McCants claims KG wants to stay and feels he’ll be wearing a Minnesota uniform come next season.

Twin Cities: McCants didn’t sound too worried that Garnett would be wearing a different jersey next season.

“I heard the same kind of thing last year,” McCants said. “It’s a recurring act just to stir up some controversy and so forth. K.G. doesn’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want him to go anywhere. I know a lot of the Minnesota fans don’t want him to go anywhere. But it’s a business, and we just have to respect (management’s) decisions.”

The potential suitors for Garnett in recent weeks reportedly included the Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics…

  • king.manu

    no KG means no Kobe!!!

  • Big D

    Sounds like complete speculation to me, and therefore, I am NoT going to worry.

    Now I think I will have someone put me in an induced coma for the rest of the summer and wake me up again in the October timeframe so I can see all the good news, including KG donning a Lakers uni, D-Fish in the back court, etc.

  • The Nugget

    I was about to post this, Chris. lol

  • kb24mvp

    thats just mcants feelings;”I heard the same kind of thing last year,It’s a recurring act just to stir up some controversy and so forth. K.G. doesn’t want to go anywhere. I don’t want him to go anywhere. I know a lot of the Minnesota fans don’t want him to go anywhere. But it’s a business, and we just have to respect (management’s) decisions.”

    1:last yr the talks weren’t as strong and on going as they are this look at that vid where KG is tired of losing, whats bringing in these young players around him gonna do…Kill his career/NO championship.KG wants to win and he wants out cuz a closer friend of his(mo evans)said he wanted out and here’s what helps my second point.

    2:Mcants said he doesn’t want him to go anywere/so its a personal feeling not evans is closer to KG than mcants is.and NO DUH he and the fans don’t want to see him leave.its time for him to go he is to good to be on a shitty team and deserves a championship and him and Kobe are 2 warriors and would be perfect together.KG isn’t a leader and clutch player;Kobe will do that for him.they compliment each other so well.

    3:the truth is told in that last sentace its a business decision and they already atemted to trade KG and now they’re is no way he can come back and L.A. is the only logical destination for him. BOSTON(said NO),PHOENIX(never wanted to trade amere and decided for hill),WARRIORS(cant for at least a month and wouldnt make sense,when baron can opt out next yr)

  • unomas

    [quote comment=”6336″]no KG means no Kobe!!![/quote]Get out of here with that dumb talk, Kobe aint goin nowhere no matter what!!!!! If KG wants to be king of a loser team then so be it, id rather share my Kingdome and be a champ-Fortunatly for the Lakers were not as far away as you people think!!!!! We need a good PG and maybe a center, but i still think a good PG would improve us tremendously-We were playing at a very high level before all those injurys last year and with a PG we could flourish…..Our first round match-up sucked because it was with the Suns, i honestly believe any other team we couldve had a better chance due to the fact our PG last year let every Suns player fly by him-Not only does that give up easy lay-ups it also gets our bigs in foul trouble when they have to come help out on a little man…..Get somebody to guard the Nash’s and Parker’s and the Lakers will kill guarantee…..Yall think we have to build a all-star team to win and thats just not the case.

  • Joe

    Who’s McCant? He doesn’t sound important!

  • AlexKB24

    If the lakers cant get Garnett they should try to get Pau Gasol because he’s an excellent player and he’s only 25 unlike Garnett who’s in his 30’s.

  • TheMagicMan32

    mccants dont know what the hell he talkin about.

  • LAKobe4Life

    It’s all rumors and nonsense, KG DOES want to the leave the Minnesota Timberwolves. KG is going to get traded this offseason because it’s their last chance to get something out of KG because they definately 110% know for sure that KG will NOT re-sign with the Timberwolves next season. KG is going to get traded this season most likely to the Lakers.

  • schnide

    sorry, but you mcCANT be right

  • gugy

    KG will leave. Minny wants something back. They know he won’t stay after next season. So this is their last chance.
    I hope Mitch is aggressively pursuing him. Dr. Buss make the call, spend the $$$$ bring KG damm it!

