for more money now he got nothing so he wants to come crawling back. If he really wanted to be here he would have excepted the 2 million on his contract why give him a raise when we have no need for him. A dunk is still only two points people. Adding defensive minded players that can hit outside shots is what he Lakers are looking for Parker hit 41 percent from behind the arc and can play much better defense than Brown. If he wants to come back for the vet min. fine if not I say see ya because the Lakers don’t need him.

    • Kobe 279

      he didnt opt out for more money he opt for a longer contract. everyone is saying get rid of brown he only been on our roster for 2 years give him time like we gave Bynum he deserves the same time Bynum got.

    • Short Dog

      Hey Brown Hater are you a Celtic slash Heat fan. Put your seat belt on and get ready for a fast ride to the championship – baby.

      Short Dog
      Kobe 1

      • humpinski

        Let me say this Matt Barnes is stand up, he sacrificed millions to be on this team, in a tuff financial world where people take money because they feel they have too, and shannon is greedy!!! and taking champiionships for granted!

  • laker warrior

    Everyone makes sense on not getting Shannon back.
    Hopefully Mitch sees it also.
    Every point was true no takers for him.
    Poor defense ,turnovers only can dunk.
    Way to much better talent out there than Shannon.
    Having Sasha,Shannon and Luke is a waste .

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    trade sasha in a salary dump to anyone… let shannon go… and bring in either dj strawberry or javaris crit… THATS the smart move… dj or crit won’t bitch about minutes they’ll be thankful just to be on a team… and most of sasha and brown’s minutes are going to barnes anyway… just look at my minutes average per player by position and you’ll see there is just no room for sasha or brown now that we have barnes…
    fisher (20)/ blake (26)/ ins pg (2)
    kobe (28)/ barnes (14)/ fisher (6)
    artest (30)/ barnes (10)/ Kobe (6)/ Ebanks (2)/ luke (DNP)
    Pau (24)/ LO (30)/ Caracter (2)
    Bynum (28)/ Pau (9)/ Ratliff (1)
    honestly look at this roster this is not even pushing it, its realistic if you’ve watched the lakers play… any player comming in will be nothing more than ins incase one or our 3 gaurds go down…

  • rondo

    Shannon over (Sasha overrated over paid project.) Some of you guys have a men love affair with Sasha the pretty boy! it has nothing to do with his basketball skills.

  • Kobe 279

    Sasha really never got a chance to show his talenet since Brown came ,and him feel and Phil Jackson got into a argument so he was bench i’ll say give him one mlre year sine this his contract year.

    • Showtime4eva

      No this is the wrong year to give that chance.he had the last two years an he’s gone down hill with only a glimmer here and there.

  • Brown Hater

    Brown does not deserve the same time Bynum got because big men take longer to develop. Brown is not a great shooter he’s a poor ball handler & passer & he has a low basketball IQ he is just a dunking freak, and like we saw in the dunk contest they only look good in games. Yes he is a great athlete but that does not always mean you are a great basketball player

  • some of you are idiots

    funny how one moment we are erecting websites for this guy and need this guy on our squad. but now that the Lakers have nicely filled in their weaknesses you are calling him names left and right. the guys is definitely not worth 4 million a year, maybe not even 3 million per. But the guys is a two time LAKER champ and he has contributed IN THE SEASON when kobe was hurt and has given Fisher a breather. If they resign Brown it’s not for the playoffs but for the regular season to cut down the minutes on Kobe. At 1.8 mil to 2.25 mil he has value to this team.

  • Kona

    Don’t worry Y’all he’s coming back. anyways Shannon Brown is having his championship party @ Minx in Glendale on Saturday Night 7-31-10. everyone come through. reply back if y’all are interested!

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      oh good i don’t have to keep holding my breath now… 3-peat for sure now guys… brown is coming back!!… YES!!… i can go out and buy the new nike shannon browns… they make you jump real high but you won’t be able to dribble or make the smart plays need in an offense like the triangle…

    • Drake Ramoray

      Cool I’m gonna come there with a thousand people picketing outside the club to let this fucker know we don’t want him on the Lakers anymore. Shannon Brown if you haven’t read the memo yet, everyone thinks you suck donkey balls. The only people that want you to stay in LA have no knowledge of basketball skills whatsoever. They think if someone can throw down a monster one handed dunk, you become a great basketball player! Shannon Brown, Laker fans don’t want your sorry ass!!!

  • RonTizzy

    Yeah he’s a freakish athlete but if u take a look around teams are trying to load up for us. get another need filled if we can sign & trade for someone who can give us quality mins & not just freakish (and da boy can jump) dunks I say go ahead Mitch. He already has 2 rings so im sure he would like more $. Anthony Parker would be a good look but keep tweeking the bench because that was our weakness. More talent on the bench means a better L. Odom & we all no he is key to our success. Give L. Dot more help and we will repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L8KER24

    I say bring Shannon back because he gives us momentum with his monstorous dunks!!! He’s a game changer

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    miami is hoping you girls sign sissy and that one trick pony-dunker…….

    • 6’9

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  • Brown Hater

    Hey Short Dog I have been a Lakers fan since the early 80’s. Just because I think Shannon sucks ( like a lot of people on this site) and can admit it doesn’t make me any less of a Lakers fan. I

  • laker warrior

    Ship him with Luke, for a six pack and a car wash.
    But him on the same bus as Josh ,Ammo , Mo benga Jordan.
    Add Shannon and Sasha get some quality players.

  • laker warrior

    You can get Portlands Rudy Fernadez for 1 .25 million a year.
    Way better than Shannon.
    Mitch make that trade.

    • KM

      Not happening Rudy wants to start

  • laker warrior

    He will be getting minutes Fisher is not no spring chicken.
    Blake will be playing behind Kobe or Fisher?

  • YO Lakers

    Looks like Shannon may go to the Knicks or Cavs.

    Also, they would have waived West if the Sasha trade went through.


      so because no one wants that worthless bastard we are unable to add more depth to our team. piece a shit holding back.

      • Showtime4eva

        Fuckin Sasha if we can’t trade that basterd we should inactivate him so he’s not taking up a roster spot him and Luke haunting us with they inflated contracts an shit

  • Bob R.

    Besides paying off his contract. Is there any other way, for the Lekrs to move Walton before the season opener? Thank you.