Well now it seems that Riley is pursuing Fisher.

ESPN: Lakers free agent point guard Derek Fisher has a meeting scheduled with Miami Heat president Pat Riley on Saturday, according to a source close to the situation. Fisher’s preference remains to re-sign with the Lakers, but he feels the need to explore his options and listen to Riley’s pitch after the Heat landed free agents LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Mike Miller this week.

According to a source, negotiations between Fisher and the Lakers have remained positive and the team has put an offer on the table that was stronger than what’s been previously reported (one year, $2.5 million). Fisher returned from a trip to China on Wednesday, but he’s had several conversations with both Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and Riley.

  • Ron Artesticles & Lamar Scrotum

    Fish is coming back, he knows better.

    • chachi

      He’ll be back
      I’m sure he’s going to meet with Riley to give the lakers the inside scoop

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Hell No!!!! Fisher must resign!!! Riley can’t buy him either!!!

  • LakersReloaded

    KoBE is Watching! and he is fuming. He will come back stronger than ever.
    Kobe VS. WADE/ Lebron/Bosh
    when its all said and done Kobe will be ‘Emperor Mamba’

    • PRLaker

      “emperor mamba”. good one.

    • islandgirl024

      Like that title!! – Pretty cool! … Tuned in to the “decision” and what a joke! – Princess James couldn’t win a title in Cleveland in the last 7 years that he was there, but is already promising 7 titles for Miami?! Please!!

      Does he forget that all NBA titles have to go through the City of Los Angeles first?! … And there is NO WAY that our “Emperor Mamba” is going to let go of the 3-Peat that is to come in 2011!

      I mean, LeBron, get real because now you have to share your spotlight with two other stars and first and foremost, you ARE NOT the top dog of this team – Dwayne Wade is!!!

      Lakers’ #17 championship to come!

  • http://nba.com John Robertson

    Oh no, we should bring back D-Fish…

  • 09-10-11champs!

    they can talk… about the weather or the recession!
    but not about signing with them! FISH IS COMING BACK

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    Fisher better come back. Riley really has no class … going after a key piece of our championship team.

  • http://lexworld Lex

    I don’t gave a damn. stop ffuckking around and sign T.mac

  • http://lexworld Lex

    as i always said Labron is Scottie Pippen

  • Michael

    LAKERS NEED TO START SIGNING GUYS NOW!!!!! Come on Mitch Build up the team now

    • Fact

      ^^ Example of a Laker fan in panic

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Come down bit-ches.
    Fish will be back. At the 11th hour Dr. Buss will open the wallet, he knows how valuable Fisher is.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    I hate Riley… last year tried to steal odom this year trying to steal fish. FUCK YOU RILEY

  • venkiey

    I thought Fisher left Jazz to sign with Lakers to find better treatment for his daughter. How can he go to Miami now?
    Am I missing something?

    • Schism

      The bulk of his daughter’s treatment in over. Her eye is better and she is regaining vision. Its just aftercare, and checkups which can be adminstered anywhere.

  • Touch ME

    If Fish wanted to stay why would he be meeting with Miami. For goodness sake we signed Steve Blake to 4 mil before we sign Fish to supposedly 2.5 mil. Pat Riley already destroyed and raped the Lakers future by alrsigning LBJ and Bosh and now he will take Fisher from us.

    • Lakers_The_Truth

      GTFOH Laker hater!

      • Wilt

        touch me how do you type while wearing that special jacket that you are forced to wear?

    • PRLaker

      the heat wont win shit next year, wait and see, the lakers will celebrate while “princess James cries”

  • http://adayinthelifeofthefly.blogspot.com/ Louis

    People keep saying don’t worry he’s coming back; Mitch knows what he’s doing and etc. etc. We need to start signing people now. Before they can even think about the heat. We at least need to keep the Championship team together. I think Fish is coming back but the more we mistreat and push him away the sweeter it sounds for him to play for Pat Riley. Just saying lets just do what we gotta do, Kobe’s gonna live in the Gym this season anyway but lets give him the comfort of knowing he still has a great team behind him

  • Lakers#1

    i am really getting nervous now…it seems like every fucking guy is going to miami, or thinking about going there. what the fuck?? and there is a rumor today that shaq is headed back there for the vet min?? if that happened, they’d be unbeatable!!
    are the lakers fucked now? whom do you guys think the lakers will get in the next few weeks? will we get fish back and some quality vets?

