Mike Miller has an interest in playing with the Lakers.

TruthAboutIt.com: Miller’s brother, Ryan, currently an assistant coach at New Mexico, tells Whitney, “It’s very important for him to find a team that’s committed to winning and winning now.” And Mike reaffirmed the type of team he wants to play for by saying, “Playing with LeBron would be great, playing with the Lakers would be great – just teams that you know are going to be there.” Again, not a category that houses the Wizards.

  • Francesco_T

    Haven’t really seen him play in a while, can he still shoot the 3 as good as he use to?

    • Monkija87

      he’s definitely got a sweet stroke, a poor man’s Ray Allen. He’s just really bad defensively. Kyle Korver would be a much better option..

      • Monkija87

        that is, if they’re looking for that type of player to begin with. I’d start with strengthening the squad with an athletic 6-7 to 6-9 player.

  • Monkija87

    Miller is a slightly better shooter, but much better at coming off screens than Sasha. But do the Lakers honestly need another player, from whom to run plays for? Sasha is also a better defensive player, especially off the ball.

    Unless the Lakers trade Bynum and Sasha for Bosh and resign Farmar, Brown AND Fisher, this really would be a dumb signing. The Lakers need to use their MLE for an athletic SF, who can also occasionally spread the floor. Someone who limits Ron’s minutes. If they end up using it at all, since they’ll be way into the Luxury Tax levels anyway.

    I really hope Brown uses his player option and Fisher takes a pay-cut. It’s more than understandable that the players want to get paid, but this team could be unbeatable if the whole team returns, and Buss would be willing to use the MLE for a new face. But no will that happen, Brown and Farmar ask for pay increases and Fisher wants, what he made last year.

    • Monkija87

      that last sentence wasn’t English:
      No way will that happen, most likely Brown and Farmar ask for pay increases and Fisher wants, what he made last year.

      • laker fan

        that still wasn’t English

        • Monkija87

          yeah i’m definitely having trouble today, maybe i should just shut my mouth for once. :)

          • gameplan

            step out of the faculty room so we can say whatever comment we want.


    Here they come!!!! All the NBA players wanting to play for the champs. They all wanna ride Kobe’s coattails; ride that Laker freight train. Take a number Mike Miller hahaha! FCUK THEM ALL!!!! If they really wanna play for the champs, take a pay cut or GTFO!
    LOL well seriously, they need to focus more on improving the bench. The starters are all locked up including LO but excluding Fish. They really need to re-sign Fish and improve that bench!

  • domz

    There are plenty of wing players our FA can consider aside from Miller:

    Dorrell Wright (RFA though but unlikely to be signed back by the Heat)
    Travis Outlaw
    Rasual Butler
    Kyle Korver
    Ime Udoka

  • lakers0828

    Doesn’t it Feel great To be a Laker Right now and all these Free agents and players wanting To be a Laker lol Man I say Lets do it Mitch lol !!

  • Touch ME

    Ill take Mike Miller

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    def has the versatility of a guard-forward. and i think with teamates like fisher, kobe, former teamate pau, and a coach like phil, he would work hard and play like he used to.

  • JJ Stevens

    mike miller would be a great addition to the lakers. him or tracy mcgrady would be perfect off the bench. It seems like mcgrady wants to come to la as well.


  • m1k3

    Bring him in

  • GO247

    I would want Travis Outlaw , Rasual Butler or Raymond Felton with the MLE. Those are my three targets. Everyone else take a pay cut. Want a ring ? Take the Vet min

    • Monkija87

      exactly! well said!


        Travis Outlaw would be great, if hes healthy. Portland let him go due to the severity of his last injury. He wasnt the same player last year playing for Clippers. But, I will take him over a healthy Luke Walton anytime. Outlaw!

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Don’t even think about including Bynum in ANY trade discussions. We all know that Gasol plays 10 times better when is has an advantage at the PF position and BYNUM was GREAT in helping us win banner #16.
    STFU and let bynum be.

    • Monkija87

      i just want to see a whole season from him. no question is he a warrior for gutting him out and that is definitely part of the reason why banner no 16 is going up. i wouldn’t trade him, unless it’s for bosh. bosh and dwight howard are the only players i can say that about.

      • Monkija87

        ‘gutting IT out

    • LakerNationCitizen

      100% with you there!! Especially now that he’s finally found passion for the game. I’m sure he’ll work his butt off to make sure he doesn’t injure so easily. He also now knows how to play WITH injuries.

  • kobez

    Im kind of undecided on this one. Hes a proven shooter who can put up at least 10 point or more off the bench. Energy player who plays tough. How bout adding ridnour or blake?

    Can someone explain how we can afford either Miller or Mcgrady. And can we sign both? If we sign one of them , then can we still sign ridnour or blake?

