Mbenga receives minimum offer from Lakers; wanting more from Heat?

So here is some “Daco” news. Mbenga has received an offer from the Lakers. However, he is looking for something bigger from the Heat and it could come today…

MiamiHerald: And I’m told Mbenga, who worked out in Miami on Monday, has a minimum-level offer to return to the Lakers.

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  • Adamas

    if he doesn’t want the minimum, forget him. he is not worth more than that. let some other team overpay him

  • Michael_23

    What’s the scoop on Alonzo Mourning? From what I heard it’ll take him through mid-season to recover from surgery. So it’s not like Zo can be signed by training camp.

  • E-ROC

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    I would ask for more than the minimum too…….from the HEAT. They are desperate for a center. I think he’ll accept the Lakers offer because he has an opportunity to play on a championship contender.

  • jonathan

    well miami won’t be all that bad next season (wade, beasley, marion) – we saw wade in the Olympics.
    Lakers should bring Karl Malone out of retirement, and sign someone like Mutumbo – give Mt. Mutumbo the bi-annual exception.

  • Adamas

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    are you a lakers fan? you sure aren’t talking like one. bring malone back? for what?

  • Jloyola

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    We could karl malone a piece of Vanessa.. .heard he likes em mexican girls haha

  • Mitch4Pres

    i hope mbenga signs w/ us but we shouldnt over pay him


    Mbenga needs to be here…VLAD CAN GO,NOW!

  • Zen Master

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    Luke is on top of the list of Laker players that need to go. What do you have against Vlad? He’s not THAT bad right? At least he can shoot! I believe that IF HE TRIED, he could be better than Stojakovic at his prime. It seems like he needs better shot selection and have more confidence + less panic in his shots.


    Mbenga needs to get the MAX contract… forget bynum, MBENGA is the future…. fudge ur mother

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

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    what a moron


    Interesting read about SHAUN LIVINGSTON!

    2 more spots to fill for training camp….


  • Raisin

    damn check out this putback by mbenga