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In the wake of Lakers forward, Metta World Peace’s 7 game suspension, Lakers head coach Mike Brown joined The Dan Patrick Show to give his thoughts on the suspension and also discuss how the loss of Metta will affect the Lakers lineup as they move forward into the postseason. Here are a few highlights from Brown’s interview:


What do you think of the 7 game suspension?

It was in the NBA’s hands and they’re the disciplinary group for stuff like that so whatever I felt that they deemed was necessary for the punishment, I felt that Metta and our organization would definitely abide by it.”

Did you speak to Commissioner David Stern at all about this?

I did not. I know when the punishment was handed out they spoke with Mitch Kupchak about it and Mitch just passed the information along to me.”

How is Ron (Metta) dealing with this?

I did not speak to him. We got done practicing [yesterday]and then he left, and I left. I did not speak to him after he heard about the time and length of the suspension but from my understanding he’s doing ok.”

How will the team adjust with him out of the lineup?

We’ll try not to do too much differently. Devin Ebanks has got some key minutes while Kobe was on the shelf for 6 or 7 games. He started at the 2 guard spot when Kobe was out. Now he’ll start at the small forward until Metta gets back.”

Have you spoken to Ron [Metta]?

Not since the 7 game suspension has come out, I have not spoken with him. We have exchanged texts, but I have not spoken with him.”

What does the suspension entail?

From my understanding he has to be out of the arena that we play in 2 hours prior we tip-off. So he can travel with us, he can practice with us, he can come to shootarounds, team meetings on the road…Obviously he cant be in there during the game and other than that he’s fine to be around us.”

What was the locker room like after the Oklahoma City game?

I know everybody was hoping James [Harden] was ok. And this was the tough part for me was I was asked in the 3rd quarter what I thought about the incident….I didn’t see it, I was looking down at the he other end on our transition defense….I saw the commotion and kind of got word of mouth what happened…I didn’t see it until after the game in terms of the replay. …Metta said himself that he shouldn’t have done it and I agree he shouldn’t have done it…so for me after the game I was talking about more the win and what certain guys did well for us more than anything else.”

How is Kobe as an assistant coach?

[laugh] He’s great. I’ve said all along he can be an assistant or head coach but he just might not be able to afford the luxuries that he enjoys in life.[laugh]”

Why don’t great players always make great head coaches?

Great players do work hard and I think that’s a misnomer; that everybody thinks that it all comes natural for them, but they work their tails off in order to be great. And a guy like Kobe or Lebron, you guys like Michael [Jordan], Magic [Johnson], Larry [Bird], when things comes that easy for them because of their intellect, their feel, their work ethic and their talent, when guys dont understand when you’ve told him for the 3rd time in 2 minutes, they don’t get it right, yes it can be very frustrating for them and that can cause them to not want to coach.”

Mike Brown also talks about his funniest Shaq story (Brown was Shaq’s head coach in Cleveland for most of the 2009-10 season), fining himself for being late to team practices and who he thinks the NBA MVP is. The entire interview can be heard here.