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Kobe Bryant and Mike Brown have talked multiple times on the phone, and have even met in person. However,  Bryant has yet to come out publicly and say anything about his new head coach.

When asked about the hire at a charity event Bryant said, “Right now is not the time nor the place.”

It begs the question when the “right time” will come for Bryant, but according to Mike Brown the silence does not bother him at all:

“I’m more than OK with it,” Brown said of Bryant’s near month-long silence since Brown was hired in late May.

Brown also elaborated on his face to face meeting with Bryant:

“I felt good about it,” Brown said of his second meeting with Bryant at the Lakers’ practice facility several weeks ago when the pair went over Brown’s coaching philosophies on the court. “From my perspective [it went well]. … We talked a little offense, talked a little defense, we talked about each other’s families. … Just basic stuff.”

It has been reported that Brown has met with several players. For Brown it is important to get to know his team as much as possible, as the looming lockout would prevent him from having any contact with Lakers players.

  • JimHopkins

    What else is he going to say?

  • Anonymous


  • Cecil

    Plain silly how they are beating this to death. Enough already.

  • laffsatu

    kobes such a great guy….way to go kobe.

  • Kurarj

    Omg! I hate Brown’s face when he’s laughing!

  • Cody

    I would be silent to if my GM went and signed a different coach about two weeks after being eliminated from the post season, and not giving the guy who has brought 5 NBA championships to your team in the past 10 years, and is no question about it the greatest coach in sports history a chance to decide that he loves the game so much and the group of guys he coaches that he might want to come back and do it again. That’s just my opinion tho……

  • zacharymatthews

    itz very dumb of the lakers GM and mr. buss nt to ask kobe and fisher to c who dey pick for the new head coach of the LA. Lakers… i would of kept Mr. Shaw for Hd…

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    Bryant is still pissed off.