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Now that Ron Artest has become the enforcer of world peace and mental health advocacy, it only made sense that the Lakers a bruiser spot to fill on their roster. Andrew Bynum was the front-runner after he had a solid audition during this year’s playoffs, sending Mavericks guard J.J. Barea to the floor in a Mavericks blowout. However, after last night’s Pro-Am game in San Francisco, Laker Matt Barnes may be beginning his campaign for the honor, having punched an opposing player in the face:

Lakers forward Matt Barnes allegedly punched a player during a Pro-Am game in San Francisco, according to multiple reports and eye-witness accounts on Twitter.

ABC 7 in San Francisco reports the incident took place at Kezar Pavillion. Barnes was playing for Dream Team while the player who Beasley allegedly hit was playing for a team called East Bay.

According to the same report, Barnes was not ejected because referees did not see the punch.

Barnes doesn’t have the best track record at being a classy player, having slapped a referee in the same league one year ago, or his infamous ball fake towards Kobe Bryant’s face during Barnes’ time in Orlando.

On the bright side (if there is one in this case), Barnes has mentioned that his knee issues from last year are completely resolved, and his play in the Pro-Am league is a promising sign for a player who was plagued during much of the 2010-11 season with injuries.

Here is a video captured by a fan, seconds after the incident:

  • Ball

    I was there…it was weak but solid.  He punched the smallest dude on the court after he was pushed in the chest.  Best part about it was he was only given a T and hit the game winning shot with 0.6 left!   

  • kileer7

    What the hell? Matt Barnes needs to calm down. smh

  • jenn

    -_- why matt…….

  • jenn

    -_- why matt…….

  • Eyksul

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