  • bogoyme

    Riley is still bitter over his Laker days when he got duped. He is building a team to destroy our reign. Can’t you see the way he builds this Heat team, almost IN THE IMAGE of the ALMIGHTY LAKERS… He can die tryin’.. I smell 3peat baby!!! DFish don’t play w/ those guy, he’s just gonna dump after you’re done, stay w/ the Lakers and you’ll soon be part of the legendary lore

  • Kobe4Life

    If we can resign Fisher, and then sign McGrady and possibly Matt Barnes, we will three-peat with no problem!

  • mr.laker

    Riley is pissin me off…. ill kill that old bastard

    • 3peat

      Hahaha Im with u bro. u kill Riley and I’ll kill LeBUM. lol

  • jaydubb415

    Honestly i’m at the ”point”were i’m like ”fuck” derrick fisher,some may exception with that ”comment”but i don’t care.Kobe and the rest of the lakers took ”utah fans”booing fisher ”personal”n made sure they ”paid 4 that”but who knows maybe ”they ”were onto something”,now i know the move was 4 ”fisher’s daughter”but what he’s doing now isn’t about his ”daughter its about him”so if he ”takes riley’s offer fuck him”n ”fuck him”4 taking that meeting ,yea i know ”its buisiness”but i considered fisher ”family”just like ”phil n kobe”feels so ”fuck buisness”n fuck fisher 4 making it ”buisiness”.And its time 2 start ”turning the page on fisher anyway”all the long series we had in the play-offs alot of it had 2 do with fisher getting ”abused”by ”younger n faster”PGs so this can be a ”blessing n disguise”,n please stop the ”whineing”like we can’t win with-out him ”we can n we will”so stop the ”begging please”

    • Rio Rondo

      yes fisher is a asshole just like lebronze fuck fish

  • loon

    why wont fisher look elsewhere when kobe and gasol are unwilling to take a paycut. kobe is gonna make over 25million next year and gasol is gonna make over 20million. all the big name players are taking a paycut except our guys ihere.

    • PRLaker

      That’s because Princess james is willing to suck any dick to win

    • 242LakerFan

      No, Kobe’s salary for this coming season is under 25mil and Pau comes in at under 18mil. If I were either one, I’d take a cut to keep Fish, but you can make your point without overstating the numbers and saying completely untrue things like “All the big name players are taking a pay cut”. Who’s taken a pay cut? And how do you know that Kobe won’t or wouldn’t? It hasn’t come to that yet. The team is still talking and this meeting with Riley is something anyone would do in any job to provide incentive for your current employer to cough up more dough.
      Relax. It’s not time to panic quite yet.

  • Gino

    damn you mitch. WTH!!! if we had no problems paying jerk off scrubs like kwame and smush parker, and this past year sasha and luke, then we need to dish out the money for a dude who actually did stuff for us to help build our dynasty. let’s end the foolishness and sign fish already damn it!

  • rynorod32

    Fish knows better. He’ll blow his chance working for the Lakers once he retires. He def. wants to work for the Laker organization once it’s all said and done. Joining the “enemy” will not be smart at all.

  • Messenjah

    He’s not going anywhere, kobe’s gonna make sure he stays here.

  • 6’9

    Pat Riley a Bitch Heat first gotta get past the Magic and celtics BUT WAIT The Bulls are coming they just signed Redick and Korver with the addition of Boozer Bulls could upset a team in the east

    BUT Fish better stay! Fuck the Heat

  • BEC

    This is just plain stupid. Fisher is NOT going anywhere. Fisher is just trying to get as much money as he can from the Lakers by doing this.

    Next years cap is under $58 and roughly $46-47 mil of that goes to the trio and chalmers and thats not including beasleys or millers expected $5mil salary. Which really only leaves them $5 mil to sign anyone really. They still need a roster of 13 to make a team. And Riley isn’t stupid to give all that remaining 5mil in cap to just fisher.

    Only reason fish would leave is for significantly more money and theres no way he’s geting that with Miami.

