More minutes for Bynum, right?

L.A. Times: Lakers center Chris Mihm will be sidelined three to four weeks because of a sore Achilles in his right foot that will require weekly sonar-wave treatments.

Mihm, 28, who has had two surgeries on his right ankle, has not played recently because of bursitis and soreness in his his right heel.

Mihm, who missed all of last season, has averaged 4.1 points and 3.7 rebounds this season. He has played in 19 of the Lakers’ 30 games.

  • lakersfan17

    Yeah I just posted this in the shoutbox, well he has not been playing good at all so this really doesn’t surprise me, with Kwame back I could really don’t mind him being out for such a long time.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    who gives a fuck

  • lakerschamps08

    oh well he prob out for year but can he help us anyway.. idk????

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Mihm should retire. With that ankle injury, he will never be the same. Lakers might want to buy out Mihm’s two year contract (only 1 year left after this) and look for another big.

  • kb24 4life

    i think phil will give andrew around 30 minutes and kwame around 20 minutes…

    but keep drew in the starting five…

  • Neo-Laker Era

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    You must be a Celtics fan, freakin’ jerk. Go hop on that bandwagon. We don’t need people like you here.

  • lakers4life

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    seriously its the guys job, i wanna see u go play with that pain

  • Fred A.
  • MILO

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    Looks good but i dont think Toronto would give up Jason i would not mind getting him to the Lakers

  • pjt

    Mitch, we should have used the money elsewhere????? Are there any stars out there that want to go to thier owner and tell him to make a trade with the Lakers??? What super star wants to win a Championship with Kobe…I would think there are going to be some good players available, who will.

  • DBricks

    Much why people cringed when we resigned this guy for another year. He was never 100% to begin with, and who knows when he will be. I much rather have a servicable big man and pay him the minimum. Just a guy that can give us 5-8 minutes a game in garbage time. But, we resigned Mihm who has shown he can play, however he hasnt “played” in the last two years!

  • pjt

    I say Farmar, and K. Brown for Artest…and if Sac wants a number one…throw that in too. Phil has said he can coach Artest….

  • Ignard

    Chris Mihm is the new Brian Cook

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    Artest had elbow surgery today and is out 3-4 weeks. He also said he would welcome a trade to NY. If Artest wants to be traded, Sac isn’t going to send him to L.A. (their division rivals), they would much rather send him back east.

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    i like the farmar and brown for ARTEST.
    but thats doubtful and the trade machine made was good..
    but i doubt toronto is gonna give up chris bosh…

    Anyways i really dont care for mihm in all honesty.
    but good luck with him.
    and we need 1 more trade, 1 more step to become contenders…


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  • 187 ON BOSTON



  • lakerboi

    He was not playing anyway. Kwame better not get hurt, or this will hurt us like last year.

  • lakerfan81

    His small contract was not a bad one. 2.2M for this year and a player option for 2.5M next year is a very small amount for a 7 footer. It was not like he was given a 3-4 year deal. I don’t think signing him was a bad move even if he doesn’t play the rest of the year.


    What are we going to do without Mimh for 3-4 weeks? Who is going to keep the pine warm for kobe?

  • Ignard

    Even if Kwame get hurt and we all know he will, Ronny can handle the back up duties. Let’s just hope Drew doesn’t catch the Brownwaltonmihmodommcgrady disease that comes around every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • laker,laker

    Trade for chris wilcox, he’s the missing piece!
    We need a big body, rebounder, someone who will knock someone on their ass when the tony parkers and allen iversons take it to the hoop on us.
    Try and send brown and farmer, not any core players.
    PG Fish
    SG Kobe
    SF LO/Ariza
    PF Wilcox
    C Bynum
    Bench: LO/Ariza, Turiaf, Critt, Radmanovich, Vujajic

    or just send odom straight-up:
    starters: fish kobe ariza wilcox bynum
    bench: farmar critt radmanovich turiaf brown

    He has the build and attitude this team needs, and i think he’s worth making a trade for.

  • RoWyN

    I’m just curious, shouldn’t we get Webber? I know he’s not even half of C-Webb from back in the days but he might be able to help Ronnie and Bynum experience-wise in the frontcourt.

  • http://myspace lakers4lyfe


  • mr47

    Webber would more than likely be a waste of time now. I wouldn’t want to take my chances…plus, no way he accepts a piece of the MLE…a small piece.

    I’ve actually had some issues with Mihm for a while. He got hurt, he got paid for nothing, then he comes in and starts demanding a lot of money. He wanted the full MLE! No doubt this guy would have been another bust for mitch, now he makes more than turiaf and doesn’t deserve it. Maybe when he gets to 100% he can be a decent backup for drew or kwame. I’ve never been impressed by Mihm so until he shows signs of anything, i’ll keep my issues.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

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    You Must be pretty dumb to think I like the Celtics just because i dont like Mihm, Dum Bitcch


    Kwame and Mihm for JO(You have to admit he has been ballin’ as of late),don’t know if this would work but DAMN,if the Lakers get’em(or when),UNSTOPPABLE.TRUE LAKER FANS DON’T RELY ON ESPN TRADE MACHINE,WE JUST SAY WANT B.COOK GONE AND… get the picture.The trophy comes back with this,DF/KB/LO/JO/AB.Get C.Maggette OFF THE CLIPPERS,HE BELONGS WITH THE LAKERS.The Pack Rulez!!!

  • LakerzFanatik

    Mihm is going to be out for a month, so the Lakers should sign WEBBER…
    They also need to see if they could get Thomas out of Seattle for Kwame.
    The Lakers would have Webber, Thomas, and Turiaf all who could play the 4 or the 5..Webber can bring offense pull down boards and has the ability to make passes, Thomas will bring defense and rebounding. Plus Webber and Thomas also bring that Veteran Experience and Leadership that the Lakers will need to succeed… Also the Lakers need to see if they can upgrade their backup to Kobe, but right now the forward and center position are more of a glaring need…

  • LakerzFanatik

    Radmanovic injured.. Just a sprain but knowing him he will be out a few games as well.


    Mihm needs to go. He’s worthless, plays like garbage, and he is constantly injured.

  • Ignard

    Rad has: Lukwamodomitis

  • Ignard

    Pronounced (Lu-Kwam-Odom-itis)

  • Ignard

    correction: (Lu-Kwam-Odo-Mitis)

  • two0one7

    I’m not surprised by the immature comments on here. Anyways, hope Chris gets healthy again. He was a very servicable center before he went down.


    2 or 3 weeks?That right there tells he’ll probably be traded.So I agree The Lakers should go after C.Webb,NOW!

  • Fred A.
  • somelakerfan1
  • Ignard

    Why would Toronto do THAT trade? Bosh is better than EVERY player involved. It would be one the worst trades in the HISTORY of the NBA/sports, not to mention it makes NO SENSE for the Raptors.

  • nkj

    si se puede gorda

  • k0be da 1 andonly

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    Why the **** would TORONTO DO THAT

  • BringDFishBack

    Sasha, Vladi, and Odom out tonight too.