Kenyon… The Lakers are the world champions. They’ve beat you two years in a row. Maybe it’s time to stop talking?

Picture 3RealGM: Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin says the team feels as though they are better than the defending-champion Lakers.

Martin was asked by 104.3 The Fan in Denver what the team learned from their deep playoff run this past season.

“That you have to play on a consistent basis throughout the regular season and just better your position. Just learn from the things we did right last year and learn from things we did wrong, but we had a great run,” Martin said on the radio.

“I think guys know that we were right there and everybody in that locker room and in the organization feels we were a better team than the Lakers. Everybody feels we were a better team than the Lakers and no one can tell me anything different. No one.”

  • Chris Ekstedt

    i don’t know who this “no one” guy is, but i’ll tell you. you got a good squad kenyon! BUT NOTHING IS BETTER THEN THE LAKERS!!!!

    why don’t you and your elbows go talk to ron artest! he will eat your children… or was that mike tyson… i don’t know.

  • PTG23


  • Short Dog

    Everybody is hating on the Champs. These faggets played dirty and still couldn’t win. Denver was never a threat, never will. Dream on studio gangster.

  • LakeShowFaninATL

    Ke Ke Keyon Ma Martin..I bet those cha cha champ cha championship rings can tell you different.. ok that was wrong lol

    But yea.. He’s obviously in denial. They don’t even stand a chance next season.

  • Micah

    Look at the matchups they aren’t even close.
    D-Fish and Chauncey
    Kobe and J.R.
    Artest and Melo
    Pau and K-Mart
    Bynum and Nene
    LO and Birdman
    How are you better when you win only 2 of those matchups? I’ll admit we had trouble guarding Melo, that’s why we have Artest. Not even close if we meet you guys in the playoffs again.

  • gugy

    who cares Kmart is a thug, just like Cuban said.
    Let them get kicked on the rear once again this season. The defeats just keep piling up.

  • laker fan who hates flukes

    if you guys were better then u wouldnt of got blowned out of game 6 on ur own court! nuff said!

    • willow

      Hahaha!!!! Good point!!!! They got they a$$ whupped!!!

  • willow

    He just can’t get over the fact that the Lake Show punked them. This thug is just in denial just like the rest of the league. If he was given the opportunity to jump ship and join the Lakers, he’d be changin’ his tune. Besides, dirty ball belongs on the black top, not the NBA. That’s how all of the guys I run with play lol. Now that we got Ron Ron, he’ll throw those ‘bows around like he was given out turkey on Thanksgiving.

  • RitchQB

    I live in Denver and I often listen to 104.3 FM The Fan. When I heard K-Mart say that, I almost got into an accident because I froze with disbelief. I know that you have to try to spin things, but the fact remains that though the series was a close one for the first couple of games, the best team won the series—as is often the case. K-Mart and the rest of Nugs may know what they did wrong and what to do to correct it, but—guess what—the Lakers they played are not the same ones they’re going to play this upcoming season. AND, unfortunately for K-Mart and the rest of the Nugs, they haven’t changed save for their perception. Definition of insanity.

  • Mitch4Pres

    hahahahahahahaha ooooooooooooooooooooook. fuking thuggets

  • Megan Fox JJC

    Ironic how K-Mart was a big reason Nuggets lost in the playoffs. He made two bad passes in two games. Each of those passes were inbound passes. Both times, Ariza stole the ball =). Shut it K-Mart!

  • 242LakerFan

    You know it’s really sad when decent respectable people get caught up in illicit drugs. I watched Whitney get dragged down to crackhead hell. I watched Darryll Strawberry burn out on the white lady express. There are so many. Now we have to add KMArt to that ever-expanding list.
    Why, Kenyon, why? =(


  • Marc Cuban

    Ya momma

    • Dan Andreas

      Haha! +1

  • SD Anthony

    K-Mart ain’t got no game. I am really looking foward to this years squad. Can anyone say best team ever?

  • Jim

    This dude is SERIOUSLY DELUSIONAL, and like was previously posted, the Laker team that Denver faces this year is gonna be better than last year. They’ve lost their so called defensive stopper, Dhantay Jones (I hate that guy) and Kleiza who was a strong 3 point threat for them. I hope Phil reminds the boys of K-Marts words before every Denver game so they’ll be motivated to apply the smack down every time we face them. I’ve always hated Boston with a passion, but these clowns are becoming a close second.

