Well Mark Stein is responding to a bit of KG questions from fans who have read the article. Interesting stuff from Stein this morning:

Tim (Cleveland): Hey Marc, Any new rumors on Garnett or is that talk dead for the time being?

Marc Stein: (11:29 AM ET ) I don’t think it’s dead. Not the impression I got in Vegas. But it’s going to be tougher for the Wolves to get what they want in return now that the loaded ’07 draft has passed. On the flip side, it’s easier to trade Garnett in August and have a month or two before the season starts than trade him during the season when emotions in Minneapolis will naturally be running a lot higher.


matt (indy): Is it a forgone conclusion that JO will remain with the Pacers this year?

Marc Stein: (11:34 AM ET ) Absolutely not. KG and O’Neal are still in play.


Eric Nashville,TN: Hey Marc: Both Rashad McCants and Wolves owner, Glen Taylor indicated that Kevin Garnett did not want to be traded. Can we finally put stupid trade rumors and proposals to bed?

Marc Stein: (11:49 AM ET ) Who said KG wants to leave? The Wolves went all out to trade him before the draft knowing KG preferred to stay. How many times have I written that Phoenix is KG’s preferred destination IF he has to leave his beloved ‘Sota? (Answer: So many times that I really need a new line.) If folks want to think that whatever Taylor said in the paper today means that the Wolves are done discussing KG deals for the summer, it’s your choice.

  • Ice Cream Man

    GARNETT!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???!!!!

  • dlakerfanforlife

    All of this is driving me crazy!!!! I cant wait till the season starts or KG gets traded one or the other. ALL these articles and rumors for nothing. NOTHING!!! Its DUMB. If you dont have the facts dont report them. The internet has made reporting into fictional stories. Where are the real reporters? Where are the real stories. Do people not do investigative journalism any more. It seems like they get there stories from the guy on the street and run with it. Or worst yet they just make it up!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!

  • IE Laker

    More game playing by Minn.

    Obviously they are impatient and trying to turn up the pressure on the Lakers and anyone else who wants to get KG. They screwed up by not making a deal before the deadline and are now beholden to the Lakers to get a third team involved. Had Taylor not wanted to trade KG to L.A., he would never have talked to Buss about it.

    Relations and respect between fellow owners cannot be discounted. If Taylor goes back on whatever word he gave to Buss, he will be villified by the other owners even if it is Buss that he would be screwing. It’s one thing for your employee (a GM like McHale) to screw over another team, but one owner does not pull a stunt on another owner.

    Stein’s comments from yesterday and on this thread are consistent with messages that have come out of Minnesota’s camp throughout this process. Wolves are still trying to trade him because they stand to get little or nothing if they hold him beyond the start of the season. Like CBK said on another thread, the Lakers will remain as the best of Minnesota’s worst options.

  • ONE

    LD2K you should have people take an IQ test before they log in… cuz these comments are retarded… If you are waiting for facts, stop going on the Internet and wait till the league starts! If not join this site to make the best outta all these rumors.

  • dlakerfanforlife
  • Minnyfan

    Not to bash anyone, but Minnesota will not part with Garnett. The one thing you’re all missing here is not so much how important KG is important to your team, but how important he is to Minnesota fans which translate into pressure on McHale and Taylor.

    KG is the only face this franchise has ever had and even if he IS worth Odom & Bynum (which I laugh at) or whatever scenario you put out there, McHale can’t pull the trigger with Minny fans and all NBA press ready to pounce on his next failure.

    Plus, when does one great player equal 2 good players?

  • kb4pres

    I keep telling everyone that sean paladino is available now!!!! the U.K.’s pingland basketball team chose to not resign him…he can work garnett down low with his be he of the backboard dunks…not to mention his R2D2 hamper!!!

  • steve

    When does one great player equal to good players?You must be one very content minny fan.So let me get this straight.Your happy for the front office to keep putting a team together that wins 25-30 games a year with crap players around garnett….Wow,i feel sorry for you man.With these two idiots running YOUR team you may never get to witness YOUR team win anything..LAKER fans should never complain about our owner,just look at the way taylor has run that team…its called rebuilding maybe they should try it

  • GetPlayers

    The Lakers should make a three way trade with the Clippers beacause they got what Minnesota Has. The Deal would bring Bynum, Maggeti, and Thornton to Minesota and Odom and Brown to the Clippers.
    This is a good deal because everyone gets what they want

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Fred A.

    It is not over, KG wants to decided if he wants to be a winner(Lakers), or a losser(T’wolves)

  • GetPlayers
  • LakEr-nIck

    is it really over????

  • Minny fan

    You know Steve. I never said I was happy with the TWolves organization. Nor with our owner and GM. Ask any Minny fan and we’d be the first to tell you to get rid of McHale.

    My point however, is that as fans, people tend to look at it from their perspective alone and fail to see that both Taylor and McHale will never pull the trigger because of their fear of (further)failure. You can argue what you want about right or wrong, reality is they simply won’t do it.