OH NOES!!! Not DJ Mbenga! Not him! What would we do without him? Sound-off…

Miami Herald: Center D.J. Mbenga has a workout slated for Monday, his agent, Bouna Ndiaye, said Thursday.

Ndiaye said that if all goes well, Mbenga will choose between signing with the Heat and Lakers.

”There is interest,” Bouna said of the Heat. “I’m not sure how strong the interest is in signing him but they want to get a look at him first.”

  • daboss1849

    who will keep the bench warm now??? oh I forgot we still have Luke, vlad, and mimh. Bye mbenga your ass will not be needed next year as long as luke vlad and mimh are sitting pretty…

  • Michael_23

    I rather have DJ than Chris Mihm….

  • Kb_24mvp

    we need mbenga!!! he has a black belt!! he is our security!!! any problems happen on the court he has our back!!!

  • lakers08-09

    That is going to be a good fit for Mbenga!!

  • Adamas

    i don’t know if i can trust mihm to back up bynum


    Miami takes Mbenga…WE TAKE HASLEM!

    Though not a trade but…GET’EM!

  • Mitch4Pres

    i hope we resign mbenga hes better than chris mihm and has played when in the few instances where hes gotten in the game. he brings that energy and we’ll need that more now that ronny is gone.

  • jonathan

    please sign him miami. He will be an addition by subtraction.

  • Diehardfan


  • Smush Walton

    If we can not unload Smush Walton and Vlad Moronovich (which everyone says is impossible as there is only one GM dumb enough to give these piles of dung multi-year big money contracts) then hopefully they will fill the Ira Newble and Mbenga spots in the rotation next season, and get about the same minutes as Newble and Mbenga got last season.

  • Zen Master

    [Comment ID #49262 Will Be Quoted Here]

    DJ has better defense, hustle, rebounding, blocking, and athleticism. But don’t forget that Mihm has better IQ, offense, and experience.

  • Zen Master

    [Comment ID #49269 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Didn’t you guys watch when Mihm started in 05 & 06? Did you forget that he was a decent center at the time before he got injured? Please. Just because he hasn’t been playing lately doesn’t mean he sucks.

    I would prefer Mihm over Mbenga. DJ provides no offense what so ever. His D is far better than Mihm’s, but Mihm did average WELL over 1 BPG when he was a starter, don’t remember how many, maybe 1.5? Like I said Mihm has better offense, shooting, IQ, and experience. Those that think Mbenga is better are all smoking crack. You have to think back to 04-05 and 05-06 seasons. Mihm was good back then until he go injured.

  • Zen Master

    True, DJ makes ups for his lack of offense with defense, but still not enough. There are plenty of other cheap centers that can play better defense and come with more offense. On D, if Mbenga is playing, the Lakers play like 5.5 on 5 cuz of his D. But on offense, it’s more like 4 on 5 with mbenga on the floor.

  • Zen Master

    Walton and Rad should grow man balls and play like how much they’re paid. Rad should stop jackin 3s. Go learn how to slash and post up. Walton should stop jacking 3s unless he can hit 35% of them. Also, both should get more hops and speed to keep up with other SFs. Many think that Luke belongs in the D league. I agree. And Vlad, just don’t take too many unneeded 3s and he’ll be fine.

  • T-Mack

    I wouldn’t care bout DJ goin 2 the Heat if Zo comes 2 the Lakers! Bye bye Mr. Congo!

  • dawg09

    big deal

  • dub824

    good.. makes room for a better player

  • PhilJackson

    they stoled my news!

  • jonathan

    Kwame “I cant play basketball” Brown is better than Mbenga – thats saying something.

  • T-Dub

    We gotta take a look at Shaun Livingston!!! It won’t hurt and it could be a steel if he can get back to where he was! He can’t be worse than Kobe Carl!!!!

  • Freshh

    O NOES


    Shaun started in LA(Clipps)…it should end with THE LAKERS!

  • lakers08-09

    Wah wah wah wah wah!! Who says the owl who says the owl

    Who does you think use is dclaker. Get rid of Vlade & take
    Livingston. Dude I need some of that stuff


    Did I say trade Vlad for Shaun…no,just pick him up,make him offer,GET’EM IN THE PURPLE N GOLD,whatever.

    …and what stuff are talkin’ about…”Who does you think use is dclaker”…WHAT? Hey! WE DON’T PROMOTE THE USE OR USAGE OF DRUGS ON THIS SITE…unless your buyin’,hahahaha.

    I do want VLADOUTOFLA.com…..