Kobe has elevated himself behind Jordan; and now people are seeing it.

Fox Sports: For the millions of transplants who arrive in Los Angeles from points sane, the nutty City of Angels has lots of surprises in store for them.

Motorists are regularly cited for not yielding to pedestrians. I mean, really yielding, like, until they are safely up on the curb. And pedestrians get ticketed for not crossing at crosswalks. It’s a far cry from the East Coast free-for-all, where drivers and hoofers manage to co-exist without the city dipping its beak every 45 feet.

Though the sun shines roughly 330 days a year, there is a tanning salon in every strip mall and a strip mall on every corner.

A new arrival in L.A. will be asked questions he’s never pondered before, like, “What year gas do you use?” Huh? “You know, 87, 89 or 91?”

If you see lilacs somewhere in a house, it means the occupant believes that is her “prosperity corner.”

There’s a reason they call it La La Land.

But of all the head-snapping, whiplash-inducing revelations that have greeted me since I made the Southland my home, none made me yell at my car radio as loudly as Laker fans’ insistence on comparing Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan.

It started in earnest a couple of years ago. I found the comparison preposterous, downright embarrassing.

It was NBA blasphemy, a violation of hoop’s first commandment: You shall have no other basketball gods before M.J.

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  • brilliantn

    LOL. look at shannon’s face in the displayed picture. hahaha

  • lakerman1

    Shannon always does that when Kobe hits the winning shot. You should have seen him when Kobe made the buzzer beater against Miami. You would have thought we won another Title. The guy really gets off on Kobe and that makes it all good. These guys really have a good relationship and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    I love Shannon (no homo), hes a great guy, hes really down to earth and hes a real crowd favorite too. Brown is my fave Laker after the starting 5, then Odom then Brown. I know its not worth calling fave with 7 players but thats how I feel about the team.

  • http://msn.com noah stewart

    kobe and michael are not the same in my opinion but this is what mj is better at .defense and passing the ball but im not saying kobe is a ball hog but its just mj is like a trickery ball mover LOL!!!!!. ha ha but kobe is better at shooting free throws and teeamwork. if you see kobe has scored 81points second highest all time michael only 61points.and when reggie or mj or lebron or peirce scored like 50points or higher in new york the crowd dident do nothing but booooooo. but when Kobe did a 61POINTS. the started saying mvp,mvp,mvp and some cheering and claping and thats why i think kobe is better and we dont need shaq or no robert horry we got shannon.gasol,artest,bnum,odom,fisher and of course the king of kings kobe bryant!!!!

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      I agree with what you said. Even Boston, the sworn enemy/rival of the Lakers chanted MVP for Kobe in Boston about 2 years ago. They just respect his ability.
      By the way, wait til Kobe retires in 7 or 8 years then compare him to Jordan, Kobe has alot more years in him, that means more time for him to stack up his ring case and his basketball resume.