  • Drake Ramoray

    Who the fu ck does Mike Miller think he is? I coulda swore his name wasn’t Reggie. Playing with Lebron would be great? If you wanna play with Lebron go fu ckin play with that loser then. Playing with the Lakers would be great? Oh no you didn’t!!!! Playing with the Lakers would be an honor for you if they even considered you as someone who could contribute. You wish you could play for the Lakers! You’ve accomplished sh it except having the ability to make 3 pointers. I would take Kyle Korver, or JJ Reddick, or even Jason Kappono before even giving you a first thought. This guys a washed up scrub as well as TMAC!

  • Jabba

    Would Mike Miller really be much better than contract year-Sasha? I think not.

  • Rio Rondo

    boston celtics 2011 nba champs!

    • tradesasha

      suck it rio, get out!!!

    • L.Alaker_show

      los angeles lakers 2010 champs the favorites next year respect us we earned it

  • jonb

    i like sasha better, plus we already have sasha and wouldn’t need to pay for one. Beside Mike Miller seems to be ALWAYS injured, at least last year he was. Not interested, let’s get a PG first please.

  • iiTzDanny

    Get T-Mac instead!

  • xxv112002

    Since Josh Powell & Mbenga will not be coming back, Lakers need help in the paint. Lakers need to sign Brendan Haywood.
    He would be a good starter or backup to Bynum. He is 7ft great shot blocker/rebounder. Especially since Bynum is always injured. If the price is too high, Lakers can turn to Jermaine O’neal.
    Dude still have game. 7ft good shot blocker/rebounder. He is Ron’s & Kobe’s close friend and I remember Ron Ron confessing just recently he felt like a coward bailing out on him and the Indiana Pacers. But if Lakers still can’t afford him, they need to look for Kurt Thomas. Dude can still rebound. Last year he averaged 9 rebounds per game.
    Lakers need Steve Blake or Earl Watson. They don’t need to purchase a SF. They got Ron Ron and Walton. They have 2 draft picks this year. They can get a SF there. The frontline is more important than a SF because Gasol will continually get pushed around and he plays better at PF!

  • RealTalkLA

    LoL @ the Lakers bench could be Shannon Brown,T-Mac,L-O,ShaQ

  • RealTalkLA

    LoL @ the Lakers bench could be Shannon Brown,T-Mac,L-O,ShaQ……..forgot MIKE MILLER


  • Laker s Army

    Snack wants to come back as a laker to retire his number. T mac canstill play Redick for sure he kept Orlando alive. Miller is good also can shot the ball .
    But probably equal to Sasha . Sasha better on d .
    Luke Renoir is washed up. Okedwa is a anilmal
    Kobe really dosent like him.
    Travis Outlaw cant see him as a fit.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Never gets old: “Do it Mitch!”

    Not a fan of Mike Miller, but we already have Sasha who can defend and hit 3’s!

    MM would probably ask for the entire MLE.
    As where, Shaq and Tmac could Split the MLE.

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    No, just like Tmac..get the fck out of here, were perfectly fine with our current roster as you saw Thursday

  • Lakeshow lovr

    10-11 Los Angeles Lakers
    PG- ? Backup-Derek Fisher 3rd-Draft Pick
    SG-Kobe Bryant Backup- Mike Miller 3rd-Sasha Vujacic
    SF- Ron Artest Backup- Tracy McGrady 3rd-Luke Walton
    PF- Pau Gasol Backup-Lamar Odom
    C-Andrew Bynum Backup- Draft Pick or Free Agent
    We have like 2 draft picks to use so I would rather use those 2 picks, get them for cheap, improve them, then give them the money. Isn’t that what we did for Bynum? T-Mac has all the money he wants and all he wants is a ring and so does Mike Miller, isn’t this what the Celtics do in 08? and we can still pick up a PG if we still have extra cash to splash. And we would also have 2 roster spots to use during the season or if we need insurance for Bynum or any other injuries

    • Lakeshow lovr

      o for the 3rd string for PF I forgot to put Josh Powell

  • dingulus

    Mike Miller vs. Sasha…?
    You guys are all high.

    Sasha is a worthless defender and worthless rebounder. Miller is average defender and above average rebounder for a 2/3.

    Miller can also create his own shot better than Sasha, take a jumper off the dribble OVER someone, and is a much better passer and team guy than Vujacic.

    The ONLY think Sasha does better is pretend to pressure the 2nd unit PG and play defense… and I mean pretend because he is not effective and when he gets ‘tough’ Sasha has the IQ of RonRons big toe and gets 3 fouls in 3 minutes.

    Seriously, if the choice is between those two I’d take Mike Miller every time.