  • ONE

    hey guys, I dont want to alarm you yet. Cuz I just heard this… from a very reliable source, but I cant let you know until its 100%, I just have to double check. But I will let you know KG’s new destinaion very shortly!

  • kobefan

    vote kobe on whos now at

  • Mark

    ”WHOS NOW”
    Espescially when he wins and goes against A-Rod. Thats gon be tough to beat.
    So just VOTE 4 KOBE when u get a chance.

  • Kenny

    unless i hear tht from KG i dont believe it

  • BigTimeLALakerFan

    [quote comment=”6349″]hey guys, I dont want to alarm you yet. Cuz I just heard this… from a very reliable source, but I cant let you know until its 100%, I just have to double check. But I will let you know KG’s new destinaion very shortly![/quote]

    What place is that? Hopefully the answer is the LA Lakers…

  • shins74

    [quote comment=”6349″]hey guys, I dont want to alarm you yet. Cuz I just heard this… from a very reliable source, but I cant let you know until its 100%, I just have to double check. But I will let you know KG’s new destinaion very shortly![/quote]

    huh? Are you playing us?

  • ONE
  • KOBE
  • Vahe

    [quote post=”498″]Here is the trade Mitch masterminded to land KG!!!

    ARE YOU INSANE??? there are so many things wrong with that. One thing is that everyone but Kobe and Lamar would be leaving. WOW. How do people that stupid manage to open up there browser and type in

  • Rok

    Just get JO.. and keep LO
    Kobe will stay anyway.. cus they won’t trade him

  • Jay

    2bad pacers are asking for both LO and AB for JO

  • Vahe

    What about this trade. I don’t think it will happen, but it is fiar for every team involved

  • nyla

    If KG doesn’t want to come here, its his loss. I hope he’s happy LOSING in Minny for the next year! I’m a KG fan, but if this is true, I’m gonna have a harder time rooting for him. And with the way he acts, I wouldn’t be shocked if he signed an extension with the Wolves.

  • MCADAMS711

    [quote post=”498″]Here is the trade Mitch masterminded to land KG!!!

    Absolutely hilarious. Good use of the trade machine!

  • MCADAMS711

    [quote post=”498″]What about this trade. I don’t think it will happen, but it is fiar for every team involved

    I hope you are joking…that sh*t would never work and it is definitely NOT fair. (Not to mention the sign and trades that would be necessary for Price and Shammond)

  • lakerfan81

    Here is an actual trade that works for everyone. Its basically the one Pincus suggested and that I have suggested before. Probably too many variables for it to actually occur, but it does benefit every team.

    Boston: Sends Ratliff, Green and Telfair to Minnnesota; Get Odom from LA

    MInnesota: Send Jaric and Garnett to LA. Get Green, telfair Ratliff (bos), Brown, Bynum from LA

    LA gives: Odom (bos, Brown and Bynum to MInn: Get Garnett adn Jaric

    Boston gets a good rebounder and playmaker in Odom to go along with a core of Allen, Peirce, Jefferson, while only giving up green, telfair (who has had problems and they would probably be willing to trade him) and Ratliff. Ratliff’s expiring contract does not help them next year with salary cap because they will still be over the cap with Peirce and Allen plus giving contract extensions to Rondo and Jefferson. With a core of Peirce, Allen, Odom and Jefferson they would be contenders in the East. right now they are a playoff team but with that line up they would have a great chance to win a series or two.

    Minnesota gets huge expiring contract in Ratliff (just buy him out and let him retire he averaged almost half as many blocks/game as his career average). They get a serviceable big man in Brown and an expiring contract. They also get young talent in Green, Telfair and Bynum (throw in future first round picks as well). Plus they get rid of another big contract in Jaric.

    Lakers get KG (duh) and Big guard in jaric (his numbers have declined the last two seasons but they could go back up). They could then use the MLE to sign a big man (Moore my favorite big man available, Magloire, Webber), Resign mihm For a 1-2 yr contract at 4M per team option for the 3rd (that way they can outbid anyone else but are not stuck with a long contract) Maybe they can come up with a trade for Posey, Vlad crittenton (overpaying but his defense would be very helpful if you want to contend right away). Thats a team that can contend.