  • Myself

    This guy is just upset that the Lakers have crushed his dream of a ring two times. First with the Nets than with the Nuggets. He’ll be singing a different tune when the Lakers whoop that ass. I love Trevor, but Artest will smack him up if he starts doing those dirty plays he always does.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    i hear you kmart…i chchchc

  • touchingmyself

    Ok Blue Light Special. Let’s just say that your McNuggets were better than our Lakers this year, they’re not, but I’ll humor you. Just like the 2000 QUEENS (lost to the Lakers 3-2), the 2000 JAILBIRDS in Portland (lost to the Lakers 4-3 and blew a 15 pt 4th quarter lead), and the 2002 QUEENS (lost to the Lakers 4-3)… the results were all the same, the LAKERS WON THE CHAMPIONSHIPS and everybody else went home crying! AND THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE DOING NOW! STFU YOU FCUKIN CRYING LITTLE B!TCH! Just remember that… you along with those 3 teams lost to the Lakers and will have the memories of what could’ve, should’ve, but didn’t happen!

  • WifelovesLuke

    I don’t know about you guys, but I love this. A healthy rivalry is refreshing. I loved the days of Sacramento, Utah and Portland battling with LA. I would love to see this continue. Must see TV, baby!

    • The Spector

      this is SO far from a rivalry. the nuggets aren’t even on the same level as the lakers.

      • Nuggets

        Seriously? Not on the same level? as I said in another post the nuggets whooped you in denver and now WITHOUT carmelo whooped you in LA. Kenyon is correct we are better

    • The Purple and Gold Blog

      Yup. There’s only one true rivalry in the NBA.

  • The Purple and Gold Blog

    Kenyon, Kenyon. Next thing you know, he’ll be guaranteeing wins against the Lakers.

  • The Spector

    why does this fool even keep running his mouth? what he needs to do is work on his game. dude needs lobs just to get involved offensively. GARBAGE!

  • OaklandLakers

    This fool needs a hug. We’ve missed you Kenyon

  • MartinsGay

    I can tell u something…..suck my package u fkin hater.

  • sedd

    this is the consequence of having been swept 2 times in the playoffs by Kobe and Phil (02,08) and another defeat this year! hope to see him again in next playoffs

  • lilkobe24

    some people out there are crazy. they thought Denver had a chance. i was likee wtff ! i had 0 % they were going to win . !

  • kevin 0


  • lakers0828

    Boy I will tell You Guys Like Kiss my Azz Martin and Paul the Wheel chair Pierce dont know when to shut there mouths up but thats all they good for right is talking trash and sturing up SH*t!!!

  • Nuggets

    The nuggets are WAY better than LA. All you punks dont realize that we whooped you in denver and now without carmelo (and you had kobe +gasol) we whooped you in LA. DENVER IS BETTER!

    • drive-for-16th

      AIGHT DENVER IS BETTER, we swept u in the playoffs with iverson, we humiliated u guys at ur home IN THE PLAYOFFS. I guess u gusy are better. Billups hits 9 threes, how many times is he gonna do that. Carmelo is a wannabe, he finally made the all star team this year, him and lebron will never win shit as long as kobe is in the NBA. Dwade already gota ring. hahaha. I guess u guys are better. wat a fukin joke. The nuggets a stupid franchise, it wont even look good in teh finals.

      • Nuggets

        you did win last year in the playoffs (However in game two we beat you on the road) and the year before that denver sucked. however this year we made a statement that we are better. without carmelo and on the road we still beat you. When are you going to realize that we are better? When we beat you in the playoffs? okay than just wait cause we got you this year.

        • daboss1848

          Statements are made in Playoffs.

      • Nuggets are a beast

        Oh yeah, Melo will never win if Kobe is in the NBA, cause I mean it’s not like we just beat you by 13 points, so keep talking crap like that and just wait for us to attack whatever you blog and the nuggets beat you in the playoffa

      • Benny

        Easy man, dont trash the organization, keep with the players. I am a Colorado fan of all sports and find it pretty disrespectful to trash talk the states organizations, regardless of feelings towards players. Granted I want the Nuggs to win but I am not going to tell the world how the Laker organization is a joke. Have some respect for the game as a fan and not an ass just to have your words heard.

  • drive-for-16th

    u guys need to be happy u make the playoffs.

    • Nuggets are a beast

      What are you thinking? The nuggets, by the way, are 2nd in the conference. If you still don’t believe me just wait.

    • Nuggets

      You are stupid. The nuggets obviously will make the playoffs and are better than you.

    • Nuggets are a beast

      You see, we will just make you mad until you completely explode, at which point well still have a better argument than you

  • Nuggets are a beast

    O. K. I want to make you aware that we are
    1. Only 3.5 games behind you and you are one of the best in the NBA, I’ll give you that
    2. We just killed you on the road by 13 without Melo and you had everyone healthy
    3. We are 3rd best in the NBA
    4. We don’t get a fifth as unfair calls in our favor as your whole team, especially Kobe
    With all of that said, we are amazingly good no matter what you think and we might take your precious first place. “Nuggets” is the one thinking

    • Nuggets

      “Nuggets are a beast” is finally a person in his right mind.

