Kobe brings up a very interesting perspective on what Michael Jackson meant to him…

Press Enterprise: “He was extremely inspirational for me on a personal level because he helped me to understand it was OK to be different,” Bryant said. “When I say different, I mean different in the sense of being obsessed with your craft, paying attention to the details, and working your tail off day in and day out and being consumed with what you do. He made me feel it was OK to be that way and helped mentor me in that department.”

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    That’s good kobe has much respect on Michael Jackson. I’m a producer and I have to admit Michael Jackson influenced me to make better music because his music was just astonishing.

  • Angie in Anaheim

    I am 38 and grew up listening to Michael Jackson. It is not that he is dead that is making me sad, it is the fact that he never got to hear from everybody what a genius he truly was. If you listen to any of the top 10 artist today, it is hard to not hear a bit of Michael Jackson in each and every song. NE-YO, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, USHER and CHRIS BROWN are just a few of the many who are what they are today because of the great music MJ was able to write, sing and dance too. I remember whole summers of making up dance routines with my friends to OFF THE WALL songs. I also remember like it was yesterday the preimere of THRILLER on MTV (when they actually played videos).

  • http://massmovementtv.blogspot.com Dj Cno

    Word. That’s why these two are the greatest at what they do.

  • http://chebamm.tumblr.com/ Cheryle

    Very interesting indeed. RIP MJ. Inspiration. <3

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  • Dragon

    Michael is the reason I got into loving dancing and music he was amazing of how he can get anyone into his music. No matter how old are you or what type of music your into he made you wanna get with his beat. I grew up loving all his music and now he finally can be free from the media and all the name calling. RIP Mike…

  • alex

    long live the king of pop, his innovations, and his legacy. he changed the face of music and its a shame that he didnt get to experience the love that so many possessed for him during the last few years of his life. RIP

  • Wilt

    He was a weirdo and a pervert who did things to little kids, he is not Jesus Christ everyone. Billy Mays death is more sad he was a good family man and was a positive person.