    KG would have to waive most if not all of his trade kicker (I have not completely added it up with this years salaries so I don’t know how much he would have to waive). It works for all teams but there are too many variables involved for it to be very likely.

  • klao

    here’s some info:

    – Lakers rookie point guard Javaris Crittenton had a very strong debut Sunday, scoring 18 points on 8-for-13 shooting and hitting the game-winning 3-pointer to defeat the Bucks. Crittenton came off the bench behind Jordan Farmar, who shot just 1-for-8 with seven fouls, six turnovers and just one assist.

    Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak told me the team was still looking to sign a free-agent point guard after the signing moratorium ends July 11, but I’m hearing the Lakers — and the Heat, too — are unwilling to commit their full midlevel extension to unrestricted free agent Steve Blake.

    – Kupchak, by the way, ignored a vocal group of hecklers (Lakers fans), one of whom had a handmade sign reading “Mitch … What Now?”

    I also asked Kupchak where things stood between the Lakers and Kobe Bryant, and whether Bryant had withdrawn his trade request, but the only answer I got was, “Those types of discussions regarding Kobe and management, we won’t disclose that type of strategic information.”

    – Unrestricted free-agent point guard Mo Williams is going to meet with Milwaukee’s Kohl on Monday, presumably to hear what the Bucks are willing to pay him. Williams was wined and dined by Pat Riley in Miami on Saturday night, but the Heat have only the midlevel exception to offer, and Williams is seeking a salary equal to what other starting NBA point guards are earning.

    – I was surprised to run into Ron Artest at the end of Sacramento’s inaugural game late Saturday night, and when I asked him what he was doing there, he said he came to see his little brother play.

    “Excuse me?” I said. “Yeah, he’s on the Kings,” said Artest.

    Sure enough, there was his brother Danny walking over in a full Kings summer league uniform — although the younger Artest did not play in Sacramento’s 73-47 victory over China. Local scribe Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review-Journal later told me that the younger Artest played a year of community college ball here in Vegas and was coached by Jerry Tarkanian’s son.

  • bigboi

    McCants means to say that KG doesnt want to go anywhere besides L.A.

  • lakers4life


  • MO6

    Today is my b-day and u know what i wished for i wished that the Lakers got KG this year before the season starts. I hope my wish comes through. Im going to Cali next week and i hope KG gets traded to the Lakers by then so i could by his jersey. How many of yall are going to get KG’s jersey if he gets traded to the Lakers?

  • dakobestopper

    McCants went to UNC fer wot like 2 years. he doesn’t know wether he’s on foot er horseback let alone where KG wants to go. he (KG) probably thought he meant lunch. WTF would I go to LA for? Dumbass punk kid.

  • dakobestopper

    You pick. Which gaurd would you play with? Ahmad Rashad McCants or Kobe Bryant? Duh!

  • AP43real

    [quote comment=”6356″]Here is the trade Mitch masterminded to land KG!!!

    get the hell outta here guy!! That shit sounds good but thats about it..

  • dlakerfanforlife

    Kg Jersey Sales would go through the F****** roof if he becomes a laker. For sure I would be getting one. Shoot I think all laker fans would be getting one. His Jersey would become number one in sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • dakobestopper

    YES!!!!!!! Then Phil and Mitch could suit up again. Champeeenships all around. Yahooooooooooo!

  • dakobestopper

    The Phil Jackson jersey would be #1 in sales.

  • dakobestopper

    Trade for Shaq. Send Andy to South Bitch for Shaq.

  • lakerfan81

    [quote post=”498″]Trade for Shaq.[/quote]

    the media would love that. Shaq vs Kobe part II.

  • VIVA THE GAME | Dating tips

    We can’t cry until the FAT lady sings and McCante or whatever this person does is no fat lady!!!

  • nyla

    Anyone know the situation with Turiaf?

  • magic32

    rashad mccants sucks. hes not even the second best player on the team so its not like he knows shit about kevin garnett.

  • Ed24

    Vote for Kobe. 10 minutes left., Who’s Now.

  • Fatty

    Sights and sounds of the NBA Summer League

    Just some thoughts and first impressions. #1 priority, got my $6 beer, sat down, and started to take in the sights.

