Keep those torches lit. A lot of stuff from the latest article on McHale & the Wolves from the Star Tribune. There is a lot of stuff in this article that indicates KG will indeed be gone before the start of the season in my opinion.

Star Tribune: … While McHale continues to say Kevin Garnett will be a part of his team, he hinted strongly that the Wolves roster will continue to be restructured through trades.

“We’ve had a lot of different talks with a lot of different teams,” he said. “So I think there is probably a few deals we’re pretty far down the road on. But again … there is a rhythm to the league. Deals you talk about at the trade deadline usually start happening now. And deals you talk a lot about at this time happen after the draft, after everyone knows who they’ve picked and at what position. … So now my first priority will probably be to pursue a few more trades.”

Remember how he said the Lakers were talking to the Wolves at the deadline last year about KG at the deadline? Hmmm…

  • kb24

    just do it!!

  • kb24mvp

    lakers are the team hat at the end of the day will get him.he wants to be in cali and more specific l.a. golden state isnt getting him and we see now hat neither is phoeinix so if cupcake fucks yhis 1 up than he should be fired but if he pulls it off he is redeemed .sort of

  • RC

    Does KG know how to play basketball in the playoffs? I haven’t seen him do much in the playoffs except one year when Sprewell and Cassell carried KG to the western conf finals. and oh yeah, that is when the Lakers spanked the Wolves with Kobe leading the charge.

    I just don’t know if KG is a playoff performer, can someone address???

  • David

    Dude, he’s a hall-of-famer. Of course he is. His problem is his team rarely makes it to the playoffs.

  • J-Cool

    Actually It Just The Last Three Years That They Haven’t Made It To The Playoffs. But His First 8 Or 9 Years They Made But Lost In The First Round Every Time Except In 04 When They Made A Run In The WCF


    So what…if he’s not a playoff preformer or if he is…we got Kobe to take care of. Guys strap on your seat belt, ’cause when this happens is will be the most dynamic duo the league has ever seen. =]
    and those of you still thinking kobe has a chance of being traded HE’S NOT!!! CUPCAKE DOESNT HAVE THE BALLS TO TRADE HIS MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER BECAUSE HE’S SCARED OF TAKING RISKS!!! ( sorry for caps i just had to point that out) and yes i do beleive ge getting KG!

  • RC

    Just asking about KG in the playoffs because players like Vince Carter chokes in the playoffs, Carmelo Anthony chokes in the playoffs, Steve Nash chokes in the playoffs and Dirk chokes in the playoffs.

    I just haven’t seen much of KG in the playoffs and I’m concerned he could play poorly like Vince, Melo, Nash and Dirk, all choker “too tight around the collar” players???????

    But yes, Batman (Kobe) could help Robin (KG) a lot if the duo played together, is KG a Odom (soft) player in the playoffs, or is KG a monster in the playoffs???????