Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The finger pointing begins.

At 0-3, the Lakers are off to their worst start in over 30 years. With this unusually slow start to a Lakers season, fans have started to play the blame game already.

Some have blamed the new offense for the team’s struggles, other have questioned the lack of production from the bench, and some have gone as far as blaming the team’s chemistry for the terrible start.

But in the midst of all the finger pointing, anger, and confusion, there is another person who also shares blame for the winless start: Mike Brown.

This is something Brown has become all too familiar with since joining the Laker family. Even before his first game as a Laker coach, the man dealt with criticism and controversy. Some of it was excessive, but some was earned.

After all, the coach has led the all-star filled Lakers to two consecutive seasons with at least an 0-2 start.  Since his reign, his teams have been stagnant offensively. To the surprise of many, even this year’s team has struggled to score despite the fact that the new Princeton Offensive was implemented to make the Lakers’ execution more fluid.

Fans have been outspoken about the lack of rhythm in Brown’s offense. This season, the shot clock has constantly ticked down to the final seconds during each of the team’s possessions. There have also been far too many turnovers in the first three games which led to inevitable fast-break points. To top it all off, the Lakers are currently ranked 13th in the NBA in points per game with 97.3.

The team is nowhere close to the offensively-charged powerhouse that many were expecting.

Even Brown, himself, has acknowledged his team’s poor execution offensively.

“For some reason, offensively, we’ll bog down and keep the ball on one side of the floor — which is never good for us — and take a bad shot,” he explained. “We have to be able to find ways to sustain whatever we’re doing out there within our offense and within our defense for longer periods of time.”

Whatever the reason, the Lakers have to find a way to fix their problems.

The Lakers haven’t had a win all season. They were 0-8 in the exhibition games and are 0-3 in the regular season games now. With this terrible start, some fans are even calling for Brown’s resignation.

It remains unclear if the front office is contemplating the same thing. Whether or not that happens, the reality is that it’s time to step up, Mike Brown. For the sake of your job and for the sake of the team, it’s time to win now.