The Lakers have just released the names, bio and better yet, the pictures of the new Laker Girls that will be dancing their way to your heart in Staples Center. Check them out!

Hello, Lisa!

  • fabz24lakers

    lisa’s cute….so i guess they had a new squad tryout after the whole “kobe’s dating a laker girl thing”(supposedly)

  • lalball81

    Annika’s cute too.

  • JC

    BRIA is HOT.

  • e-bucher

    not that much quality =/

  • Freshh

    bria’s coo

  • Lakers 24 7

    None of em look really that cute….i wanna see body shots, then maybe i can rank them, ya know? lol

  • KOBE2K9

    [Comment ID #49607 Will Be Quoted Here]

    True! i’d give them an average rating 5/10, and one of them was borderline busted

  • ignard

    To me the hottest one is Christina and she looks 15 so I guess…….
    I usually can’t see them that well anyway since I sit way up in the nose bleed section.

  • ignard

    We have found the one to replace Heath Ledger in the next Batman and her name is Ashley R.

  • PhilJackson


  • Fred A.

    BRIA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T-Mack

    Y’know I looked at all of the girls and after some intense observation I came to the conclusion that Los Angeles should be able to get better looking cheerleaders than that….BUT with what we got Annika looks the best. lol

  • http://yahoo kingandy

    ashley is my niece, she’s going places, just don’t forget our Lord and your roots, Good Luck, Babe!

  • Darek

    well, Brittney is my cousin, so I will be looking at all the rest!!!