    • Truth

      Yes Fish can stay with the Lakers but as a business move it carries a lot of risk. I see the Lakers rebuilding and Fisher isn’t getting any younger. Miamis is on top and committed to staying there. Why do you think Phil is leaving? Why do you think Labron took the deal? Fish could play a reserve role with Miami (less money) and with less playing time last longer and get 3-4 more rings. He could opt out anytime for a sweet deal with any another team. Riley should get Fish because Riley knows he has something to offer. Fish is a winner not nothing but loyal.

  • D-Fish

    Don’t worry LA fans!!! Mitch is sending me in as a spy. I’m going to find out how they intend on beating the Lakers next season.

    • iiTzDanny


  • Gotta Admit

    just chill out he is just using mia as a bargaining chip so the lakers will stop low balling him he will end up bac in LA fish has more class then that.. he wont leave

  • NY’s Biggest Laker fan

    No way D-fish would betray us and sign with the heat, he got alot more loyalty and lebron ( i know it dont take much) on another note i really think we should get shaq for a backup center, he would be solid off bench and him and kobe can coexist now that kobe is leader and got more rings, and most important it would take over sportscenter and would not have to listen about the dream team in miami anymore

  • inverse

    Lakers will resign Fish. Ive been sayng this for the past month, once lakers resign fish, then theyll proceed with giving t-mac the minimum. They’ll sign our two rookies (who, btw looked really good in summer league) and maybe bring back mbenga. This is what the roster will look like


    Thats a solid 8-9 man rotation right there, bringing t-mac, LO and Fisher off the bench, and maybe sasha. This team definitely has more pieces than Miami will be able to put out there

    • Get Settled

      yeah thats an accurate rotation right there. As far as shannon is concerned he hasn’t gauged any real interest of late so dont rule him coming back, but who would you rather have shannon brown or t mac for the same price? Shannon can still come into his own this year 1 more year under the tutelage of phil and the staff.. Or Tracy or even perhaps an Allen Iverson maybe if he truly changed his ways like he claims. Even going as far as tweeting that he’d like to join and play in any capacity is sort of intriguing. He most likely can put $13M a season type numbers if he busted his ass in practice and in the off season, and if he really meant it when he said he wanted to win. we’ll have to wait and see what else happens, it seems raja is already going to the heat by the looks of it.

  • Patrick Bateman

    I had a vision last night, and that vision was the Heat had met the Lakers in the Finals, and the Heat had homecourt advantage and were the media favorite to win the title, BUT THEN KOBE and the LAKERS brought them to Reality with a Game 6 WIn, on the road, IN MIAMI for a 3 peat.

  • ray diaz

    Why are they calling lebron king james? Aren’t you sapposed to have a kingdom or better yet a crown to be called a king? Get real lebron fans he is far from being a king he has niether! Come on people quit trying to give up kingship with allow them to earn it!

  • http://www.Hehatemealotbiatch.com hehatemealot

    If Derek Fisher signs with Heat it’s over. Lakers cannot afford to lose him. Say it aint so Fisher. By the way we are still the champs. Rings are not won in the offseason. Fck the Heat.

  • LakersMike31

    Riley’s pretty slick. We’ll see what comes of this. If I were Derek, I’d definitely have to consider this. That Heat team has the potential to be special. I think the Laker’s will be banking on their size advantage when playing this team. Let’s face it, Kobe will be negated by the duo of LeBron AND Wade (neither can consistently beat him alone, but together?) That means, the Laker’s hopes of beating this team, should they meet them in the finals, will rest on (gulp) the health of Andrew Bynum. A series between these two teams would be absolutely epic (provided that Bynum is full strength).

  • jose de jesus

    FISHER is just getting info on what are the weakness of the heat!!!hahaha

  • LOL

    the Heat is funny.. if they could im sure they would sign every important player for other teams, they know they cant win just like that so they take something from other teams.

    theyre trying to take over the NBA. they said theyre building a “dynasty” But dynasties are about a team that’s worth nothing and worked hard to become something.

    lol, how can that be a dynasty when you’re not willing to face the best out there and just piggyback and have them polish ur balls.
    Sorry Heat,, but buying a Championship aint worth shit. Heat aint got shit.

    LAKERS 2011 NBA champs baby! they know that..

  • Jdsloan06

    I don’t know, but I think Miami should go after Phil Jackson to coach?? Good idea?