The Lakers have been playing great with the injuries, but still, no injuries would be GREAT!

L.A. Times: The injury bug stayed away from the Lakers a year ago, leaving them alone on their path to a 15th NBA championship.

Kobe Bryant played all 82 regular-season games, as did Derek Fisher and Trevor Ariza. Pau Gasol missed one game. Lamar Odom missed four.

Andrew Bynum’s knee was their only injury of note, keeping him out of 32 games, but it’s been a different story this season.

Gasol has already missed 17 games because of hamstring injuries. Ron Artest missed five games because of a concussion. Bynum has missed three games and Bryant has now missed two games because of a sprained left ankle.

The Lakers are getting nickel-and-dimed by injuries, a five-gamer here, a 10-gamer there.

“When it rains, it pours,” Odom said. “With all the games we play and how much we practice, it’s kind of bound to happen. It’s just when and who it happens to.”

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