Memphis GM Wallace rooting against Pau, Lakers

    Well… bitter much?

    FanNation: “I like Pau, so I hope he plays well,” Wallace said. “But not so well that the Celtics don’t win.”

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    • daboss1848

      He is the former GM of the Boston Celtics . . .

    • MILO

      this is funy! who cares man! theres millions of boston fans rooting against the Lakers too so 1 more person wont make a difference!


      BASTARD!!! Sorry Lakernation for the french but I can’t stand these LAKER-HATERZ or SMELL-TICS BUTT LICKERS OR BANDWAGON RIDERS,ETC.

    • True Lakers Fan

      fuck him hes a moron

    • FOXXY

      WHATEVER…LIKE WE REALLY CARE!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

    • lakerschamps08

      ohhh ok daboss thanks for telling me i did not know that… hahahahhaha lol fuking dumbfuk why would u trade him then… lol
      gasol please have a good game

    • Ko-Pau19

      please let’s prove em wrong tonight!. LETS MAKE EM EAT THOSE WORDS! LET”S GOOOOOO!