    First, everyone is very tall. Not just the players, but the coaches, GM’s and the fans.

    As I looked around the arena, you would recognize coaches, George Karl, Tex Winter, Billy Bertka, etc…GM’s, Mitch, sports writers, Joel Meyers. The espn blogger guy. you could go down and talk to him. You would also notice scouts sitting every where. They had clipboards and were taking notes and/or conferring with other scouts. Several from different countries speaking Italian, Spanish, Chinese.

    Several NBA players, some retired, some still active. Several free agents, with I assume were there agents. A Phoenix Sun scout sitting next to me for a few minutes. It was a really interesting atmosphere.

    Next the warm ups. More entertaining than the game. Everybody was trying to out do everone with some very nice slam dunks. Even Farmar was skying.

    Brian Shaw was the coach and Rambis was his assistant. Tex sat behind taking notes. People were walking behind the bench, tapping Tex on the shoulder and saying hi. Shaw really waxed his head, it was shinning and reflecting light. Rambis looked like he was going surfing after the game.

    The brain trust of the Lakers sat to the right of the court. Bertka sat next to a player. Next to him sat Mitch who was off and on his cell phone most of the time. Once in the first quarter, he got a call and left the arena while talking for ten minutes. He was always checking his blackberry for messages and returning calls. A couple of Laker guys with him were talking seriously and then would leave and come back and forth thru the whole game.

    During the third, Joel Meyers standing to the right of Mitch stroke up a long and involved conversation with Ronny Nunn, director of officials. (It was him and Stu that suspended Kobe) I wanted to walk buy and accidentally kick him the groin.

    Right behind me four devout Laker Fans stood up with signs and heckled Mitch. These guys were not drunk. They wanted Mitch to do something and do it now. They never stopped and were willing to get thrown out of the arena for there cause.
    Mitch was trying to ignore, but no way you could not hear them. One would say “Were tired mitch, DO SOMETHNG !!” You heard me, I see you on the cell phone. That better be Mckale” haha

    I mentioned to one of them Jim Buss should be focus of the yelling and right on Que, guess who sat down right across from these guys? Jimbo himself. They got louder. Jimbo was looking right at them. More like staring. They wouldn’t quit. One guy would say “How about Bynum, you going to trade him?” By the time the 4th period came around, Jim was signaling them to slow down with his hands. Waving to them and laughing. One said “Well are you going to do it? Make the trade to make us better? Or are we going to lose Kobe? Do it Jim ” Jim nodded yes, thumbs ups, and motioned with his finger, a number one sign, not a flip off. We all took it, as be patient, its coming.

    A large chinese group in front of us with chinese banners, thought this was funny. They were taking pictures of these four guys and translating to others what was happening. You could hear the word Kobe mixed in with the translations.haha

    Leaving the pavillion, I saw a tall NBA player, he looked familiar, watching which might have been his agent going up the elevator with the Spurs GM. He looked very anxious.

    I was thinking this is not your typical summer league.

  • Kenny

    they should post a thread thingy so every1 sees the whos now thing

  • Cyrus


    Happy Birthday. I hope all your wishes including KG-to-LA come

  • steve

    Fatty .who was the player?.by the way thankyou for painting the picture

  • Fatty


    The player?
    He was wearing credentials. But the print was small and without my glasses I couldn’t make out his name. If my wife was with me, she would have asked him who he was and how much was he looking for? I’m to chicken. gets a plug from the four guys.

    One of them yelled at Mitch to go to the site and see what the fans were wanting. “ Mitch, You go there!!” haha
    “If you can read, you go there, and if you can’t, I’ll tell you what it says, GET GARNETT!!!”

  • lakersforlife77

    Ever day the story keeps changing……….I’m getting sick of this now.

  • Faith

    LOL, getgarnett rocks!

    Rashad Mccants obviously doesn’t want KG to go. I mean if I could have KG in my team, I wouldn’t let him go either. Just like JO’s teammate who said that JO wants to be Laker should be taken with a grain of salt…so should this. Keep the faith alive…KG will be a Laker. Be it in 08 or now it’s GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • Cyrus

    Hey Fatty,

    Good to have you back, I hope you had a good trip and thank you for the detailed report. According to your description; Mitch kept busy on the phone, I hope mostly with McHale. And praise to those brave “hacklers” letting Jimmy and Mitch know what we think and expect of them. I am sure they are aware of They are now.

