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The 2011-12 season is definitely a season Derek Fisher has never experienced before.

He is coming off an 149 day lockout in which he played the role of the Players Association President. Spending marathon sessions in the negotiating room, in what was considered a very exhausting process.

Now at 37 years old, Fisher enters a season where it is not known if the Lakers, and head coach Mike Brown, feel Fisher can still lead this team at the starting point guard position.

Mike Brown was asked on Friday what role Fisher will play in his offense, and if he will be the starter:

“His role will predominately be the same.” Brown said.  When asked if Fisher will be the starting point guard Brown said, “Possibly, I think when we get to camp and everything shakes out I will have a better feel.”

Can the Lakers get by with starting Derek Fisher with the condensed 66 game season? Or is it time to bring him off the bench? Answer below!

Can the Lakers win a championship with Derek Fisher as the starting point guard?

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  • Guest

    can the lakers win with magic johnson at point guard?  point is: that you’re too old and too slow is no indictment on you as a person and no taint on your legacy, derek.  step down already.

  • Tyree

    NO NO NO NO!…………….Give Darius A shot He MIGHT be Our Rondo when it’s said and done

  • Cathie Smith

    derek did more damage to the jazz when he played for them..he always wanted to retire a is his time to do so

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  • Teeeeoff

    He can still play, a little slower, but more savvy. With the talent the Lakers have he doesn’t have to dominate, just run the team.