Lucy Nicholson | AFP | Getty Images

After 19 seasons in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal has decided to hang it up for good.

Mark Madsen who was Shaq’s teammate in Los Angeles, decided to share some Shaq moments on his personal blog. “When I think of Shaquille I think about so many things and I wanted to share my top ten Shaq Stories from everything I know about him.” Madsen said.

In the top ten list Madsen goes on to tell stories about wrestling with Shaq in the locker room before a game, Shaq comparing himself to the Pythagorean Theorem, Shaq buying every player on the training camp roster a new Rolex watch, and many other fun stories that give fans a inside look of who O’Neal was as a teammate and a person.

Madsen finishes his blog saying, “Shaquille O’Neal gave the league, players, teammates and fans 19 years of great memories.”

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