    I saw some reports that our “beloved” Smuch was there too. Did have the “honor” to see or talk to him?

    What about Bynum? Any sighting of the tall Kid?

  • _HuStLiN_PhEnOm_

    LMAO, those ‘hacklers’ were pretty funny. That made my day. Thank you fatty

  • Fatty


    I missed Smushie, rats!!

    Bynum, He was the kid wearing the “Future Allstar” T shirt and eating an ice cream cone with chocolate ice cream all over his shirt. just kidding.

    Every one was hoping to see and were looking for Kobe. A bunch of school kids came in to the stands wearing there school shirts and someone yelled, “its Kobe’s security team” Someone shouted, “look its Kobe on the court playing” It was Coby Karl. This was a laid back crowd.

    Was Smushie really there?

  • Joey

    Lakers are lagging! i wont be surprised if we have the same team next season. If we were to get Garnett, it would have happened already. Lakers should just trade for J. O’neal.

  • Justin M.

    Kobe just raped Ronaldihno in the Who’s Now Bracket. Kobe this is what im talking about when me and fans like me stand up for you. See how loyal i am and many other fans are to u Kobe. This is an im conversation i had with a Kobe Hater.

    ME:say it with me Rohaldihno= FIFA, Kobe= NBA cant compare them in that way.
    HATER:(4:22:29 PM): you do not fukin get it do you
    HATER(4:22:43 PM): obviously u dont
    ME:(4:22:49 PM): u cant compare them
    HATER(4:23:01 PM): i dont?
    HATER(4:23:03 PM): u dont
    ME:(4:23:08 PM): one uses there feet one uses there hands
    HATER(4:23:04 PM): ok
    HATER(4:23:09 PM): no shit
    HATER(4:23:52 PM): get it yet?
    ME:(4:24:26 PM): 65, 50, 60, 50 thats how many points kobe scored in a row.
    HATER(4:24:29 PM): o my god
    ME:(4:24:35 PM): the last person to do that was WILT
    HATER(4:24:43 PM): its like arguin with a kindergartener
    ME:(4:24:52 PM): yea i know
    HATER(4:24:49 PM): never mind
    HATER(4:24:49 PM): im done
    HATER(4:25:09 PM): u too ignorant to understand
    HATER(4:25:10 PM): andstubborn
    ME:(4:29:08 PM): i am not gonna sit here and tell u Kobe is better than Ronalddhino and u cant say he is better than kobe at the sport. u can argue that ronaldhino is more popular but not who’s the better athlete when they dont compete in the same sport. No one can stop Ronaldhino and no one can stop Kobe. Thats that and im done with the topic.
    HATER(4:29:35 PM): like i said you dont understand
    HATER(4:29:51 PM): you just dont

  • cyrus


    Yeah, according to Dime magazine(maybe it’s just a joke?), Smuch was there:

    “… After that debacle a couple of us dropped by the court at West 4th. Smush Parker was there, rocking matching chains with “money bag” pieces on the end, his usual iced-out grill, and a humongous pinky ring that said “SP” in ice … We’re out like score graphics …”
    Go to the bottom of the page.

  • MO6

    thank u cyrus and i hope my wish does come true.

  • Rpoc

    Who would want to be a king of a shit hole?

    Come to L.A. KG. Bling bling

  • Fatty


    Who would want to be a king of a shit hole?

    Come to L.A. KG. Bling bling

    You just offended the entire state of Minniesota. hahhalol

  • marky

    mcants make him stay! KG is LA bound!

  • Fatty

    Justin M

    I really hope Kobe aprreciates everything people like you have been doing for him. I go to his site and I don’t see a lot of thank you’s.

  • lakers4life

    i was reading something and it said if dallas were to land kg that would give someone to compliment dirk…wouldnt dirk be complimenting kg???

  • kg4life

    WAT THE FUCK IS THIS????????????