    • Go Lakers

      I don’t believe you about those four things. YOU SUCK!!!

      • nuggets

        Don’t believe?????? How stupid can laker fans be? Now I don’t believe anything any of you guys say cause you all are so stupid.

      • Nuggets are a beast

        Go lakers, I don’t know what you are thinking there was no thought in that whatsoever and you don’t know how to count. I give you a simple question. How many times have we beat you?

  • Lakers is me

    HEY I am a lakers fan and we’re better because we are us and the nuggets are whimps because they are

    • Nuggets are a beast

      What are you thinking we are whimps who beat the lakers? I see, the Lakers are whipms because we, the whimps beat you twice, once on the road without melo

      • Lakers is me

        You’re a meanie for calling us whimps cause you beat us. I don’t CARE YOU BEAT US WE WILL MAGICALLY SOMEHOW BEAT YOU IN THE PLAYOFFS, meanie

  • Go Lakers

    I persnally think you guys r stupid. leave r website stop trashing it!

    • Nuggets are a beast

      Nope, we won’t leave.
      P.S. Did you even start middle school?

  • Go Lakers

    i went to sKool. So SHUT UP !! go lakers!!! they already swept you this year!!

    • Lakers is me

      1. You suck at spelling and can’t spell school or personally right.
      2. We have currently beat you twice, you beating us 0 times this year. Get your facts right

      • Lakers is me

        Wait, I started rooting for the nuggets. NO! I need to kill myself!

      • Go Lakers

        my feelow lakers fan hates me? you ar a fake lakers fan

      • Lakers are the best in nba yall

        YA you are stupid and I hate you and you ar a stupid guy, fwek

        • Nuggets are a beast

          Is it just me or have you all not had an education? Maybe the idiot”Lakers is me” Is actually telling the truth

  • thanhttrinh

    wat did denver have done at this time ? 2-0 against us ? wow thats a BIG RECORD hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • menuggets

      YOU SUCK!

  • manager

    (“nuggets”,”nuggets are a beast”,”Lakers is me” Please stop trashing our website. Please leave or you will be banned.
    -Thank You

    • Lakers is me

      I’m not sure you are actuallly manager.
      But don’t kill me!!!!!

    • Benny

      I agree, I am a Nuggets fan that just came here to see what the nation had to say. Apparently, nobody wants to watch the games or the skills of either side. Have some respect for the site and tasteful opinions, no matter who you are routing for.

  • Lakers is me

    The fact you still haven’t commented yet is even wierder.

  • manager

    Last warning: please (“nuggets”,”nuggets are a beast”,”Lakers is me”) please stop trashing our website or you will be banned.
    -Thank You

  • Lakers is me

    You make a lot of mistakes

  • Lakers is me

    #1. You never ended parentheses on number one
    #2. You said please, our names, and then please again

  • manager

    Please leave the website (“nuggets”,”nuggets are a beast”,”Lakers is me”) within one minute or you will be banned.
    -Thank You

  • Lakers is me

    Still haven’t stoped/banned me yet

  • Lakers is me

    Still in my minute

  • Lakers is me

    the third: no capitals, not even in your name
    Nice try

  • Lakers is me

    Well, you did on Lakers is me but other than that no

  • Lakers is me

    It’s way past my minute and nothings happened


  • Nuggets are a beast

    Hey, the real guy is “RealGM”

  • lakers101gogoGO!!!!!!!

    what is all this crap manager talk about?

    • Nuggets are a beast

      Sorry, we feel the need to show how awesome the nuggets are, and the “manager” who isn’t the manager said he would ban us if we don’t shut up
      P. S. Nuggets are better

  • lakers101gogoGO!!!!!!!

    one guy is for the lakers?

  • Nuggets are a beast

    Hey, the Nuggets have beat the Lakers twice, and once was on the road w/out Melo, and We didn’t win by one or two we won by 13. I am going to keep shoving this in your face.

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      ahh!but, we buried you when it counts!

  • lakers101gogoGO!!!!!!!

    why ban someone for the lakers?

  • Nuggets are a beast

    To everyone who doesn’t think K-Mart is good:
    I present to you his avg. stats a game:
    Points: 12.3
    Rebounds: 9.4
    Blocks: 1.08
    Plus he’s a Power Forward, so he wouldn’t be best at boards or blocks or points. beat it

  • Lakersshouldwin

    Are you saying K-Mart shouldn’t and doesn’t have good stats. Yep i sure think he is good! YOU SUCK